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這不是 Visual Studio 的最新版本。This is not the latest version of Visual Studio. 若要下載最新版本,請參閱 Visual Studio 2019 的最新版本資訊To download the latest release, please visit the current release notes for Visual Studio 2019.

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若要下載 Visual Studio Community 2013,請按一下 [下載] 按鈕。To download Visual Studio Community 2013, click on the download button. 這些檔案是從我們的免費 Dev Essentials 訂用帳戶網站下載。The files are downloaded from our free Dev Essentials subscription-based site. 請參閱 Dev Essentials 頁面,以取得我們的免費全方位開發人員計畫和服務的相關資訊。Please see the Dev Essentials page for information on our free comprehensive developer program and services.

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Release Notes Icon Visual Studio Community 2013 版本資訊 Visual Studio Community 2013 Release Notes

發行于2014年11月12日released on November 12, 2014

本版新功能What's New in this Release

  • 專業級的編輯、程式碼分析和偵錯工具支援Professional-grade editing, code analysis, and debugging support
  • 支援 (Git) 的開放原始碼工作流程Support for open-source workflows (Git)
  • Managed 語言、c + + 等編譯器Compilers for managed languages, C++ and more
  • 適用于您慣用裝置和平臺的跨平臺行動裝置開發,包括 web、Android、iOS 和 Windows Phone,並提供免費 Visual Studio Tools Apache Cordova 擴充功能Cross-platform mobile development for your preferred device and platform, including the web, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone with the free Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova extension
  • 利用簡化的 Azure SDK 整合來利用雲端服務,並透過 Application Insights 併入新式應用程式分析和遙測Take advantage of cloud services with simplified Azure SDK integration, and incorporate modern app analytics and telemetry with Application Insights
  • 存取Visual Studio 資源庫上所有的 Visual Studio 2013 延伸模組Access to all the Visual Studio 2013 extensions on the Visual Studio Gallery
  • Visual Studio Community 2013 包含 Update 4,也就是所有先前 Visual Studio 2013 更新的累積更新Visual Studio Community 2013 includes Update 4, which is a cumulative update of all previous Visual Studio 2013 updates

觀看 Visual Studio Community 2013 影片,以瞭解您可以使用此版本執行的作業:Watch the Visual Studio Community 2013 video to learn all about what you can do with this release:

有幾個其他 Visual Studio 2013 產品可供下載 Update 4,包括下列各項:Several other Visual Studio 2013 products are available for download with Update 4, including the following:

  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 4Visual Studio 2013 Update 4
  • Azure SDK for .NET 2.5Azure SDK for .NET 2.5
  • Visual Studio Tools for Unity (VSTU) 2.0 預覽Visual Studio Tools for Unity (VSTU) 2.0 Preview
  • Kinect for Windows 2.0 SDK RTWKinect for Windows 2.0 SDK RTW
  • Apache Cordova CTP3 的 Visual Studio ToolsVisual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova CTP3
  • TypeScript 1。3TypeScript 1.3

若要取得這些版本的詳細資訊,請移至 Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 的版本資訊。To get more details on these releases, go to the release notes for Visual Studio 2013 Update 4.

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您可以查看 Visual Studio 2013 版本資訊的所有版本:You can view all versions of Visual Studio 2013 release notes:

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