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Release Notes Icon Visual Studio 2013 版本資訊 Visual Studio 2013 Release Notes

發行于2013年10月17日released on October 17, 2013

本版新功能What's New in this Release

提高開發人員生產力的創新功能Innovative Features for Greater Developer Productivity

根據客戶的意見反應和 Microsoft 的核心設計原則,Visual Studio 2013 包含了許多使用者介面改進,以提供更佳的使用者體驗。Visual Studio 2013 included many user interface improvements based on customer feedback and Microsoft's core design principle of keeping the focus on the content to deliver an improved user experience. 您可能會注意到超過400個修改過的圖示,這些圖示會有更大的差異並提高使用色彩、重新設計的起始頁,以及 Visual Studio 中的其他細微設計變更。You may notice the more than 400 modified icons with greater differentiation and increased use of color, a redesigned Start page, and other subtle design changes throughout Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2013 包含一些改良功能,可協助您在撰寫程式碼時提高生產力並保持焦點。Visual Studio 2013 included a number of improvements to help you be more productive and stay focused when coding. 某些功能會先在 Visual Studio Power Tools 延伸模組中顯示為實驗,然後才進行調整並併入 Visual Studio。Some features first appeared as experiments in the Visual Studio Power Tools extension before being refined and incorporated into Visual Studio. 生產力功能,例如自動括弧自動完成、使用鍵盤快速鍵移動程式程式碼或區塊的能力,以及內嵌流覽功能現在已內建。Productivity features such as automatic bracket completion, the ability to move code lines or blocks using keyboard shortcuts, and in-line navigation are now built-in. 此外,Visual Studio 2013 包含新的 Team Explorer,其中包含增強的首頁,可讓您更輕鬆地導覽至小組共同作業功能,包括將暫止的變更和組建卸載至另一個視窗的能力。In addition, Visual Studio 2013 includes a new Team Explorer with an enhanced Home page that provides easier navigation to team collaboration features, including the ability to undock Pending Changes and Builds into a separate window.

暫止的變更視窗和新的 Team Explorer

當您使用大型程式碼檔案時,可能很難追蹤您的所在位置。When you work with large code files it can be hard to keep track of where you are. 在 Visual Studio 2013 中,您可以輕鬆地在兩個模式之間切換捲軸的行為。In Visual Studio 2013, you can easily switch the behavior of the scroll bar between two modes. 在 [橫條] 模式中,您可以查看像是插入號位置、變更位置,以及更直接追蹤錯誤的附注。In bar mode, you can view annotations such as your caret position, change your location, and track errors more directly. 在地圖模式中,捲軸會顯示原始程式碼的即時預覽,以及將滑鼠停留在程式碼上的功能,以在工具提示內更詳細地預覽。In map mode, the scroll bar shows a live preview of source code as well as the ability to hover over code to preview it greater detail within a tooltip. 然後,您可以按一下流覽至該位置的確切程式碼位置。You can then click on the exact code position which navigates to that location.

瞭解何種程式碼是開發期間的重要工作。Understanding what a line of code does is a key task during development. [移至定義] 命令現在伴隨著新的 [查看定義] 功能。The Go To Definition command is now accompanied by the new Peek Definition feature. 使用查看定義時,您不再需要離開程式程式碼的內容,就能在內嵌視圖中查看定義。With Peek Definition you no longer have to leave the context of your line of code to view a definition in an inline view.


瞭解何種程式碼只是您的開發人員挑戰的一部分。Understanding what a line of code does is only part of your challenge as a developer. 您也必須瞭解其歷程記錄、誰處理過它、哪些程式碼參考它等等。You must also understand its history, who worked on it, what code references it, and more. 在小組導向的專案中,這會變得非常困難。This becomes especially challenging in team-oriented projects. Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 中的 CodeLens (程式碼資訊指標) 會使用您的專案中繼資料和 Team Foundation Server 2013 的資訊,將裝飾專案放在程式碼中的每個方法上,以顯示資訊,例如哪些變更集會導致建立或最近的變更、誰是處理常式代碼的最後一個人、哪些單元測試涵蓋了最新的通過/失敗狀態 (,以及有哪些程式CodeLens (Code Information Indicators) in Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 uses information from both your project metadata and Team Foundation Server 2013 to place decorators on each of the methods in your code that show information such as what changesets led to the creation or recent change, who was the last person to work on the code, what unit tests cover the method (including the latest pass/fail state), and what code references exist. 只要按一下,您也可以快速地跳至該資料,例如相關聯的變更集或參考的程式碼檔案。You can also quickly jump into that data, such as an associated changeset or referenced code file with just a click.


Visual Studio 2013 引進了連接的 IDE 體驗,讓您可以更快速地開始使用 Visual Studio 2013。Visual Studio 2013 introduces a connected IDE experience, enabling you to get started with Visual Studio 2013 more quickly. 當您第一次開始 Visual Studio 2013 時,系統會要求您使用您的 Microsoft 帳戶登入。When you start Visual Studio 2013 for the first time, you will be asked to sign in using your Microsoft account. 您可能已經使用與 MSDN 或 Team Foundation Service 訂用帳戶相同的帳戶。You may already use the same account with your MSDN or Team Foundation Service subscriptions. 登入後,您的 Visual Studio 2013 複本就會註冊供您使用,而不需要任何額外的步驟。Once signed in, your copy of Visual Studio 2013 is registered for your use without the need for any extra steps. Visual Studio 2013 也會利用連接的 IDE 體驗,自動同步處理裝置間的設定。Visual Studio 2013 will also automatically synchronize settings across your devices utilizing the Connected IDE experience. 已同步處理的設定包括鍵盤快速鍵、Visual Studio 外觀 (主題、字型 ) 等),並可讓您完全掌控已同步處理的設定選項。Synchronized settings include categories such as keyboard shortcuts, Visual Studio appearance (theme, fonts, etc.) and more, all while keeping you in full control through the Synchronized Settings options.

Windows 8.1 應用程式開發的支援Support for Windows 8.1 App Development

Visual Studio 2013 提供絕佳的工具組,可讓您建立現代化的應用程式,以利用 Windows 平臺創新的下一波 (Windows 8.1) ,同時支援所有 Microsoft 平臺上的裝置和服務。Visual Studio 2013 provides the ideal toolset for building modern applications that leverage the next wave in Windows platform innovation (Windows 8.1), while supporting devices and services across all Microsoft platforms. 支援 Windows 8.1 中的 Windows Store 應用程式開發包含許多工具、控制項和範本的更新、XAML 應用程式的新自動程式碼 UI 測試支援、XAML 和 HTML 應用程式的 UI 回應性分析器和能源消耗分析工具、適用于 HTML 應用程式的增強式記憶體分析工具,以及與 Windows 市集中的改進整合。Support for Windows Store app development in Windows 8.1 includes many updates to the tools, controls and templates, new Coded UI test support for XAML apps, UI Responsiveness Analyzer and Energy Consumption profiler for XAML and HTML apps, enhanced memory profiling tools for HTML apps, and improved integration with the Windows Store.

UI 回應性分析器

Blend for XAML 已增強 Windows Store 應用程式設計的重大新功能,例如新增了尺規和自訂指南以提供更精確的內容版面配置,以及改善的樣式功能。Blend for XAML has been enhanced with significant new capabilities for Windows Store app design, such as the addition of rulers and custom guides for more precise content layout as well as improved styling capabilities. Blend for HTML 也會繼承這些增強功能,並新增使用 HTML 建立 Windows Store 應用程式的特定功能,例如在 CSS 中製作變更動畫的新時間軸。Blend for HTML also inherits these enhancements and adds specific new capabilities for building Windows Store apps with HTML, such as the new timeline for animating changes in CSS.

Blend for Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2013 中增強了 Windows Store 應用程式的程式碼撰寫體驗。The coding experience for Windows Store apps has been enhanced in Visual Studio 2013. XAML 編輯器現在提供 IntelliSense 的進展,現在也可用於資料系結、範本系結和資源。The XAML editor now provides advances in IntelliSense, which is now also available for data binding, template binding, and resources. 它也可讓您在設計的標記和程式碼後後方轉換更具生產力;包括尋找參考、移至定義,以及切換至視圖模型的支援。It also enables a more productive transition between design markup and code behind; including support for finding references, going to definition, and switching to the view model. 這些功能和其他改善將有助於在建立 Windows Store 應用程式時減少工作。These, along with other improvements will help cut down the work when creating Windows Store apps.

將您的應用程式公開至主機案例(例如輕鬆在雲端中啟用推播通知和資料儲存和操作),也可以讓您更輕鬆地連接您的 Windows Store 應用程式。Connecting your Windows Store apps is also easier with the addition of Windows Azure Mobile Services that expose your app to a host of scenarios such as easily enabling Push Notifications and data storage and manipulation in the cloud.

Web 開發的進展Web Development Advancements

在 Microsoft 平臺上建立網站或服務可提供許多選項,包括 ASP.NET WebForms、ASP.NET MVC、WCF 或 Web API 服務等。過去,在 Visual Studio 中使用這些方法,是要使用與該特定專案功能隔離的個別專案類型和工具。Creating websites or services on the Microsoft platform provides you with many options, including ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, WCF or Web API services, etc. In the past, working with each of these approaches in Visual Studio meant working with separate project types and tooling isolated to that specific project's capabilities. 其中一個 ASP.NET 視覺會將您的 Web 專案體驗統一 Visual Studio 2013,讓您可以在單一專案中使用 ASP.NET 元件架構的喜好設定,來建立 ASP.NET 的 web 應用程式。The One ASP.NET vision unifies your web project experience in Visual Studio 2013 so that you can create ASP.NET web applications using your preference of ASP.NET component frameworks in a single project. 這項新的整合體驗可讓您輕鬆地建立混合式應用程式,其中包含改良版的 ASP.NET WebForms、MVC 或 Web API,全都在單一專案中。This new unified experience includes the ability to easily create hybrid applications that include improved versions of ASP.NET WebForms, MVC or Web API, all in a single project. 您現在可以在 Web 專案中混合和比對工作的適當工具,讓您在為 web 進行開發時可獲得更大的彈性和生產力。Now you can mix and match the right tools for the job within your web projects, giving you increased flexibility and productivity when developing for the web.

一個 [ASP.NET 新增專案] 對話方塊

如果您設計網頁或實行其他設計,您可能會花很多時間來調整 HTML 和 CSS,同時重新整理瀏覽器視窗,以達成您想要建立的確切體驗。If you design web pages, or implement the designs of others, you probably spend a significant portion of your time tweaking HTML and CSS while refreshing browser windows again and again to achieve the exact experience you want to create. 這對您的訪客可能用來查看您網站的 web 瀏覽器多樣性有更複雜的變化。This is further complicated by the diversity of available web browsers your visitors might be using to view your site. Visual Studio 2013 使用瀏覽器連結來消除此問題,這會將 Visual Studio 連接到一或多個在互動式開發體驗中開啟的新式瀏覽器,以使其與您的標記變更保持同步,而不需要手動重新整理瀏覽器以查看您正在進行的變更。Visual Studio 2013 eliminates this back and forth using Browser Link, which connects Visual Studio to one or more open modern browsers in an interactive development experience to keep them in synch with your markup changes without needing manual browser refreshes to see the changes you are making.

建立適用于 Office 365 的新式商務應用程式Create Modern Business Apps for Office 365

有了 Visual Studio 2013,您就可以建立和管理現代化的商務應用程式,擴充 Office 365 體驗,以協助人們與商務程式、成品和其他系統互動。With Visual Studio 2013, you can create and manage modern business applications that extend the Office 365 experience to help people interact with business processes, artifacts, and other systems. Office 365 雲端商務應用程式會在雲端中執行,並利用 Windows Azure 和 Office 365 所公開的豐富平臺功能。Office 365 Cloud Business Apps run in the cloud, taking advantage of the rich platform capabilities exposed by Windows Azure and Office 365. 雲端式應用程式是由各式各樣的裝置提供,可將資料和服務從企業內移入或移出,並整合使用者身分識別和社交圖形。As cloud-based apps, they are available to a myriad of devices to aggregate data and services from in and out of an enterprise, and integrate user identities and social graphs. 這些應用程式整合了 Visual Studio 的應用程式生命週期管理功能,將商務應用程式開發人員的世界與 IT 營運銜接。These applications integrate with the application lifecycle management capabilities of Visual Studio, bridging the worlds of the business app developer with IT operations.

調試和優化改進Debugging and optimization Improvements

Visual Studio 2013 中的新效能和診斷中樞,可為 Visual Studio 提供的各種工具提供一致的體驗。The new Performance and Diagnostics hub in Visual Studio 2013 provides a unified experience for various tools available in Visual Studio. 中樞也可讓您輕鬆地識別與專案搭配使用的效能和診斷工具,讓您快速開始使用它們來改善您的應用程式。The hub also makes it easy to identify the performance and diagnostic tools that work with your project and enables you to quickly start using them to improve your application.


Visual Studio 2013 中的記憶體傾印分析器可讓您輕鬆地從 Visual Studio 分析 .NET 記憶體堆積傾印,以更輕鬆地診斷生產環境中的記憶體問題。Memory Dump Analyzer in Visual Studio 2013 makes it easier to diagnose memory problems in production environments by analyzing .NET memory heap dumps right from Visual Studio. 您可以使用新的記憶體分析功能,藉由查看大小和計數、最大物件實例,以及在記憶體中保留它們的運作方式,來解決記憶體流失和沒有效率的記憶體使用量。Using the new memory analysis capability, you can solve memory leaks and inefficient memory usage by seeing size and counts, the largest instances of objects, and what is holding them alive in memory. 您也可以比較兩個記憶體傾印,以深入瞭解記憶體使用量隨著時間的變化。You can also compare two memory dumps to gain insight into how memory usage is changing over time.

在 Visual Studio 2013 中的64位 .NET 4.5.1 應用程式進行偵錯工具時,您現在可以「編輯後繼續」,就像是使用32位受控應用程式一樣。When debugging 64-bit .NET 4.5.1 applications in Visual Studio 2013, you can now "edit-and-continue" just as you do with 32-bit managed applications. 此外,在 Visual Studio 2013 中的 Visual Basic、Visual c #、Visual C++ 和 JavaScript 之間的非同步調試功能也有所改善。In addition, asynchronous debugging is improved across Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, and JavaScript in Visual Studio 2013. 在 Windows 8.1 上執行時,如果您在非同步方法中叫用中斷點或例外狀況,則呼叫堆疊視窗現在會包含邏輯呼叫堆疊。When running on Windows 8.1, the call-stack window now includes the logical call stack if you hit a breakpoint or exception in an asynchronous method. 除了診斷支援,.NET 4.5.1 還包含其他改良功能,例如支援垃圾收集的 (GC) 大型物件堆積的隨選壓縮,以及在多核心電腦上執行時更快啟動應用程式。Beyond diagnostics support, .NET 4.5.1 includes other improvements, such as support for on-demand compaction of the garbage collection's (GC) large object heap, and faster startup of apps when running on multicore machines.

在 Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 中,您可以診斷 System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager 所監視之應用程式中的錯誤和效能問題。In Visual Studio Ultimate 2013, you can diagnose errors and performance issues in apps monitored by System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager. 您可以將例外狀況和效能事件匯入為 IntelliTrace 記錄檔 ( .Itrace) 並在 Visual Studio 中使用 IntelliTrace,以逐步執行這些事件的程式碼執行。You can import exception and performance events as IntelliTrace log (.iTrace) and use IntelliTrace in Visual Studio to step through code execution for those events.

除了改善 c + + 11 支援的功能(例如,在 Visual Studio 2013 中,將函式、原始字串常值、明確的轉換運算子和 variadic 範本委派給「我的程式碼」),也能讓您更妥善地使用 c + +。In addition to features that improve support for C++11, such as delegating constructors, raw string literals, explicit conversion operators, and variadic templates alongside "just my code" debugging in Visual Studio 2013 makes working with C++ even better. 當您的偵錯工具很久之後,將呼叫堆疊篩選至您所撰寫程式碼的能力很久,而且現在可用於 c + +。The ability to filter the call stack down to just the code you wrote when debugging has long existed for managed languages and is now available for C++.

PGO (特性指引優化) 是一種執行時間 Visual C++ 編譯器優化,利用從執行重要或以效能為中心的使用者案例收集的分析資料,來建立應用程式的優化版本。PGO (Profile Guided Optimization) is a runtime Visual C++ compiler optimization that leverages profile data collected from running important or performance-centric user scenarios to build an optimized version of an application. Visual Studio 2013 中的分析工具可讓您深入瞭解 PGO 優化決策,藉由顯示程式碼剖析的高程式碼路徑 (常見的使用者) 案例,以協助您瞭解分析資料如何與真實世界的效能相較, (應用程式) 較低的一般使用者案例, (應用程式的程式碼是由 PGO 優化,以及) 大小或速度。The Profiling Tools in Visual Studio 2013 give insight into PGO optimization decisions, which helps you to understand how well that profile data corresponds to real-world performance by showing how the profiled hotter code paths (common user scenarios) and colder code paths (less common user scenarios) of an application correspond to what code was optimized by PGO and how (size or speed).

展開的 ALM 功能Expanded ALM Capabilities

Visual Studio 2013 併入新的應用程式生命週期管理 (ALM) 功能,可協助您的小組提高生產力,並透過改善的敏捷式開發實務支援來共同作業,讓您能夠以累加的方式採用,以符合組織的需求。Visual Studio 2013 incorporates a wave of new Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) features that will help your teams be more productive and collaborate with improved support for agile development practices that you can adopt incrementally to suit the needs of your organization. 敏捷式召集人、小組室、變更集/認可的 web 型程式碼批註,以及 web 測試案例管理改進等功能,都是整合式解決方案的一部分,可協助您的小組更妥善地共同作業並提高生產力。Features such as agile portfolio management, team rooms, web-based code comments on changesets/commits, and web-based test case management improvements are part of an integrated solution to help your team collaborate better and increase productivity.

Visual Studio 的 ALM 功能的核心是由 Team Foundation Server 所提供,可以安裝在內部部署伺服器上,或裝載于雲端的 Team Foundation Service。The core for Visual Studio's ALM capabilities is provided by Team Foundation Server, which can be installed on a server on premises, or Team Foundation Service, which is hosted in the cloud. 無論是團隊偏好增強的內部部署安裝控制和自訂,還是雲端的無維修協助工具,都有符合您小組需求的選項。Whether the team prefers the increased control and customization of an on-premises installation, or the maintenance-free accessibility of the cloud, there's an option that fits your team's needs.

您可以使用 Agile 的方案組合管理,以敏捷的方式管理大型且複雜的工作負載。With Agile Portfolio Management you can manage large and complex workloads in an agile way. 您可以定義待處理專案的階層,以瞭解跨多個小組的工作範圍,並查看該工作如何匯總成更廣泛的方案。You can define a hierarchy of backlogs to understand the scope of work across several teams and see how that work rolls up into broader initiatives.

Agile Portfolio 管理

小組聊天室可以提供場所,促進和汲取小組成員之間的資訊交流,無論遠近。Team rooms provide an area for fostering and capturing communication among team members, both near and far. 在小組聊天室中,您可以討論進行中的工作、提出問題、共用狀態,並在問題發生時加以解決。In a Team Room you can discuss work in progress, ask questions, share status, and clarify issues as they arise. 您的小組聊天室是您的小組專案活動摘要,讓小組知道程式碼簽入、組建狀態、工作指派等等。Your team room is your team projects activity feed for keeping the team informed of code check-ins, build status, work assignment, and more. 您可以使用小組室而非電子郵件,自動收到交談和決策的審核記錄,您可以隨時進行檢查並進行搜尋。By using the team room instead of email, you automatically receive an audit trail of conversations and decisions that you can review at any time and search. 依預設會為每個專案建立一個小組室,而您可以建立額外的房間來支援臨機操作討論和跨小組共同作業。A Team Room is created by default for each project, and you can create additional rooms to support ad-hoc discussions and cross-team collaboration.


Team Foundation Server 2013 現在支援 Git 存放庫。Team Foundation Server 2013 now supports Git repositories. 此外,您現在可以在 Visual Studio 2013 中使用 web 型版本控制瀏覽器來建立或回復變更集、擱置集或 Git 認可的批註,以與您的小組互動以進行原始程式碼變更。In addition, you can now use the web-based Version Control Explorer in Visual Studio 2013 to create or reply to comments on changesets, shelvesets, or Git commits to engage in conversations with your team on source code changes. 您也可以使用版本瀏覽器篩選,輕鬆地尋找批註。You can also find comments easily by using the Version Explorer filter.


支援 Team Foundation Service 中的雲端負載測試,您可以在數秒內產生規模測試,以利用 Windows Azure 的彈性資源來執行來自上千個虛擬使用者的要求;讓您深入瞭解 web 應用程式和服務的效能瓶頸,而不必擔心管理硬體或虛擬實驗室。With support for cloud-based load testing in Team Foundation Service, you can generate scale tests in seconds that utilize the elastic resources of Windows Azure to execute requests from thousands of virtual users; providing you with insight into the performance bottlenecks of your web applications and services without the hassle of managing hardware or a virtual lab.

Web 架構測試案例管理的改良功能,可讓您直接從 web 介面建立或管理 Test Plans 和套件。Improvements in web-based Test Case Management enable you to create or manage Test Plans and suites right from the web interface. 您也可以使用任何新式網頁瀏覽器來執行非 Windows 作業系統的測試,讓您的測試人員能夠從任何工作環境維持生產力。You can also run tests from non-Windows operating systems using any modern web browser, enabling your testers to stay productive from any work environment.

此外,Team Foundation Server 2013 的新功能是工作專案圖表。Also new in Team Foundation Server 2013 is Work Item Charting. 快速建立各種圖表,以根據您的工作專案查詢(例如 bug、使用者案例和工作)來將資料視覺化。Quickly create a variety of charts to visualize data based from your work item queries, such as bugs, user stories, and tasks.



使用 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶購買 Visual Studio 是購買 Visual Studio 最受歡迎的方式,可讓您取得以 Microsoft 平臺為目標的 最全面軟體、服務和權益集合Buying Visual Studio with a Visual Studio Subscription is the most popular way to purchase Visual Studio and gain access to the most comprehensive collection of software, services, and benefits for targeting Microsoft platforms. Active Visual Studio 訂閱者將可在10月的最後一版 Visual Studio 2013 取得最早的存取權。Active Visual Studio subscribers will have the earliest access to the final release of Visual Studio 2013 in mid-October.

隨著 Visual Studio 2013 的發行,您現在可以更輕鬆地為專案經理提供 agile 專案規劃功能,包括可供 Team Foundation Server 2013 用戶端存取使用權使用的待處理專案管理和短期衝刺規劃功能 (TFS CAL) 客戶,不需額外費用。With the release of Visual Studio 2013, agile project planning capabilities are now more accessible for project managers with Backlog Management and Sprint Planning capabilities available for Team Foundation Server 2013 Client Access License (TFS CAL) customers at no additional cost.

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