Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1 版本資訊Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1 Release Notes

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這不是最新版的 Team Foundation Server。This is not the latest version of Team Foundation Server. 若要下載最新版本,請瀏覽 Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 3 的最新版本資訊To download the latest release, please visit the current release notes for Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 3. 若要變更此頁面的語言,請按一下頁尾的地球圖示,然後選取您想要的語言。You can change the language of this page by clicking the globe icon in the page footer and selecting your desired language.

本文提供 Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1 的相關資訊。In this article, you will find information regarding Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1. 按一下這個按鈕進行下載。Click the button to download.

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若要深入了解 Team Foundation Server 2017,請參閱 Team Foundation Server 的需求與相容性 (英文) 頁面。To learn more about Team Foundation Server 2017, see the Team Foundation Server Requirements and Compatibility page.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 TFS 安裝頁面。Please see the TFS Install page for more information.

Release Notes Icon 發行日期:2017 年 3 月 7 日Release Date: March 7, 2017

Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1 的新功能摘要Summary of What's New in Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1

Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1 的新功能詳細資料Details of What's New in Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1

更多個人體驗 More personal experiences

個人化的集合首頁Personalized collection home page

在此版本中,您可以輕鬆存取對您而言最重要的成品。With this release, it is easy for you to access artifacts that are most important to you. 重新設計的集合頁面 (圖 1) 具有顯示您關心之專案、我的最愛、工作和提取要求的個人化體驗。The redesigned collection page (Figure 1) has a personalized experience that shows the Projects, Favorites, Work, and Pull Requests you care about. 您可以移至一個位置,並快速找到所需和關心的一切項目。You can go to one place and quickly find everything you need and care about. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Account hub pages (帳戶中樞頁面)。See Account hub pages for more information.

Redesigned collection page
(圖 1) 重新設計的集合頁面(Figure 1) Redesigned collection page

您的專案取得身分識別Your project gets an identity

現在有一個位置,可取得您專案的概觀。There is now one place to get an overview of your project. 新的專案頁面可讓您輕鬆地檢視和編輯專案描述、檢視或新增成員,以及檢查最新活動。The new project page makes it easy to view and edit the project description, view or add members, and check on the latest activity. 甚至可以更輕鬆地開始使用新的專案,並充分利用 TFS 的所有內建 DevOps 功能。It is even easier to get started with a new project, and leverage all the built-in DevOps functionality of TFS.

版本控制改善 Version Control Improvements

存放庫系統管理員權限變更 Repo admin permission changes

針對 Git 存放庫,我們已將「系統管理員」權限分為數個更加細微的權限。For Git repos, we have divided the Administer permission into several more granular permissions. 這可在決定要讓誰執行哪些動作上,提供更大的彈性。This gives you more flexibility to decide who can perform what actions. 例如,您可以允許帳戶中的所有人建立新的存放庫,但不允許他們刪除存放庫,或是將新使用者新增到存放庫。For instance, you may allow anyone in your account to create new repositories, but disallow them from deleting repos or adding new users to a repo. 新的權限為:The new permissions are:

  • 管理權限:新增/移除使用者和權限。Manage permissions: Add/remove users and permissions.
  • 建立:建立新的存放庫。Create: Create a new repo.
  • 刪除:刪除存放庫。Delete: Delete a repo.
  • 重新命名:重新命名存放庫。Rename: Rename a repo.
  • 編輯原則:設定分支原則。Edit policies: Configure branch policies.
  • 移除其他人的鎖定:移除由另一位使用者設定的分支鎖定。Remove others' locks: Remove branch locks set by another user.

這些權限可以同時套用到專案中的所有存放庫,或是套用到個別的存放庫。These permissions can be applied to all repositories in a project, or to individual repositories.

分支原則改善 Branch policy improvements

在 [原則] 區段 (圖 2) 中,現在會將必要和選擇性原則分成各區段。In the Policies section (Figure 2), the required and optional policies are now grouped into sections. 這會完全地釐清需要哪些原則才能完成 PR。This clarifies exactly which policies are required in order to complete a PR. 必要的檢閱者也已摘要於必要的區段中,且只有在所有必要的檢閱者皆已核准的情況下,才會標記為通過。Required reviewers are also summarized in the required section, and will only be marked as passing when all required reviewers have approved.

Policies section
(圖 2) 原則區段(Figure 2) Policies section

如果您需要略過原則 (並具有必要權限),[完成] 對話方塊中會顯示新的體驗 (圖 3)。If you need to bypass policies (and have the required permissions), a new experience is displayed in the Complete dialog (Figure 3). 所有未完成的原則將會顯示於警告訊息中,並會顯示一項新的明確選項,以供使用者選擇加入覆寫原則。Any policies that are not met will be displayed in a warning message, and a new explicit option to opt-in to override policies will be presented. 核取覆寫選項會啟用「覆寫並完成」動作,這會完成 PR 並覆寫所有失敗原則。Checking the override option enables the Override & Complete action, which completes the PR, overriding any failing policies.

Complete dialog
(圖 3) 完成對話方塊(Figure 3) Complete dialog

所需檢閱者原則中的支援檔案排除Support file exclusions in the required reviewer policy

指定特定檔案路徑的必要檢閱者時,現在可以排除路徑,方法是使用 "!" 作為您要排除之路徑的前置詞。When specifying required reviewers for specific file paths, you can now exclude paths by using a "!" prefix to the path you want to exclude. 例如,您可以使用此項目來排除通常在登出時所需的 docs 資料夾 (圖 4)。For example, you can use this to exclude a docs folder from your normally required signoff (Figure 4).

File exclusion support
(圖 4) 檔案排除支援(Figure 4) File exclusion support

匯入存放庫Import repository

您現在可以從 GitHub、BitBucket、GitLab 或其他位置匯入 Git 存放庫。You can now import a Git repository from GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, or other locations. 匯入新的或現有的空白存放庫中。Import into either a new, or existing empty repository. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Import a Git repo (匯入 Git 存放庫)。For more information, see Import a Git repo.

在建立存放庫期間新增 .gitignoreAdd .gitignore during repo creation

建立新的 Git 存放庫時,您現在可以新增 .gitignore 檔案,並建立其與您存放庫的關聯。While creating a new Git repository, you can now add and associate a .gitignore file with your repository. .gitignore 檔案指定 Git 在執行認可時應該忽略的檔案。A .gitignore file specifies files that Git should ignore while performing a commit.

此對話方塊可讓您選取多個可用 .gitignore 範本中的其中一個 (圖 5)。The dialog allows you to select one of the many available .gitignore templates (Figure 5).

Add .gitignore during repo creation
(圖 5) 在建立存放庫期間新增 .gitignore(Figure 5) Add .gitignore during repo creation

揀選並還原Cherry-pick and revert

我們已新增兩個新功能,可讓您更輕鬆地從入口網站移植或恢復變更:揀選並還原。We have added two new features that make it easier to port or back out changes from the web portal: Cherry-pick and Revert.

使用揀選命令,將提取要求中的變更移植至多個分支。Use the cherry-pick command to port changes in a pull request to multiple branches. 典型的使用案例是需要快速修復 Bug,但也應該在主線進行修正。A typical use case is when a bug needs to be hotfixed, but should also be fixed in the mainline. 一旦您已建立包含修正程式分支修正的提取要求,您就可以輕鬆地將相同的修正揀選至主要分支。Once you have created your pull request that contains the fix to the hotfix branch, you can easily cherry-pick the same fix into the main branch. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Copy changes with cherry-pick (複製揀選變更)。See Copy changes with cherry-pick for more information.

您可以還原已完成 PR 的變更。You can revert changes on completed PRs. 尋找導入錯誤變更的 PR,並按一下 [還原],然後遵循步驟來建立 PR,以取消不要的變更。Find the PR that introduced the bad change, click Revert, and follow the steps to create a PR that backs out the unwanted changes. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Undo Changes with Git (復原 Git 變更)。For more information, see Undo Changes with Git.

可設定的比較分支Configurable compare branch

您現在可以將比較分支設定為預設分支以外的分支。You can now set your compare branch to something other than the default branch. 此設定會根據每位使用者保留。This setting persists on a per-user basis. 提取要求以及從 [分支] 頁面建立的新分支,會根據您設為比較分支的分支。Pull requests and new branches created from the Branches page is based off the branch you set as the compare branch. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Manage your branches (管理分支)。See Manage your branches for more information.

尋找檔案或資料夾Find a file or folder

在 Team Services 專案中使用 [程式碼] 中樞,即可快速搜尋存放庫中的檔案或資料夾。You can quickly search for a file or folder in a repository using the Code hub in your Team Services project. 結果會列出後接存放庫中檔案和資料夾之目前資料夾中的項目。The result lists items from your current folder followed by files and folders across the repository.

針對任何 Git 存放庫,移至路徑控制方塊 (圖 6),然後開始鍵入,以起始所尋找之檔案或資料夾的瀏覽搜尋體驗。For any Git repository, go to the path control box (Figure 6), and start typing to initiate a navigation search experience for the file, or folder you are looking for.

Find a file or folder
(圖 6) 尋找檔案或資料夾(Figure 6) Find a file or folder

確認刪除存放庫Confirmation for deleting repos

若要防止意外刪除存放庫,您現在必須輸入要刪除之存放庫的名稱,確認該動作。To prevent accidental repository deletions, you now have to type the name of the repository that you wish to delete to confirm the action.

存放庫的最愛Repo favorites

您現在可以將最常使用的存放庫設為我的最愛。You can now favorite the repos you work with most frequently. 在存放庫選擇器 (圖 7) 中,您會看到 [所有存放庫] 和 [我的最愛] 的索引標籤。In the repo picker (Figure 7), you will see tabs for All repositories and your Favorites. 按一下星號,將存放庫新增至我的最愛清單。Click the star to add a repository to your list of Favorites.

Repo favorites
(圖 7) 常用存放庫(Figure 7) Repo favorites

搜尋認可記錄中的檔案或資料夾Search for a file or folder in commit history

與檔案索引標籤類似,您現在可以搜尋存放庫中的檔案或資料夾,以及查看該檔案或資料夾的認可記錄。Similar to the files tab, you can now search for a file or folder in a repository and see the history of commits for that file or folder. 針對任何 Git 存放庫,移至 [記錄] 索引標籤 (圖 8) 上的路徑控制方塊,然後開始輸入,以起始所尋找之檔案或資料夾的記錄搜尋體驗。For any Git repository, go to the path control box on the History tab (Figure 8), and start typing to initiate a history search experience for the file, or folder you are looking for.

Commit history
(圖 8) 認可記錄(Figure 8) Commit history

認可頁面改善Commit page improvements

我們已將您的認可詳細資料頁面和認可記錄頁面體驗設為最新版本和高效能。We made your experience of the commit details page and commit history page up-to-date and highly performant. 您現在可以透過鳥瞰圖來尋找和處理認可相關重要資訊。You can now find, and act on, important information related to the commit at a bird's-eye view.

以下是認可詳細資料頁面範例 (圖 9):Here is an example of the commit details page (Figure 9):

Commit details
(圖 9) 認可詳細資料(Figure 9) Commit details

以下是認可記錄頁面 (圖 10):Here is the commit history page (Figure 10):

Commit history page
(圖 10) 認可記錄(Figure 10) Commit history

搜尋分支中的認可Search for commits in branches

您現在可以搜尋所指定分支或標記中的認可,方法是按一下認可詳細資料頁面上的 [Search in branches] (在分支中搜尋) 按鈕 (圖 11)You can now search for a commit in a specified branch or a tag by clicking on the Search in branches button on the commit details page (Figure 11).

Commit search
(圖 11) 認可搜尋(Figure 11) Commit search

您可以在視窗中選取要檢視的標記和分支,即使這些分支和標記未包含特定認可 (圖 12) 也是一樣。You can select tags and branches in the window to view, even if these branches and tags do not contain the particular commit (Figure 12).

Commit search dialog
(圖 12) 認可搜尋對話方塊(Figure 12) Commit search dialog

討論控制項工具列 Discussion control toolbar

在將註解加入提取要求時,Markdown 是一項的強大工具,但記住語法可能是一件相當困難的事。Markdown is a powerful tool when adding comments to pull requests, but it can be hard to remember the syntax. 為了簡化,我們已將工具列新增至討論控制項 (圖 13)。To make this easier, we have added a toolbar to the discussion control (Figure 13). 這會插入適當的 Markdown 語法來新增常用格式。This inserts the appropriate Markdown syntax to add common formatting. 新的工具列控制項可以新增標題、粗體、斜體、連結、程式碼及清單,而 @ 和 # 提及等功能也可以使用工具列輸入。Headings, boldface, italics, links, code, and lists can all be added using the new toolbar controls, and features like @ and # mentions can be entered using the toolbar as well. 針對粗體 (CTRL + B)、斜體 (CTRL + I) 及建立連結 (CTRL + K) 則有鍵盤快速鍵可供使用。Keyboard shortcuts are available for boldface (CTRL + B), italics (CTRL + I), and creating links (CTRL + K).

Discussion toolbar
(圖 13) 討論工具列(Figure 13) Discussion toolbar

PR 註解改善 PR comment improvements

為了協助您識別 PR 中的新註解,我們針對現有討論區對話中的新回覆新增了一些額外的裝飾。To help you identify the new comments in a PR, we have added some additional decoration to the new replies in existing discussion threads. 檔案檢視中的註解,針對具有新註解的對話也會做出醒目提示 (圖 14)。Comments in the files view also highlight threads that have new comments (Figure 14).

PR comment
(圖 14) PR 註解功能改進(Figure 14) PR comment improvements

針對認可檢視 PR View PRs for a commit

您現在可以在 [認可詳細資料] 頁面上檢視認可的所有相關提取要求。You can now view all associated pull requests for a commit on the Commit details page. 從下列影像 (圖 15),您可以看到:From the image below (Figure 15), you can see that:

  • 在相關的提取要求下拉式清單中,有兩個提取要求與此認可相關聯。In the associated pull request drop-down, there are two pull requests associated with this commit.
  • 提取要求 #2 將此認可帶至主要分支。Pull request #2 brought this commit to master.
  • 同樣的認可是透過提取要求 #1 帶至分支 4。The same commit was brought into branch 4 through pull request #1.
PR in commits
(圖 15) 認可中的 PR(Figure 15) PR in commits

遵循提取要求Follow a pull request

您現在可以遵循提取要求,以透過電子郵件警示收到任何變更的通知。You can now follow a pull request to stay notified of any changes through email alerts. 操作功能表 (圖 16) 提供 [跟隨] 的選項。The option to Follow is available in the context menu (Figure 16).

Follow a pull request
(圖 16) 追蹤提取要求(Figure 16) Follow a pull request

重新啟動提取要求合併Restart pull request merge

已新增另一個選項,來重新嘗試已更新目標分支之提取要求的合併。Another option has been added to re-attempt the merge for a pull request where the target branch has been updated. 當您想要確認目標分支的最新變更尚未建立衝突或中斷 PR 組建時,這個 [重新啟動合併] 選項十分有用。This Restart merge option is useful when you want to verify that recent changes to the target branch have not created conflicts or broken your PR build.

拒絕提取要求時封鎖完成Completion blocked on rejected pull requests

如果一或多位檢閱者拒絕 PR,則已設定程式碼檢閱原則的分支將會顯示無法完成 PR。Branches that have the code review policy set will show that the PR is unable to be completed if rejected by one or more reviewers. 您預期會發生此行為,因此我們已變更預設行為。Many of you expected this behavior, so we have changed the default behavior. 針對想要原始行為的小組,分支原則設定頁面 (圖 17) 中有新的選項。For teams that want the original behavior, there is a new option in the branch policy setting page (Figure 17).

Code review policy
(圖 17) 程式碼檢閱原則(Figure 17) Code review policy

提取要求描述中的 MarkdownMarkdown in pull request description

使用 Markdown 豐富提取要求描述。Spice up your pull request description with Markdown. 提取要求描述現在提供提取要求註解中您知道且喜愛的相同 Markdown 支援。The same Markdown support you know and love in pull request comments is now available in the pull request description.

PR 討論中的附件Attachments in PR discussions

您現在可以將附件新增至提取要求註解 (圖 18)。You can now add attachments to your pull request comments (Figure 18). 拖放或瀏覽,即可新增附件。Attachments can be added by drag-and-drop or by browsing. 針對影像,只要從剪貼簿貼上,即可新增附件。For images, attachments are added by simply pasting from the clipboard. 新增附件時會自動更新註解,以包含新附件的 Markdown 參考。Adding an attachment automatically updates the comment to include a Markdown reference to the new attachment.

Attachments in PR discussions
(圖 18) PR 討論中的附件(Figure 18) Attachments in PR discussions

反白顯示具有更新的 PRHighlight the PRs that have updates

現在,查看提取要求的更新比以前更為簡單。It is now easier than ever to see the updates to your pull requests. 在 PR 清單檢視 (圖 19) 中,上次查看後變更過的 PR 在顯示時會有顯示變更彙總的新更新資料行。In the PR list view (Figure 19), PRs with changes since you have last seen them, are shown with a new updates column that shows a roll-up of the changes.

PR updated files
(圖 19) PR 已更新檔案(Figure 19) PR updated files

當您檢視已變更的 PR 時,會在概觀中看到類似的摘要訊息。When you view a PR that has changes, you will see a similar summary message in the overview. 會以藍色反白顯示新的推送和註解討論 (圖 20)。New pushes and comment threads are highlighted in blue (Figure 20). 按一下 [View code updates] (檢視程式碼更新) 連結會瀏覽至 [檔案] 檢視,其中會顯示您上次檢視提取要求後之新變更的差異。Clicking the View code updates link will navigate to the Files view, where a diff of the new changes since you last viewed the pull request is shown. 此功能可讓您輕鬆地追蹤作者進行變更以回應意見反應的 PR。This feature makes it easy to follow up on a PR where the author made changes in response to feedback.

PR summary
(圖 20) PR 摘要(Figure 20) PR summary

PR 合併策略的分支原則Branch policy for PR merge strategy

我們已新增分支原則 (圖 21),可讓您定義合併每個分支之提取要求的策略。We have added a new branch policy (Figure 21) that lets you define a strategy for merging pull requests for each branch. 之前,您選擇在 PR 完成時合併或壓縮決策。Previously, you chose the decision to either merge or squash at the time a PR was completed. 如果啟用,此原則會覆寫您的喜好設定,以強制執行原則所設定的需求。If enabled, this policy will override your preferences, enforcing the requirement set by the policy.

Branch policy
(圖 21) 分支原則(Figure 21) Branch policy

公開合併衝突資訊Expose merge conflict information

如果提取要求中有任何具有衝突的檔案,則概觀中現在會顯示這些衝突的詳細資料 (圖 22)。If there are any files with conflicts in a pull request, the details about those conflicts is now visible in the overview (Figure 22). 會列出每個衝突的檔案,以及來源與目標分支間之衝突類型的簡短摘要。Each conflicting file is listed, along with a short summary of the type of conflict between the source and target branches.

Merge conflicts
(圖 22) 合併衝突(Figure 22) Merge conflicts

Markdown 預覽按鈕Markdown preview button

檢視認可、推播或提取要求中的 Markdown 檔案差異時,現在可以輕鬆地切換以查看產生的已呈現檢視。When viewing a diff of a markdown file in a commit, push, or pull request, you can now easily toggle to see the resulting rendered view.

工作項目追蹤改善 Work Item Tracking Improvements

改進限域識別欄位的搜尋體驗Improved search experience for scoped identity fields

在此版本中,我們已更新限域識別欄位的識別選擇器行為,亦即設定為僅允許指派給特定使用者群組的識別欄位。With this release, we updated the identity picker behavior for scoped identity fields, i.e. identity fields that are configured to only allow assignment to a specific group of users. 在更新的體驗中,選擇器的 MRU 清單及搜尋結果只會傳回設定群組的成員,而不會顯示集合所有有效使用者的結果。In the updated experience, the picker's MRU list and search results will only return members of the configured group, rather than show results for all valid users for the collection.

組建改善 Build Improvements

復原組建定義Rollback build definitions

您可以將組建定義復原回先前的版本。You can roll a build definition back to a previous version. 移至 [記錄] 索引標籤來編輯組建定義時,可以這麼做。You can do this when editing a build definition by going to the History tab.

停用同步處理並簽出組建中的來源Disable the sync and checkout of sources in a build

您可以選擇性地停用自動來源同步處理和簽出 Git。You can optionally disable the automatic source sync and checkout for Git. 這可讓您處理工作或指令碼中的來源作業,而不是依賴代理程式的內建行為。This will enable you to handle the source operations in a task or script, instead of relying on the agent’s built-in behavior. 設定所有標準來源相關變數,例如 Source.Version、Source.Branch 和 Build.SourcesDirectory。All standard source-related variables like Source.Version, Source.Branch, and Build.SourcesDirectory are set.

Git 淺層複製和 git-lfsGit shallow clone and git-lfs

組建代理程式現在支援 Git 淺層複製和 git-lfs。The build agent now supports Git shallow clone and git-lfs. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Build definition repository (組建定義儲存機制) 頁面。For more details, see the Build definition repository page.

組建和發行定義的工作版本控制Task versioning for Build and Release definitions

我們可讓您控制組建或發行中所執行工作的主要版本。We have given you control over the major version of a task that you run in your build or release. 這項變更會導致自動更新代理程式和工作版本所造成的較少未預期錯誤。This change results in fewer unpredictable errors that are caused by automatic updates to the agent and task version. 您現在會在您定義的 [組建] 索引標籤或發行定義的 [環境] 索引標籤上,指定工作的主要版本。You now specify the major version of the task on the Build tab of your definition, or on the Environments tab of your release definition.

發行次要版本 (例如,1.2 到 1.3) 時,會在組建中自動取得該變更。When a minor version is released (for example, 1.2 to 1.3), you get that change automatically in your build. 但是,如果發行新的主要版本 (例如 2.0),則除非您編輯定義並手動變更為新的主要版本,否則組建仍會鎖定為 1.3 版。But if a new major version is released (for example 2.0), then your build stays locked to version 1.3 until you edit the definition and manually change to the new major version. 組建定義中的旗標會通知您有新的主要版本。A flag in the build definition alerts you to new major versions.

針對套件管理的必要付款 Payment required for Package Management

若要繼續使用套件管理,您將需要 Visual Studio Enterprise 訂閱,或是從 Marketplace (英文) 購買的套件管理授權。To continue using Package Management, you will either need a Visual Studio Enterprise subscription or a Package Management license purchased in the Marketplace. 您可深入了解 Licensing Package Management (授權套件管理)。You can read more about licensing Package Management.

套件改善 Package Improvements

套件管理中的發行檢視Release views in Package Management

我們已新增套件管理的新功能,稱為「版本檢視」(圖 23)。We have added a new feature to Package Management called release views (Figure 23). 發行檢視代表摘要中已升級到發行檢視之套件版本的子集。Release views represent a subset of package-versions in your feed that you have promoted into that release view. 建立發行檢視並將它與套件的消費者共用,可讓您控制它們相依的版本。Creating a release view and sharing it with your package's consumers enables you to control which versions they take a dependency on. 在您要經常發佈已更新的套件版本,但不想要宣告或支援每個已發佈之版本的持續整合案例中,這特別有用。This is particularly useful in continuous integration scenarios where you are frequently publishing updated package versions, but may not want to announce or support each published version.

在 Web Access 或 Learn about release views for package CI/CD (深入了解 CI/CD 套件版本檢視) 中尋找快速入門以開始使用。Look for the quick start in Web Access or learn about release views for package CI/CD to get started.

Release views in Package Management
(圖 23) 版本檢視(Figure 23) Release views

套件管理中的 npmnpm in Package Management

套件管理摘要現在支援 npm 套件進行 Node.js 和 JavaScript 開發。Package Management feeds now support npm packages for Node.js and JavaScript development. 此外,npm 摘要支援 作為「含快取的上游來源」。In addition, npm feeds support as an "upstream source with caching." 透過啟用此選項,摘要會以透明方式 Proxy 和快取來自 的套件 (請參閱 Use packages from (使用來自 的套件)),表示您只需要從 取得特定 package@version 一次,就會直接從 TFS 伺服器提供該套件的未來要求。By enabling this option, your feed will transparently proxy and cache packages from (see Use packages from, which means that you will only need to get a particular package@version from once; future requests for that package are served directly from your TFS server. 如果從 移除套件,仍然可以從 TFS 取得快取版本。If a package is removed from, you will still be able to get the cached version from TFS.

若要開始使用,請在 [連線到摘要] 對話方塊 (圖 24) 中尋找新的 npm 選項。To get started, look for the new npm option in the Connect to feed dialog (Figure 24).

npm in Package Management
(圖 24) 套件管理中的 npm(Figure 24) npm in Package Management

跨平台改善 Cross Platform Improvements

Xcode 組建工作 xcpretty 格式Xcode Build task xcpretty formatting

您現在可以使用 xcpretty (圖 25) 來將 xcodebuild 輸出格式化。You can now format your xcode build output with xcpretty (Figure 25). 您也可以使用 xcodebuild,將 JUnit 測試結果發行至 Team Services。You can also publish JUnit test results to Team Services with xcodebuild. 先前,xctool 必須要作為建置工具才能發行測試結果。Previously, xctool had to be used as the build tool to publish test results. 現在,若要啟用 xcpretty,請核取 Xcode 工作之 [進階] 區段中的 [使用 xcpretty],並取消核取 [使用 xctool]。Now, to enable xcpretty, check Use xcpretty and uncheck Use xctool in the Advanced section of the Xcode task.

Xcode Build formatting
(圖 25) Xcpretty 格式設定(Figure 25) Xcpretty formatting

發行 Jenkins 測試和程式碼涵蓋範圍結果Publish Jenkins test and code coverage results

[Jenkins 佇列作業] 組建和發行工作現在可以從 Jenkins 作業或管線擷取測試和程式碼涵蓋範圍結果。The Jenkins Queue Job build and release task can now retrieve test and code coverage results from a Jenkins job or pipeline. 這需要在 Jenkins 伺服器上安裝 TFS Plugin for Jenkins 5.2.0 或更新版本,以及設定建置後動作:收集 TFS/Team Services 的結果This requires installation of the TFS Plugin for Jenkins 5.2.0 or later on your Jenkins server and configuring the post-build action Collect Results for TFS/Team Services. 從 Jenkins 擷取結果之後,可以使用 [發佈測試結果] 或 [發佈程式碼涵蓋範圍] 建置工作進行發佈。After retrieving results from Jenkins, they are published with the Publish Test Results or Publish Code Coverage build tasks.

Xcode 建置工作中的 Xcode 8 簽署和匯出套件Xcode 8 signing and exporting packages in the Xcode Build Task

Xcode 工作現在支援使用 Xcode 8 自動簽署來建置專案 (圖 26)。The Xcode task now supports building your projects using Xcode 8 automatic signing (Figure 26). 您可以在組建伺服器上手動安裝憑證和佈建設定檔,或指定 [檔案內容] 選項,讓工作安裝它們。You can install the certs and provisioning profiles on the build server manually, or have the task install them by specifying the File Contents options.

Xcode automatic signing
(圖 26) Xcode 自動簽署(Figure 26) Xcode automatic signing

從封存 (.xcarchive) 匯出應用程式套件 (IPA) 時,Xcode 8 需要指定匯出選項 plist (圖 27)。Xcode 8 requires specifying an export options plist (Figure 27) when exporting an app package (IPA) from an archive (.xcarchive). 如果您是使用 Xcode 8 或 Xcode 7,則 Xcode 工作現在會自動識別匯出方法。The Xcode task now automatically identifies the export method if you are using Xcode 8 or Xcode 7. 您可以指定匯出方法,或從 Xcode 工作指定自訂 plist 檔案。You can specify the export method or specify a custom plist file from the Xcode task. 如果您是使用 Xcode 7 之前的 Xcode 版本,則工作會回復成使用舊工具 (xcrun) 來建立應用程式套件。If you are using an Xcode version older than Xcode 7, the task falls back to using the old tool (xcrun) for creating the app package.

Xcode export options
(圖 27) Xcode 匯出選項(Figure 27) Xcode export options

測試改善 Test Improvements

執行使用 Visual Studio 2017 建置的測試 Run tests built using Visual Studio 2017

透過使用 CI/CD 管線中的「部署測試代理程式」和「執行功能測試」(圖 28) 工作,您現在可以安裝適用於 Visual Studio 2017 的測試代理程式,並執行使用 Visual Studio 2017 所建置的測試。Using the Deploy Test Agent and Run Functional Tests tasks in CI/CD pipeline (Figure 28), you can now install Test Agents for Visual Studio 2017 and run tests that were built using Visual Studio 2017.

Run tests
(圖 28) 執行測試(Figure 28) Run tests

驗證工作項目中的 BugVerify bugs from work item

您現在可以重新執行識別 Bug 的測試來驗證 Bug (圖 29)。You can now verify a bug by re-running the tests that identified the bug (Figure 29). 您可以從 Bug 工作項目表單操作功能表叫用 [驗證] 選項,以啟動 Web 執行器中的相關測試案例。You can invoke the Verify option from the bug work item form context menu to launch the relevant test case in the web runner. 請使用 Web 執行器執行驗證,並在 Web 執行器內直接更新 Bug 工作項目。Perform your validation using the web runner, and update the bug work item directly within the web runner.

Verify bugs from work item
(圖 29) 驗證工作項目中的 Bug(Figure 29) Verify bugs from work item

測試步驟作業的 REST 用戶端協助程式REST client helpers for Test Step operations

您現在可以使用我們新增至 REST 用戶端的協助程式類別,來建立、修改和刪除「測試案例」工作項目中的測試步驟和測試步驟附件 (請參閱 RestApi-Sample)。You will now be able to create, modify, and delete test steps and test step attachments in Test Case work items using the helper classes we have added to the REST client (see the RestApi-Sample).

從 Web 執行器更新現有的 BugUpdate existing bugs from Web Runner

除了從 Web 執行器建立新的 Bug 之外,您現在也可以更新現有的 Bug (圖 30)。In addition to creating new bugs from the Web runner, now you can also update an existing bug (Figure 30). 所有收集的診斷資料、重新產生步驟及可從目前工作階段追蹤的連結,都會自動加入現有的 Bug。All the diagnostic data collected, repro steps, and links for traceability from the current session are automatically added to the existing bug.

Test runner
(圖 30) 更新現有 Bug(Figure 30) Update existing bug

Web 執行器中的測試案例描述Test case description in Web Runner

測試案例描述欄位之前經常用於擷取測試案例執行啟動之前所需的必要條件。The test case description field was often used for capturing the prerequisites required before the test case execution can start. 透過這項更新,您現在可以在 Web 執行器中,使用 [顯示描述] 選項 (圖 31) 來檢視測試案例描述資訊。With this update, you are now be able to view the test case description information in the Web runner by using the Show description option (Figure 31).

Test case description
(圖 31) 測試案例描述(Figure 31) Test case description

測試中樞貢獻點Test hub contribution point

我們在 [測試計劃] 中樞內新增了貢獻點 (“ms.vss-test-web.test-plan-pivot-tabs”) (圖 32),讓開發人員可以撰寫延伸模組作為樞紐索引標籤,而其出現在 [測試] 和 [圖表] 索引標籤旁邊。We have added a new contribution point (“ms.vss-test-web.test-plan-pivot-tabs”) (Figure 32) within the Test plan hub to allow developers to write extensions as a pivot tab that appears next to the Tests and Charts tab.

Contribution point
(圖 32) 參與點(Figure 32) Contribution point

刪除測試成品Delete test artifacts

在此發行之前,刪除選項是限制為工作項目。Prior to this release, your delete option was limited to work items. 透過這項更新,現在可以使用工作項目表單操作功能表中的 [永久刪除] (圖 33) 選項,以從 [測試] 中樞和 [工作] 中樞永久刪除測試成品:測試計劃、測試套件、測試案例、共用參數和共用步驟。With this update, you now have the ability to permanently delete test artifacts—test plans, test suites, test cases, shared parameters, and shared steps—both from the Test hub and the Work hub, by using the Permanently delete (Figure 33) option in the work item form context menu.

Delete test artifacts
(圖 33) 刪除測試成品(Figure 33) Delete test artifacts

測試計劃的最愛Favorites for Test Plans

您現在可以將最常使用的「測試計劃」設為我的最愛。You can now favorite the Test Plans you work with most frequently. 在 [測試計劃] 選擇器中,將會看到 [全部] 測試計劃和 [我的最愛] (圖 34) 的索引標籤。In the Test Plans picker, you will see tabs for All your Test Plans and Favorites (Figure 34). 按一下星號圖示,將「測試計劃」新增至我的最愛清單。Click the star icon to add a Test Plan to your list of favorites. 在 [測試計劃] 選擇器中,以及新帳戶首頁的 [我的最愛] 索引標籤中。可以存取最愛的「測試計劃」。The favorited Test Plans are accessible in the Test Plans picker and from the Favorites tab in the new account home page. 您也可以在標題欄位上搜尋,以篩選「測試計劃」(圖 35)。You can also filter Test Plans by searching on the title field (Figure 35).

Test plans
(圖 34) 測試計劃(Figure 34) Test plans
Test favorites
(圖 35) 常用測試(Figure 35) Test favorites

受管理自動化測試的測試影響分析Test Impact Analysis for managed automated tests

受控自動化測試的 [測試影響分析],現在已可透過 VSTest 工作之 版本 2.* (預覽) 版本中的核取方塊使用 (圖 36)。Test Impact Analysis for managed automated tests is now available through a checkbox in the Version 2.* (preview) version of the VSTest task (Figure 36).

Test impact analysis
(圖 36) 測試影響分析(Figure 36) Test impact analysis

如果啟用,只會執行一組相關的受管理自動化測試,而且需要這組測試才能驗證指定的程式碼變更。If enabled, only the relevant set of managed automated tests needed to validate a given code change, will run. 測試影響分析需要最新版本的 Visual Studio,而且目前支援在 CI 中進行受管理自動化測試。Test Impact Analysis requires the latest version of Visual Studio, and is presently supported in CI for managed automated tests.

Firefox 測試和意見反應延伸模組Firefox support for Test & Feedback extension

我們很高興地宣布 Firefox 測試和意見反應延伸模組正式運作。We are happy to announce the General Availability of the Test & Feedback extension for Firefox. 您可以從 Marketplace 網站下載 Firefox 附加元件。You can download the Firefox add-on from our marketplace site.

注意: 這個工作也包含 Microsoft Edge 瀏覽器支援,敬請期待更多更新。Note: Support for the Edge browser is also in the works; stay tuned for more updates.

版本管理改善 Release Management Improvements

版本中的變數群組支援 Variable groups support in Release

變數群組是用來將變數和其值分組,以使它們在多個發行定義上可供使用。Variable groups are used to group your variables and their values to make them available across multiple release definitions. 您也可以管理變數群組的安全性,並選擇可以檢視、編輯及使用發行定義中變數群組之變數的人員。You can also manage security for variable groups and chose who can view, edit, and consume the variables from the variable groups in your release definitions.

開啟 [組建與版本] 中樞中的 [程式庫] 索引標籤,然後選擇工具列中的 [+ 變數群組](圖 37)。Open the Library tab in the Build & Release hub and choose + Variable group in the toolbar (Figure 37). 目前,變數群組只能在發行定義中使用。Currently, variable groups are consumed only in release definitions. 尋找變數群組的詳細資訊,請參閱 Release definitions in Microsoft Release Management (Microsoft Release Management 中的版本定義)。Find more information about variable groups, Release definitions in Microsoft Release Management.

建立 (圖 37),然後編輯 (圖 38) 變數群組,如下所示:Create (Figure 37), then edit (Figure 38) a variable group, as shown below:

Create variable group
(圖 37) 建立變數群組(Figure 37) Create variable group
Edit variable group
(圖 38) 編輯變數群組(Figure 38) Edit variable group

發行中的多個排程Multiple schedules in releases

要排定一天建立多個版本嗎?Want to schedule your releases to be created more than once a day? 您現在可以在發行定義中設定多個排定的觸發程序 (圖 39)。You can now configure multiple scheduled triggers in a release definition (Figure 39).

Release schedule
(圖 39) 版本排程(Figure 39) Release schedule

組建和發行中的內嵌服務連線Inline service connections in Build and Release

運用這項功能,可以在組建/版本定義中立即建立服務連線,不需要瀏覽至 [服務] 索引標籤。這針對以宣告方式定義的所有延伸模組將會自動予以啟用,例如 Docker、Jenkins、VMWare 和 SCVMM。With this feature, you can create service connections right in the build/release definition without navigating to the Services tab. This is auto-enabled for all extensions that are defined declaratively, such as Docker, Jenkins, VMWare, and SCVMM.

到目前為止,發行定義只可以連結目前專案中的成品來源。Until now, release definitions could only link artifact sources from the current project. 您現在也可以連結另一個專案中的組建成品 (圖 40)。Now, you can link build artifacts (Figure 40) from another project as well. 連結成品時,專案下拉式清單會列出帳戶中的所有專案。While linking an artifact, the project drop down will list all the projects in the account.

Link build artifacts
(圖 40) 連結組建成品(Figure 40) Link build artifacts

Azure 資源群組改善Azure resource group improvements

在此發行之前,Azure 資源群組工作無法驗證 ARM 範本語法,或是接受它而不需要實際部署資源。Prior to this release, the Azure resource group task could not validate the ARM template syntax, or it would be accepted without actually deploying the resources. 此增強功能允許稱為 [僅驗證] 的新部署模式;其中,您可以在建立實際 Azure 資源之前發現範本編寫問題。This enhancement allows a new deployment mode called Validation Only, where you can find problems with the template authoring before creating actual Azure resources.

Azure 資源群組工作的另一個增強功能是允許累加或完整部署 (圖 41)。Another enhancement to the Azure resource group task is to allow either incremental, or complete deployments (Figure 41). 之前,此工作使用累加模式來部署 ARM 範本。Previously, the task deployed the ARM templates using the Incremental mode. 不過,它不會修改存在於資源群組中但未指定於範本中的資源。However, it did not modify resources that existed in the resource group not specified in the template. 完整模式會刪除不在範本中的資源。Complete mode deletes resources that are not in your template. 預設為累加模式。The default is incremental mode.

Azure resource groups
(圖 41) Azure 資源群組(Figure 41) Azure resource groups

Azure CLI 工作Azure CLI task

新的 Azure CLI 工作 (圖 42) 支援在 Windows、Linux 和 Mac 這類跨平台代理程式上執行 Azure CLI 命令。The new Azure CLI task (Figure 42) supports running Azure CLI commands on cross platform agents like Windows, Linux, and Mac. 此工作同時支援傳統和 ARM 訂閱。The task supports both Classic and ARM subscriptions. 它支援使用兩種模式來提供指令碼,一個作為連結的成品,另一個則作為內嵌指令碼。It supports two modes of providing the script, one as a linked artifact and another as an inline script.

Azure CLI task
(圖 42) Azure CLI 工作(Figure 42) Azure CLI task

程式碼搜尋更新 Code Search Update

在 TFS 2017 Update 1 中,程式碼搜尋服務包含 Elasticsearch 2.4.1 版。In TFS 2017 Update 1, the Code Search service includes Elasticsearch version 2.4.1. 如果已在執行 TFS 2017 的伺服器上設定程式碼搜尋服務,則會在 TFS 升級時更新程式碼搜尋服務。If the Code Search service is configured on a server running TFS 2017, the Code Search service will update as part of the TFS upgrade. 如果已在遠端伺服器上設定程式碼搜尋服務,則會將安裝程式隨附的 [搜尋服務套件] 內容複製至遠端電腦,並遵循讀我檔案中的指示來手動升級搜尋服務。If the Code Search service is configured on a remote server, then copy the content of the Search Service Package provided with the installer to the remote machine and follow the instructions in the readme file to upgrade the search service manually.

Code Insights 改善 Code Insights Improvements

SonarQube MSBuild 工作SonarQube MSBuild tasks

SonarQube MSBuild 工作現在可以從 SonarSource 所提供的延伸模組取得。SonarQube MSBuild tasks are now available from an extension provided by SonarSource. 如需詳細資訊,請閱讀 SonarSource have announced their own SonarQube Team Services / TFS integration (SonarSource 已宣告其專屬 SonarQube Team Services/TFS 整合)。For more details, please read SonarSource have announced their own SonarQube Team Services / TFS integration.

系統管理改善 Administration Improvements

新的通知設定體驗New notification settings experience

通知可協助您和您的小組隨時掌握您 Team Services 專案中的活動。Notifications help you and your teams stay informed about activity in your Team Services projects. 透過這項更新,現在可以更輕鬆地管理您和您的小組所收到的通知。With this update, it is now easier to manage what notifications you and your teams receive.

您現在於設定檔功能表中有自己的帳戶層級體驗可用於管理通知設定 (圖 43)。You now have your own account-level experience in the profile menu for managing your notifications setting (Figure 43).

Notification settings
(圖 43) 通知設定(Figure 43) Notification settings

此檢視可讓您管理所建立的個人訂用帳戶 (圖 44)。This view lets you manage personal subscriptions you create (Figure 44). 它也會顯示帳戶中所有專案之小組系統管理員所建立的訂閱。It also shows subscriptions created by team administrators for all projects in the account.

Manage personal subscriptions
(圖 44) 管理個人訂用帳戶(Figure 44) Manage personal subscriptions

深入了解 managing personal notification settings (管理個人通知設定)。Learn more about managing personal notification settings.

addProjectReports 現在在 TfsConfig 中addProjectReports is now in TfsConfig

您現在可以使用命令 addProjectReports 將報表新增至 Team 專案。You can now use the command addProjectReports to add reports to your team projects. 這先前是 Power Tool 命令,現在則為 TfsConfig.exe 命令的一部份。This was a previous Power Tool command and is now part of the TfsConfig.exe command. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Upload reports to a team project (將報表上傳到 Team 專案)。For more information, see Upload reports to a team project.

小組室淘汰 Team Room Deprecation

運用完整整合 TFS 和 Team Services 的許多可用良好方案 (例如 SlackMicrosoft Teams),我們已決定取代 TFS 和 Team Services 中的小組室功能。With so many good solutions available that integrate well with TFS and Team Services, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, we made a decision to deprecate our Team Room feature from both TFS and Team Services. 如果您正在使用 Team Services,則會看到出現新的黃色橫幅來溝通我們的計劃。If you are working in Team Services, you will see a new yellow banner appear that communicates our plan. 今年稍後,我們打算完全關閉小組室功能。Later this year, we plan to turn off the Team Room feature completely.

您可以使用數個替代方案。There are several alternatives you can use. 小組室用於通知中樞和聊天。The Team room is used both for a notification hub as well as for chat. TFS 和 Team Services 已整合許多其他共同作業產品,包含 Microsoft TeamsSlackHipChatCampfireFlowdockTFS and Team Services already integrate with many other collaboration products including Microsoft Teams, Slack, HipChat, Campfire, and Flowdock. 您也可以使用 Zapier 建立您自己的整合,或極細微地控制所顯示的通知。You can also use Zapier to create your own integrations, or get very granular control over the notifications that show up.

詳細資訊請參閱 Deprecation of the Team Rooms in Team Services and TFS (Team Services 和 TFS 中被取代的小組室)。See more about the deprecation of Team Rooms in Team Services.

運用 Update 1,在其 Markdown 中,歡迎頁面、小組儀表板上的 Markdown 小組件以及工作流程看板上的 [完工定義] 不再支援檔案連結。With Update 1, welcome pages, the markdown widget on team dashboards, and the Definition of Done on the Kanban boards will no longer support file links in their Markdown. 因應措施為在 Markdown 中包含檔案連結作為文字。As a workaround, you can include your file link as text in the Markdown. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Markdown guidance (Markdown 指引)。For more information, see Markdown guidance.

宣告流程範本編輯器 Announcing the Process Template Editor

我們已發行適用於 Visual Studio 2017 的流程範本編輯器 (英文) 擴充功能。We have released the Process Template Editor extension for Visual Studio 2017. 此擴充功能提供方便的檢視及更新流程範本方法,以及用於更新全域清單及工作項目類型,以及檢視工作項目欄位之屬性的工具。This extension provides a convenient method for viewing and updating process templates, as well as tools for updating global lists and work item types, and viewing the attributes of work item fields. 此擴充功能適用於 TFS 2017 和 TFS 2017 Update 1 伺服器。This works against TFS 2017 and TFS 2017 Update 1 servers.

已知問題 Known Issues

從 TFS 2013 或更舊版本升級至 TFS 2017 Update 1 15.112.26301.0 組建時,組建無法運作。Build doesn't work when upgrading to TFS 2017 Update 1 build 15.112.26301.0 from TFS 2013 or earlier

  • 問題:Issue:

    請注意,只有升級至 2017 年 3 月 7 日發行的 TFS 2017 Update 1 15.112.26301.0 組建時,才會發生此問題。Note that this issue only occurs if you upgraded to TFS 2017 Update 1 build 15.112.26301.0, released on 7 March, 2017. 如果您升級到 3 月 9 日發行的 15.112.26307.0 組建,就不會發生這個問題。If you upgraded to build 15.112.26307.0, released on 9 March, you will not encounter this.

    從 TFS 2013 (RTM 或任何更新) 或更舊版本升級之後,組建會顯示「不存在 TaskReferenceId 計數器」的錯誤。After upgrading from TFS 2013 (RTM or any update) or earlier, Build shows an error of "counter with name TaskReferenceId does not exist".

  • 因應措施:Workaround:

    在升級後的集合資料庫上執行下列指令碼︰Run the following script on your upgraded collection databases:

    INSERT  tbl_Counter (PartitionId, DataspaceId, CounterName, CounterValue)
      FROM    tbl_DatabasePartitionMap dpm
      INNER LOOP JOIN Task.tbl_Hub h
      ON      h.PartitionId = dpm.PartitionId
      INNER LOOP JOIN tbl_Dataspace ds
      ON      ds.PartitionId = dpm.PartitionId
              AND ds.DataspaceCategory = h.DataspaceCategory
              AND ds.DataspaceIdentifier <> '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
      WHERE   dpm.PartitionId > 0
              AND dpm.HostType = 4
              AND NOT EXISTS (
                  SELECT  *
                  FROM    tbl_Counter c
                  WHERE   c.PartitionId = dpm.PartitionId
                          AND c.DataspaceId = ds.DataspaceId
                          AND c.CounterName = N'TaskReferenceId'

客戶應更新至 Git LFS 1.3.1 版或更新版本Customers should update to Git LFS version 1.3.1 or higher

  • 問題:Issue:

    不再支援 1.3.1 之前的 Git LFS 版本。Git LFS versions before 1.3.1 are no longer supported.

  • 因應措施:Workaround:

    如果您是使用 Git LFS,則必須更新至 Git LFS 1.3.1 版或更新版本。If you are using Git LFS, you must update to Git LFS version 1.3.1 or higher. 舊版的 LFS 用戶端與此版 TFS 中的驗證變更不相容。Older versions of the LFS client are not compatible with authentication changes in this version of TFS.

無法正確呈現工作項目表單Work item forms do not render correctly

  • 問題:Issue:

    如果您在工作項目表單中使用舊版自訂控制項 (例如舊版多值控制項),則可能無法呈現您的工作項目表單。If you use a legacy custom control in your work item forms, such as the legacy multi-value control, your work item forms may fail to render.

  • 因應措施:Workaround:

    您需要更新為最新版的控制項。You will need to update to the latest version of your control. 您可以在這裡發現 TFS 2017 Update 1 的最新多值控制項。You can find the latest multi-value control for TFS 2017 Update 1 here.

無法在網頁中正確呈現工作項目表單Work item forms do not render correctly in the web

  • 問題:Issue:

    如果您為 Visual Studio 用戶端安裝了自訂控制項 (例如多重值控制項),但網頁用戶端未安裝,網頁中的工作項目表單將無法呈現。If you have a custom control, such as the multi-value control, installed for the Visual Studio client but not the web client, work item forms in the web fail to render.

  • 因應措施:Workaround:

    您可以新增不包含遺漏控制項目的網頁版面配置。You can add a web layout that does not contain the missing control element. 您可以有目標為 Visual Studio 及網頁的不同版面配置。You can have different layout targeting visual studio and web. 如需此版面配置的詳細資訊,請參閱 All FORM XML elements reference (TFS 2015) (所有 FORM XML 元素參考 (TFS 2015))。For more info on the layout, see All FORM XML elements reference (TFS 2015).

工作項目表單未隱藏唯讀欄位Work item forms do not hide read only fields

  • 問題:Issue:

    如果您使用舊的工作項目表單,並在版面配置中將 HideReadonlyEmptyFields 屬性設為 true,您的表單將無法隱藏唯讀及空白欄位。If you use old workitem form with HideReadonlyEmptyFields property set to true in the layout, your form will fail to hide read only and empty fields.

  • 因應措施:Workaround:

    此問題目前沒有因應措施。There is no workaround at this time. 這將會在 TFS 2017 Update 2 中修正。This will be fixed in TFS 2017 Update 2.

工作項目表單於檢視時已有變更Work item forms become dirty on viewing

  • 問題:Issue:

    選擇加入新的工作項目表單時,只有 TFS 2017 Update 1 的 IE 11 有此問題。This issue is specific to IE 11 on TFS 2017 Update 1 when opting into the new work item form. 如果您的設定檔設為法文、韓文、俄文、土耳其文、日文或中文,且工作項目指派給任何身分識別,則會在檢視工作項目時看到已變更的工作項目表單。If you have your profile set to French, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, or Chinese, and the work item is assigned to any identity, you will see the work item form as dirty when viewing the work item. 如果您儲存工作項目,則 [指派至] 欄位會設成未指派。If you save the work item, the Assigned To field is set to unassigned.

  • 因應措施:Workaround:

    使用 IE11 以外的其他瀏覽器。Use another browser besides IE11. 如果使用 IE11,請按一下工作項目工具列的 [復原]/[重新整理] 還原正確的 [指派至] 值。If you are using IE11, click undo/refresh from the work item toolbar to restore the correct Assigned To value.

上行 NPM 套件快取失敗Caching of upstream NPM packages fail

  • 問題:Issue:

    如果您的 TFS 伺服器在 Proxy 後方,上行 NPM 套件的快取就會失敗。If your TFS server is behind a proxy, the caching of upstream NPM packages will fail.

  • 因應措施:Workaround:

    如果您的 TFS 伺服器位於公司 Proxy 後方,請對您的 TFS 伺服器 web.config (亦即 %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 15.0\Application Tier\Web Services\web.config) 進行以下變更。If your TFS server is behind a corporate proxy, make the following changes to your TFS server web.config (i.e. %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 15.0\Application Tier\Web Services\web.config).

    取代此組態區塊:Replace this configuration block:

      <!-- ASP.NET Proxy Usage for HttpWebRequests 
               false - stops the server using the default proxy configuration or proxy
               true - this tells all requests to a local address to ignore configured proxies.
        <proxy usesystemdefault="False" bypassonlocal="True" />

    取代為下列項目:With this:

      <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true" />

程式碼下拉式功能表顯示不正確的版本控制頁面Code dropdown menu shows incorrect Version Control pages

  • 問題:Issue:

    如果您巡覽至 Git 存放庫的管理頁面 (如下圖 (圖 45) 所示),並按一下 [程式碼] 中樞,將會看到 [變更集] 和 [擱置集] 連結,而不是 [記錄] 連結。If you navigate to the admin page on a Git repository, as shown in the image below (Figure 45), and click on the Code hub, they will see the Changesets and Shelvesets links, instead of the History link.

    Code dropdown menu
    (圖 45) 程式碼下拉式功能表
    (Figure 45) Code dropdown menu
  • 因應措施:Workaround:

    在 Git 存放庫管理頁面外巡覽,您就會看到正確的連結。Navigate out of the Git repository admin page and you will see the correct links.

延伸模組不會自動更新Extensions are not being auto-updated

  • 問題:Issue:

    如果從舊版的 TFS 升級到 TFS 2017 並在連線模式中執行 TFS 2017,則您的延伸模組不會自動更新成應有的版本。If you upgrade a prior version of TFS to reach TFS 2017 and are running TFS 2017 in connected mode then your extensions will not be auto-updated as they should be.

  • 因應措施:Workaround:

    此問題目前沒有因應措施。There is no workaround at this time. 我們已修正問題,且 TFS 2017 Update 2 中會提供自動更新行為。We have fixed the issue and the auto update behavior will reach you through TFS 2017 Update 2. 如有任何原因無法等待 Update 2,請透過支援通道連絡我們,我們會儘早與您共用修正程式。If for any reason you cannot wait for Update 2 then reach us through the Support channel and we shall share the fix earlier.

如果公用 URL 設定不正確,即無法取得延伸模組或無法正確運作。Extensions cannot not be acquired or will not function correctly if Public URL is not set correctly

  • 問題:Issue:

    無法從 Visual Studio Marketplace 取得延伸模組。Extension acquisition from Visual Studio Marketplace will fail.

    已取得的延伸模組可能無法如預期運作。Already acquired extensions are likely to not function as expected.

  • 因應措施:Workaround:

    這在 TFS 2017 Update 2 中進行修正,因此建議進行升級。This is fixed in TFS 2017 Update 2 and we recommend upgrading. 如果您需要這作用於 Update 1,請在 TFS 伺服器系統管理員主控台中,將「公用 URL」設定為如同可從您公司環境內的另一個系統所連接的 URL (圖 46)。If you need this to work on Update 1, set the 'Public URL' in the TFS Server Administrator Console such that the URL is reachable from another system within your corporate environment (Figure 46).

Code menu
(圖 46) 程式碼功能表
(Figure 46) Code menu

查看 Team Foundation Server 2017 的客戶回報問題。See customer-reported issues reported for Team Foundation Server 2017.

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