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這不是 Visual Studio 的最新版本。This is not the latest version of Visual Studio. 若要下載最新版本,請參閱 Visual Studio 2019 的最新版本資訊To download the latest release, please visit the current release notes for Visual Studio 2019.

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若要下載 Visual Studio 2013 Update 3,請按一下 [下載] 按鈕。To download Visual Studio 2013 Update 3, click on the download button. 這些檔案是從我們的免費 Dev Essentials 訂用帳戶網站下載。The files are downloaded from our free Dev Essentials subscription-based site. 請參閱 Dev Essentials 頁面,以取得我們的免費全方位開發人員計畫和服務的相關資訊。Please see the Dev Essentials page for information on our free comprehensive developer program and services.

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Release Notes Icon Visual Studio 2013 Update 3Visual Studio 2013 Update 3

發行于2014年8月4日released on August 4, 2014

本版新功能What's New in this Release

此外,有數個 Visual Studio 2013 產品可供下載 Update 3,包括下列各項:In addition, several Visual Studio 2013 products are available for download with Update 3, including the following:


若要取得這些版本的詳細資訊,請參閱下面的「 相關版本 」一節。To get more details on these releases, see the Related Releases section below.

Visual Studio 工具箱上的 Visual Studio 2013 Update 3

CodeLens CodeLens

使用編輯器中的 CodeLens 指標來瞭解您的程式碼,同時持續專注于您的工作。Use CodeLens indicators in the editor to learn about your code while staying focused on your work. 您可以尋找程式碼參考、您程式碼的變更、相關 Team Foundation Server 項目和單元測試;這些都不會離開程式碼。You can find code references, changes to your code, related Team Foundation Server items, and unit tests – all without looking away from the code.

若要深入瞭解 CodeLens,請參閱: 取得記錄和程式碼的其他資訊To learn more about CodeLens, see: Get history and other info about your code.

適用于 Git 存放庫的 CodeLens 支援CodeLens support for Git repositories

針對 Update 3,CodeLens 現在可與 Git 存放庫搭配運作,為作者和您的程式碼變更提供 CodeLens 指標。For Update 3, CodeLens now works with Git repositories to provide CodeLens indicators for authors and changes to your code. 您也可以查看與方法、屬性或類別相關聯的工作專案。You can also view the work items associated with a method, property or class. 當使用者認可、提取或提取 Git 存放庫,或分支已變更時,就會更新這些指標。These indicators are updated when a user commits, the Git repository is pulled or fetched, or the branch is changed. (最小版本:終極) (Minimum edition: Ultimate)

使用 Git 存放庫來查看作者和日期

Code Map Code Map

Code Map 有助於避免在大型程式碼基底、不熟悉的程式碼或舊版程式碼當中不知所措。Code maps help you avoid getting lost in large code bases, unfamiliar code, or legacy code. 例如,在進行偵錯工具時,您可能必須跨多個檔案和專案查看程式碼。For example, when you are debugging, you might have to look at code across many files and projects. Code Map 可協助您瀏覽這些程式碼並查看它們之間的關聯性。Code maps help you navigate around these pieces of code and see relationships between them. 您不需要完全記住此程式碼、追蹤檔案或繪製個別的圖表。You don't have to remember all this code, keep track of files, or draw a separate paper diagram.

若要深入瞭解 code map,請參閱: 在 Visual Studio 中使用 code Map 對應特定程式碼中的相依性。To learn more about code maps, see: Map dependencies in specific code using code maps in Visual Studio.

Code map 上的連結現在以色彩來設計樣式,讓您更容易瞭解地圖。Links on code maps are now styled with colors making it easier to understand the map. 您可以使用圖例來瞭解每個色彩所代表的意義。You can use the Legend to understand what each color represents. (最小版本:終極) (Minimum edition: Ultimate)

顯示連結上之色彩的 Code map

改良的縮放Improved zoom

在此更新之前,如果在呼叫堆疊中有許多方法,code map 的大小會調整為適當的大小。Before this update, if there were numerous methods in the call stack the code map would size to fit. 這可能會變成無法讀取。This could become unreadable. 現在 code map 會保留您設定的縮放層級,並將移動最小化,讓您仍能看到盡可能多的內容。Now the code map keeps the zoom level that you set and minimizes panning so that you can still see as much context as possible. 此外,一律會顯示目前的呼叫堆疊或作用中的呼叫堆疊專案,讓您知道您的所在位置。In addition, the current call stack or active call stack entry are always visible so that you know where you are. (最小版本:終極) (Minimum edition: Ultimate)

將二進位檔拖放至對應Drag and drop binaries to maps

只要在 Visual Studio 中建立新的有向圖形,並將二進位檔從檔案總管拖曳到這個圖形上即可。Simply create a new directed graph in Visual Studio and drag binaries from File Explorer and drop them onto this graph. 您現在可以探索這些二進位檔。Now you can explore these binaries. 例如,您可以顯示它們所參考的元件。For example, you can show the assemblies that they reference. (最小版本:終極) (Minimum edition: Ultimate)

偵錯工具 Debugger

多監視器支援Multi-monitor support

在您將 Windows Store 應用程式移至其他監視時,當您在進行偵錯工具時,應用程式將會在下次啟動偵錯工具時重新出現在該監視器中。After you move a Windows Store app to a different monitor while debugging, the app will reappear in that monitor the next time you start debugging. (最小版本: Express for Windows) (Minimum edition: Express for Windows)

Managed 程式碼記憶體傾印Managed code memory dumps

記憶體傾印是在執行傾印時,應用程式使用記憶體的快照。A memory dump is a snapshot of an app's use of memory when the dump is performed.

當您對記憶體傾印進行偵錯工具時,您可以選取類型,然後選取 [移至定義]   和 [尋找所有參考],流覽至類型的定義或其參考。When you debug a memory dump, you can select a type and navigate to the type's definition or its references by selecting Go to Definition and Find All References. (最小版本:終極) (Minimum edition: Ultimate)

.NET Native 的記憶體傾印偵錯工具支援Memory dump debugging support for .NET Native

您現在可以將 .NET 原生 x86 應用程式和 .NET Native 應用程式的記憶體傾印進行 debug 錯。You can now debug NET Native x86 applications, and debug memory dumps from .NET Native apps. (最小版本:快速) (Minimum edition: Express)

效能和診斷 Performance and diagnostics

匯入和匯出 Internet Explorer 分析會話Importing and exporting Internet Explorer profiling sessions

效能和診斷中樞可以開啟程式碼剖析會話 ( diagsession 檔案) 從最新的開發人員預覽版 Internet Explorer 11 中的 F12 工具匯出。The Performance and Diagnostics hub can open profiling sessions (.diagsession files) exported from F12 tools in the latest developer preview of Internet Explorer 11. (最小版本: Express for Windows) (Minimum edition: Express for Windows)

CPU 使用量CPU usage

CPU 使用量 工具是在 Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 中引進。The CPU Usage tool was introduced in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2. 您可以在 效能和診斷 中樞中找到它,此中樞可搭配 WPF、主控台、Windows Store 8.1 或 Windows Phone 以 c + +、c #、Visual Basic 或 JavaScript 撰寫的8.1 應用程式使用。You can find it in the Performance and Diagnostics hub that can be used with WPF, Console, Windows Store 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 apps written in C++, C#, Visual Basic, or JavaScript.

此工具為使用 CPU 的特定函式提供資料,因此您可以決定要將優化工作放在何處,以達到最佳效能。This tool provides data for specific functions that are using the CPU, so you can make decisions about where to focus your optimization efforts to achieve the best performance.

流覽至來源Navigate to source

您現在可以從 呼叫樹狀結構 中的函式名稱,流覽至定義函式的源程式碼,讓您可以輕鬆地查看應用程式中使用 CPU 的程式碼。You can now navigate from a function name in the Call Tree to the line of source code where the function is defined, so you can easily see the code that is using CPU in your application. (最小版本: Express for Windows) (Minimum edition: Express for Windows)

記憶體使用量Memory Usage

記憶體使用量工具(Visual Studio 2013 引進)原本僅支援使用 c #/VB/C + + 和 XAML 的 Windows Store 和 Windows Phone Store 應用程式。The Memory Usage tool, introduced in Visual Studio 2013, originally supported only Windows Store and Windows Phone Store apps using C#/VB/C++ and XAML. (最小版本: Express for Windows) (Minimum edition: Express for Windows)

如需詳細資訊,請參閱: 記憶體使用量工具For more information, see: Memory Usage Tool.

以下是我們新增至工具的一些功能:Here are some features that we added to the tool:

WPF 和 Win32 應用程式的支援Support for WPF and Win32 Applications

在 Update 3 中,您也可以搭配 .NET 4.0 和更新版本) 和 Win32 應用程式,使用這項工具搭配 WPF (。In Update 3, you can also use this tool with WPF (with .NET 4.0 and above) and Win32 apps.

強制 GCForce GC

將焦點放在您的應用程式中明確強制進行垃圾收集,以便在建立快照集之前,清除完成項佇列中的短期物件和物件。Focus on objects that are important by explicitly forcing a garbage collection in your application to get rid of short-lived objects and objects in the Finalizer queue before taking a snapshot.

複製多個資料列Copy Multiple Rows

不再將資料列複製到資料列。No more copying data row by row. 使用 CTRL + Click 等標準手勢,從堆積分析視圖的任何資料方格中的多個資料列複製和貼上格式化內容。Copy and paste formatted content from multiple rows in any data grid in the heap analysis views using standard gestures like CTRL + Click.

模組資料行Module Column

在 [詳細資料] 視圖的 [新增模組] 資料行中,查看產生類型或堆疊框架的模組View the module from which a Type or a Stack Frame originated in the new Module column in the details views

更快速的原生堆積分析Faster native heap analysis

原生堆積分析的完成速度比以往更快。Native heap analysis completes faster than ever. 除非您明確關閉 Just My Code,否則我們會延遲非使用者元件的載入符號。We delay load symbols for non-user assemblies until you explicitly turn off Just My Code. 針對大型會話檔案,我們的載入時間大約有10倍的改進。We have seen approximately a 10X improvement in load times for large session files.

IntelliTrace IntelliTrace

現在可以直接跳到從 Application Insights 匯出至 IntelliTrace 的單一效能事件的詳細資料。It is now possible to skip straight to the details of single performance events exported from Application Insights to IntelliTrace. (最小版本:終極) (Minimum edition: Ultimate)

Windows Store 應用程式 Windows Store Apps

我們更新了 Windows 應用程式認證套件 (WACK) 讓建立 Windows Store 應用程式的開發人員可以在其 Windows Store 應用程式中使用 WinSock Api。We updated the Windows App certification Kit (WACK) allowing developers who build Windows Store Apps to use WinSock APIs in their in Windows Store apps. WACK 現在會傳遞相依于 WinSock 的程式庫或程式碼的使用。WACK now passes the use of libraries or code that depends on WinSock. Windows Phone apps 已支援 WinSock Api,因此更容易在手機、平板電腦和電腦之間共用更多程式碼。Windows Phone apps already support WinSock APIs, making it even easier to share more code across phones, tablets, and PCs. (最小版本: Express for Windows) (Minimum edition: Express for Windows)

若要深入瞭解 WACK,請參閱: 使用 Windows 應用程式認證套件To learn more about the WACK, see: Using the Windows App Certification Kit.

Visual Studio IDE Visual Studio IDE

在 Update 3 中,您可以選擇是否要以所有大寫或標題大小寫顯示 Visual Studio 的功能表列。In Update 3 you can choose whether to display Visual Studio menu bars in all caps or in title case. 您可以在 > [工具選項環境] > 的 > [一般] 中找到該核取方塊。You can find the checkbox in Tools > Options > Environment > General. 預設值為 [ 全部大寫]。The default value is All Caps. 此選項會對應到使用者目前的登錄狀態,如此一來,在登錄中已關閉所有 Cap 的使用者會繼續看到標題案例功能表。This option maps to the user's current registry state, so that users who have already turned off All Caps in the registry will continue to see title case menus. 此選項會自動漫遊至所有已登入的裝置。This option automatically roams to all signed-in devices. (最小版本:快速) (Minimum edition: Express)

通知中樞Notifications Hub

Visual Studio 2013 在 IDE 右上角有一個集中式通知中樞 () 顯示您開發環境的特定訊息 (例如,Visual Studio 的更新或已安裝的延伸模組) 。Visual Studio 2013 has a centralized Notifications hub (in the upper right corner of the IDE) to display messages that are specific to your development environment (for example, updates to Visual Studio or an installed extension). 使用 Update 3 時,通知徽章會變成黃色,表示有更新可供下載。With Update 3, the Notifications badge will turn yellow to indicate that an update is available for download. 徽章現在也可作為切換,讓您只要按一下,就可以開啟和關閉中樞。The badge now also acts as a toggle, so you can open and close the hub with a single click. (最小版本:快速) (Minimum edition: Express)

測試 Testing

自訂您的測試計劃和測試套件Customize your test plans and test suites

從我們的使用者到各種論壇的最重要功能要求之一,就是能夠自訂測試計劃和測試套件,以符合您的測試需求。One of the top feature requests from our users across various forums has been the ability to customize test plans and test suites to suit your testing needs.

在 Team Foundation Server 2013 的 Update 3 中,現在可以將自訂欄位和工作流程加入至測試計劃和測試套件。With Update 3 for Team Foundation Server 2013, it is now possible to add custom fields and workflows to test plans and test suites. 例如,加入額外欄位識別測試計劃的審核者,或加入測試類型的欄位,以了解測試套件要用於迴歸或功能測試。For example, add an extra field to identify the reviewer for a test plan, or add a field for the test type to know if the test suite is for regression or functional tests. 此外,您可以變更 [狀態] 欄位的預設值,以進一步改善您的流程。In addition, you can change the default values for the state field to further improve your process.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱:在 TFS 升級後設定功能For more information, see: Configure features after a TFS upgrade.

然後,您可以從 Microsoft Test Manager 或 Team Web Access,查看或編輯您新增或變更的任何欄位。Any fields you add or changes you make can then be viewed or edited from Microsoft Test Manager or Team Web Access. 直接開啟測試套件或測試計劃。Just open the test suite or test plan.

以滑鼠右鍵按一下測試套件,然後從內容功能表中選擇 [開啟測試套件]。

如需開始使用的詳細資訊,請參閱:在 TFS 2013.3 升級之後使用測試計劃和測試套件For more information on getting started, see: Use test plans and test suites after a TFS 2013.3 upgrade.

追蹤測試計劃和測試套件的變更Track changes to test plans and test suites

在 Team Foundation Server 2013 的 Update 3 中,測試計劃和測試套件現在會追蹤變更歷程記錄,例如其他 TFS 工作專案。With Update 3 for Team Foundation Server 2013, test plans and test suites now track change history, like other TFS work items.

例如,您可以從 [歷程記錄] 區段中的 [ 所有變更 ] 索引標籤,查看加入至測試套件的測試案例。For example, you can view test cases that are added to a test suite from the All Changes tab in the History section.

從 [歷程記錄] 區段中,選擇 [所有變更] 索引標籤

測試套件的增強式安全性Enhanced security for test suites

在 Team Foundation Server 的 Update 3 中,我們新增了管理測試套件安全性的新許可權類型。With Update 3 for Team Foundation Server, we added a new type of permission to manage test suites security. 這種類型的許可權可控制對下列各項的存取:This type of permission controls access to:

  • 建立和刪除測試套件Creating and deleting test suites
  • 從測試套件加入和移除測試案例Adding and removing test cases from test suites
  • 變更測試套件的測試設定Changing test configurations for test suites
  • 在測試計劃中移動測試套件Moving test suites in a test plan

您可以授與此許可權,以在區域路徑層級提供不同層級的存取權。You can grant this permission to provide a different level of access at the area path level.

管理測試計劃的現有許可權會變更,以限制對特定測試計劃屬性的存取。The existing permission to manage test plans is changing to restrict access to specific test plan properties.

使用 Application Insights 的雲端式負載測試Cloud-based load testing with Application Insights

您不需要使用資源並設定自己的電腦,就能在網站上進行負載測試。You don't need to use resources and set up your own machines to do load testing on your web site. 您可以使用雲端負載測試提供虛擬機器,產生多名使用者同時存取網站之負載。You can use cloud-based load testing to provide virtual machines that generate the load of many users accessing your web site at the same time. 當您使用 Visual Studio Online 來為應用程式執行負載測試時,也可以使用 Application Insights 來取出效能資料。When you run your load tests for your app using Visual Studio Online, you can use Application Insights to retrieve performance data as well. 藉由將負載和效能資料相互關聯,您可以更深入瞭解您發現的任何效能問題。By correlating load and performance data together, you get more insight into any performance issues that you find.

在 Update 3 中,您不再受限於預設計數器。With Update 3, you are no longer limited to the default counters. 現在您可以從您想要查看的 Application Insights 選擇任何效能計數器。Now you can choose any performance counters from Application Insights that you want to see.

Release management Release management

改善管理應用程式版本的流程。Improve the process of managing the release of your app. 針對每個不同的階段,將應用程式部署至特定環境。Deploy your app to a specific environment for each separate stage. 每個步驟都需要核准,管理流程中的步驟。Manage the steps in the process with approvals for each step.

期望狀態設定 (DSC)Desired State Configuration (DSC)

您現在可以部署到內部部署環境或 Windows Azure 環境,而不需要在每部電腦上設定 Microsoft Deployment Agent。You can now deploy to an on-premises environment or a Windows Azure environment without having to set up a Microsoft Deployment Agent on each machine. 您可以使用 Windows PowerShellWINDOWS POWERSHELL Desired State Configuration (DSC) 。You can use Windows PowerShell, or Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC). Release Management 中有一個新的動作,可支援使用上述任一種方式進行部署。There is a new action in Release Management to support deployment with either of these.

新增變更摘要New Change Summary

您現在可以使用變更摘要,查看自上一版以來已完成的使用者案例和 bug,以瞭解要測試的內容,並放入您的版本資訊。You can now use the change summary to see the user stories and bugs completed since the previous release to know what to test and put in your release notes.

[設定應用程式] 索引標籤;[發行定義] 索引標籤;選擇變更摘要

Web 平台和工具Web Platform and Tools

ASP.NET 和 Visual Studio 為開發人員提供一組強大的架構和工具,以建立網站、服務 (API) 、即時雙向通訊端點等等。ASP.NET and Visual Studio gives developers a powerful set of frameworks and tools to build websites, services (API's), real-time bi-directional communication endpoints and much more. 您可以在 官方 ASP.NET 網站深入瞭解。You can learn more on the official ASP.NET website.

我們更新了 ASP.NET Web Platform 和包含 Update 3 的工具 (重點) 如下所示。We updated both ASP.NET Web Platform and Tooling with Update 3 (highlights are listed below). 如需變更的完整清單,請參閱: Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RTM 宣佈新的 Web 功能For a complete list of changes please see: Announcing New Web Features in Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RTM.

Visual Studio Web 工具提供了 網頁程式開發人員建立絕佳應用程式所需的所有專案,包括專案範本、HTML 的特殊編輯器、CSS 和 JSON 檔案類型,以及 IntelliSense。Visual Studio Web tools provide everything web developers need to create great apps, including project templates, special editors for HTML, CSS and JSON file types, and IntelliSense.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 宣佈 Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RTM 中的新 Web 功能For more information, see Announcing New Web Features in Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RTM.

Web 工具 Web Tooling

樣板:支援 ASP.NET MVC 和 Web API 5.2 版Scaffolding: Support for ASP.NET MVC and Web API v5.2

ASP.NET 樣板是用來 ASP.NET Web 應用程式的程式碼產生架構,它可協助開發人員節省一般工作的時間,例如,只要按幾下滑鼠就能加入與資料模型互動的程式碼。ASP.NET Scaffolding is a code generation framework for ASP.NET Web applications, it helps developers save time for common tasks such as adding code that interacts with data models with just a few clicks.

若要深入瞭解樣板,請參閱: Visual Studio 2013 中的 ASP.NET樣板。To learn more about Scaffolding, see: ASP.NET Scaffolding in Visual Studio 2013.

在 Update 3 中,我們新增了適當的 ASP.NET MVC 和 Web API 套件 v5.2 支援,其在 Update 2 中未如預期運作。With Update 3, we added proper support for ASP.NET MVC and Web API packages v5.2 that did not work as intended in Update 2.

JSON 編輯器:自動格式化和括弧對稱JSON Editor: Auto-formatting and Brace Matching

JSON 編輯器可讓開發人員在 Visual Studio 中使用豐富的程式碼編輯器來處理 JSON 檔案,其中包含顏色標示、語法驗證等功能。The JSON editor enables developers to work with JSON files using the rich code editor in Visual Studio, with capabilities such as colorization, syntax validation and more.

在 Update 3 中,我們新增了可讓使用者更充分掌控編輯器的選項,包括關閉自動格式化的功能。In Update 3 we added options to give users more control over the editor, including the ability to turn off auto-formatting.

我們也新增了大括弧和括弧,以反白顯示 (類似于 c # 或 JavaScript) ,以及控制大括弧位置的選項。We also added brace and bracket match highlighting (similar to C# or JavaScript), with an option for controlling brace positions.

若要深入瞭解 JSON 編輯器,請參閱: Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 CTP2 中的新 Json 編輯器功能To learn more about the JSON editor see: New JSON Editor Features in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 CTP2.

CSS 編輯器:拖放支援和選取器層級4CSS Editor: Drag-and-drop support and Selectors Level 4

CSS 編輯器可讓開發人員使用 Visual Studio 中的 CSS 檔案。The CSS editor enables developers to work with CSS files in Visual Studio. 在 Update 3 中,我們增強了 CSS 編輯器,讓開發人員能夠從其 [方案瀏覽器] 拖曳字型、影像或 CSS 檔案,然後將它們放在 CSS 檔案中,以自動產生正確的 CSS 標記和檔案路徑。In Update 3 we enhanced the CSS editor to enable developers to drag font, image or CSS files from their solution explorer and drop them right into the CSS file, which will auto-generate the correct CSS tag and file path.

我們也增強了對選取器層級4的 IntelliSense 支援,支援更多的選取器模式,讓開發人員更容易在其標記中加以執行。We also enhanced IntelliSense support for Selectors Level 4 that supports more selector patterns and makes it easier for developers to implement them in their markup.

若要深入瞭解 CSS 編輯器,請參閱 Visual Studio 2013 Web 編輯器功能-cssTo learn more about the CSS editor, see Visual Studio 2013 Web Editor Features - CSS.

HTML 和 JavaScript 開發HTML and JavaScript Development

在 Update 3 中,JavaScript 語言服務現在提供 RequireJS 模組的 IntelliSense 支援。With Update 3, the JavaScript language service now provides IntelliSense support for RequireJS modules.

ASP.NET 專案範本ASP.NET Project Templates

在 Update 3 中,新安裝的 ASP.NET 專案現在包含下列變更:With Update 3, new installed ASP.NET projects now include the following changes:

  • 針對 MVC 和 Web Form) ,在一個 ASP.NET 範本中新增雙因素驗證的支援 (。Added support for two-factor authentication in One ASP.NET templates (for both MVC and Web Forms).
  • ASP.NET Facebook 範本已移 出 [檔案 > 新增 > 專案 ] 對話方塊,並移至 [NuGet 資源庫] 中目前裝載的 (請參閱:) 。The ASP.NET Facebook Template has been moved out of the File > New > Project dialog and into the NuGet gallery where it is now hosted (see: Microsoft.AspNet.Facebook). 這可讓 Microsoft 在 Facebook 的 Api 變更時,對此範本進行快速變更。This allows Microsoft to make rapid changes to this template as Facebook's APIs change.

Web 平臺Web Platform

ASP.NET IdentityASP.NET Identity

Update 3 提供使用的新增支援,可讓您在登入時更輕鬆地新增雙因素驗證、帳戶鎖定和其他安全性功能。Update 3 provides added support for SignInManager, which makes it easier to add two-factor authentication, account lockout, and other security features when you log on.

Entity Framework 6.1。1Entity Framework 6.1.1

此更新包含 Entity Framework 6.1.1。This update includes Entity Framework 6.1.1.

WebDeploy 3。5WebDeploy 3.5

在 Update 3 中,WebDeploy 允許與 SQL Server 2014 整合。With Update 3, WebDeploy allows integration with SQL Server 2014. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 WebDeploy 3.5 RTWFor more information, see WebDeploy 3.5 RTW.


我們最近也推出了新版本的 ASP.NET、MVC 和 Web API。We also recently shipped new versions of ASP.NET, MVC, and Web API. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱:For more information, see:

Azure 工具 Azure Tools

通知中樞Notification hubs

Windows Azure 通知中樞可讓您將行動推播通知從任何後端傳送到任何行動平臺。Windows Azure Notification Hubs allow you to send mobile push notifications from any backend to any mobile platform.

在 Update 3 中,推播通知 Wizard 現在可讓您將推播通知新增至您的 Windows Store 或電話應用程式, (包括從 .NET 行動服務和以 JavaScript 為基礎的行動服務) 的 WinRT、電話和通用專案。In Update 3, the Push Notification Wizard now allows you to add push notifications to your Windows Store or Phone app (including WinRT, Phone, and Universal projects) from .NET Mobile Services as well as JavaScript-based Mobile Services. 不支援 Windows Phone Silverlight 專案。Windows Phone Silverlight projects are not supported.

通知中樞現在會顯示已註冊要接收通知的裝置清單。The Notification hub now displays a list of devices that are registered to receive notifications. 中樞也可讓您編輯註冊並刪除裝置。The hub also allows you to edit the registrations and delete the devices.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱: (Azure 檔) 的通知中樞 For more information, see: Notification Hubs (Azure Documentation).

Azure Web 工作: PublishingSupportAzure Web Jobs: PublishingSupport

使用 Update 3,您現在可以將標準主控台專案新增至您的 Visual Studio 解決方案,並將其發佈至 Azure 網站,以持續、觸發或排程的 Webjob。With Update 3, you can now add standard console projects to your Visual Studio solutions and publish them to Azure Websites as either continuous, triggered, or scheduled WebJobs.

此外,您也可以直接從方案總管將主控台專案發佈至 Azure 網站。In addition, console projects can be published directly from the Solution Explorer as WebJobs to Azure Websites.

ASP.NET Web API 專案ASP.NET Web API projects

您現在可以在 [ 新增專案 ] 對話方塊中布建行動服務,而不是在建立專案之後加入服務。You can now provision a mobile service in the New Project dialog, instead of adding the service after you create the project.

C + + C++

/Zo 編譯器參數/Zo Compiler Switch

/Zo 是編譯器參數,可針對 (非 /od 組建) 的優化程式碼產生更豐富的偵錯工具。/Zo is a compiler switch that generates richer debugging information for optimized code (non /Od builds). 這包括改善對本機變數的偵錯工具支援。This includes improved support for debugging local variables. (最小版本:快速) (Minimum edition: Express)

圖形診斷 Graphics Diagnostics

我們改進了 Visual Studio 圖形診斷工具 ,可診斷 DirectX 應用程式中的圖形呈現和效能問題。We improved the Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostic tool that diagnoses graphics rendering and performance issues in DirectX apps. 當您使用此工具來捕捉畫面時,您現在可以檢查圖形事件、著色器程式碼、圖形管線階段、資源和裝置狀態。When you use this tool to capture frames, you can now inspect graphics events, shader code, graphics pipeline stages, resources, and device state. (最小版本: Express for Windows) (Minimum edition: Express for Windows)

在 Update 3 RTM 中,當您分析剛剛在目前的診斷會話中捕捉的畫面格,或從磁片開啟現有的 vsglog 時,就會啟動 Visual Studio 圖形分析器 IDE。In Update 3 RTM, you launch the Visual Studio Graphics Analyzer IDE when you analyze the frames you just captured in the current diagnostics session, or when you open an existing .vsglog from disk. 這可提供您檢查圖形資訊的專用空間,而不會與您的一般 Visual Studio 視窗重迭。This gives you a dedicated space for inspecting graphics information without overlapping with your regular Visual Studio windows.

您現在可以在 [ 工具/選項 ] 頁面中指定下列不同的圖形診斷選項:You can now specify the following different Graphics Diagnostics options in the Tools/Options page:

  • 在捕獲期間收集呼叫堆疊Collect call stacks during capture
  • 只針對繪製呼叫或針對所有 API 呼叫收集呼叫堆疊Collect call stacks only for draw calls or for all API calls
  • 停用抬頭顯示器 (在捕捉期間顯示) Disable HUD (head-up display) during capture
  • 在相容性模式中捕捉。Capture in compatibility mode. 在相容性模式中,應用程式不會使用硬體特定的功能,因此可以在不同的 Gpu 上播放該 capture。In compatibility mode, apps do not use hardware-specific capabilities, so that capture can be played back on different GPUs.

在 Update 3 RTM 中,您可以編輯著色器程式碼,並立即將變更套用至 vsglog 檔案,讓您可以查看變更的影響,而不需要重新執行應用程式。In Update 3 RTM, you can edit shader code and immediately apply the changes to the .vsglog file, so you can see the impact of your changes without having to re-run the app. 您可以在 [著色器編輯器] 視窗中,按一下 [ 圖元歷程記錄 ] 視窗或 [ 管線階段 ] 視窗中的著色器檔案名,以開啟任何著色器檔案。You can open any shader files in the shader editor window by clicking on the shader file name in the Pixel History window or the Pipeline Stages window.

如需有關圖形診斷更新的詳細資訊,請參閱 Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RC 中的圖形診斷For more information about Graphics Diagnostics updates, see Graphics Diagnostics in Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RC.

Application Insights Application Insights

Update 3 的 Application Insights 處於預覽狀態。Application Insights is in preview for Update 3.

Visual Studio Online 的 Application Insights 是用來監視已部署的應用程式。Application Insights for Visual Studio Online is used to monitor your deployed applications. 它可以監視 web 應用程式、Windows 儲存區和 Windows Phone 應用程式。It can monitor web apps, Windows Store, and Windows Phone apps. 使用 Update 3 中所包含 Visual Studio Application Insights 工具,將下列監視新增至您的專案:Use the Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio included in Update 3 to add the following monitoring to your project:

  • 瞭解使用者如何使用您的應用程式,讓您可以將開發工作集中在最有用的地方。Find out what users are doing with your app, so that you can focus your development work where it's most useful.
  • 確保您的 Web 服務可用且迅速回應。Make sure your web service is available and responsive.
  • 快速診斷 Web 服務中的任何效能問題或例外。Quickly diagnose any performance issues or exceptions in your web service.
  • 當使用者下載並使用您的應用程式時,您會在 Application Insights 入口網站中看到統計資料。When people download and use your app, you will see statistical data in the Application Insights portal.

ClickOnce 部署 ClickOnce Deployment

在 ClickOnce 中允許 .NET 4.0 上的 SHA-256 憑證Allow SHA-256 certificates on .NET 4.0 in ClickOnce

在此更新之前,只要針對以 ClickOnce 或 Visual Studio Tools for Office 增益集發行的桌面應用程式使用 SHA-256 程式碼簽署憑證時,用戶端電腦上就必須有 .NET Framework 4.5。如果您過去曾使用過 SHA-256 程式碼簽署憑證,並且看到「應用程式格式不正確」、「資訊清單可能無效」、「資訊清單 XML 簽章無效」或「無法為提供的簽章演算法建立 SignatureDescription」等錯誤。Before this update, .NET Framework 4.5 had to be present on the client machine whenever a SHA-256 code-signing certificate was used for desktop applications published with ClickOnce or Visual Studio Tools for Office add-ins. If you have used SHA-256 code-signing certificates in the past, and have seen errors like "The application is improperly formatted", "The manifest may not be valid", "Manifest XML signature is not valid", or "SignatureDescription could not be created for the signature algorithm supplied".

在 Update 3 中,開發人員現在可以使用 SHA-256 程式碼簽署憑證,即使是以 .NET 4.0 和更低版本為目標的應用程式,也應該解決重新發佈和新發佈的桌面應用程式的問題。With Update 3, developers can now use SHA-256 code-signing certificates even for applications that target .NET 4.0 and lower that should resolve the problem for re-published and newly published desktop applications. (最小版本:快速) (Minimum edition: Express)

SharePoint 應用程式 SharePoint Apps

不再允許新的自動裝載應用程式New autohosted apps no longer allowed

因為 Office 365 自動裝載應用程式預覽計畫于6月30日結束,所以已從 SharePoint 應用程式建立體驗中移除自動裝載的選項。The Autohosted option is removed from the SharePoint app creation experience, because the Office 365 Autohosted Apps Preview program ended on June 30. SharePoint store 不再接受新的 SharePoint 自動裝載應用程式。New autohosted apps for SharePoint are no longer accepted by the SharePoint store. 現有的自動裝載應用程式不會受到影響,而且目前在服務中執行的應用程式也不會關閉。Existing autohosted apps are not affected, and apps that are currently running in the service will not be shut down. (最小版本: Professional) (Minimum edition: Professional)

如需詳細資訊,請參閱自動裝載 的應用程式預覽計畫更新For more information, see Update on Autohosted Apps Preview program.

其他變更: Bug 修正和已知問題 Other Changes: Bug Fixes and Known Issues

如需此版本的技術改進、bug 修正及已知問題的完整說明,請參閱知識庫文章 描述的 Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RTMFor a complete description of technology improvements, bug fixes and known issues in this release see the KB article Description of Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RTM.

多重裝置混合式應用程式 CTP 2.0 版本 Multi-Device Hybrid Apps CTP 2.0 release

您可以使用多重裝置混合式應用程式 CTP 2.0 版本,使用 JavaScript 或 TypeScript 針對 iOS、Android、Windows Store 和 Windows Phone 使用適用于 Apache Cordova 的 Update 3 版工具來建立行動應用程式。You can use the Multi-device Hybrid Apps CTP 2.0 release to build mobile apps using JavaScript or TypeScript for iOS, Android, Windows Store, and Windows Phone using the Update 3 version of tooling for Apache Cordova. (最小版本: Professional) (Minimum edition: Professional)

其中一些新功能如下:Some of the new features are:

  • 數百個 bug 修正的跨面板品質、可靠性和效能改善Across-the-board quality, reliability, and performance improvements with hundreds of bug fixes
  • SDK 支援更廣泛的作業系統,包括 Windows 7、Windows 8 和 Windows Server 2012 R2SDK support for a wider range of operating system including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • 支援使用 jsHybugger 來對 Android 目標4.4 進行偵錯工具 <Support for debugging Android targets < 4.4 using jsHybugger
  • 相容性檢查工具可讓您定期檢查協力廠商工具鏈相依性的正確安裝和設定,以協助您維持狀況良好的開發人員環境 (例如 JAVA、Android SDK) Compatibility Checker helps you maintain a healthy developer environment by regularly checking for the proper installation and configuration of 3rd party tool chain dependencies (e.g. Java, Android SDK)

若要深入瞭解,請參閱: Apache Cordova 支援 Windows 7 的工具更新To learn more, see: Apache Cordova Tooling Update with Support for Windows 7.

Azure SDK 2.4 RTM 版本 Azure SDK 2.4 RTM Release

Azure SDK 2.4 RTM 版本包含用來管理虛擬機器設定的工具,並為在虛擬機器上執行的32位應用程式設定遠端偵錯程式,以及用來布建 Geo-Redundant 儲存體的工具。The Azure SDK 2.4 RTM release includes tools to manage virtual machine configuration and set up remote debugging for 32-bit applications running on virtual machines, and tools to provision Geo-Redundant Storage.

在此版本中,伺服器總管現在在虛擬機器的內容功能表上有 [ 設定 ] 選項。In this release, Server Explorer now has a Configure option on the context menu for virtual machines. 您可以使用此屬性來查看和編輯虛擬機器的內容、設定端點、新增及設定擴充功能,以及建立虛擬機器快照集。You can use this to view and edit properties of the virtual machine, set up endpoints, add and configure extensions, and create virtual machine snapshots.

您也可以從相同的操作功能表設定32位虛擬機器的遠端偵錯程式。You can also set up remote debugging for 32-bit virtual machines from the same context menu.

Read-Access Geo-Redundant 儲存體 (GRS) 可提供已複寫至次要位置之資料的唯讀存取權,讓您的儲存體帳戶獲得更佳的讀取可用性。Read-Access Geo-Redundant Storage (RA-GRS) gives you better read availability for your storage account by providing read-only access to the data that has been replicated to the secondary location. 當您從 Visual Studio 建立儲存體帳戶時,您現在可以選取 [GRS] 作為 [冗余] 選項。You can now select RA-GRS as a redundancy option when you create a storage account from Visual Studio.

您可以在這裡取得 Azure SDK 2.4 版本:You can get the Azure SDK 2.4 release here:

如需此版本的詳細資訊,請參閱: AZURE SDK for .net 2.4 版本資訊 (MSDN) For more information about this release, see: Azure SDK for .NET 2.4 Release Notes (MSDN).

IntelliTrace 獨立收集器 IntelliTrace Standalone Collector

獨立的 IntelliTrace 收集器提供更實際的替代方式,可在生產環境中對應用程式進行遠端偵錯程式。The standalone IntelliTrace collector provides a more practical alternative to remote debugging an application in production. 您可以透過將應用程式儲存至 .itrace 檔案,並使用 Visual Studio 在本機開發電腦上播放應用程式,以在遠端電腦上記錄應用程式的執行。You can use the collector to record the execution of your application on a remote machine by saving it into an .itrace file and playing it back on your local development machine with Visual Studio.

如需收集器的詳細資訊,請參閱 使用獨立收集器收集 Visual Studio 以外的 IntelliTrace 資料For more information about the collector, see Collect IntelliTrace Data Outside Visual Studio with the Standalone Collector.

您可以在這裡下載 IntelliTrace 獨立收集器的 RTM 版本: IntelliTrace Collector for Visual Studio Update 3You can download the RTM release of the IntelliTrace Standalone Collector here: IntelliTrace Collector for Visual Studio Update 3.

Windows Phone 8.1 更新模擬器 Windows Phone 8.1 Update Emulators

您現在可以從 Windows Phone 8.1 更新模擬器下載新的模擬器套件。The new emulator package is now available to be downloaded from the Windows Phone 8.1 Update Emulators.

Visual Studio 2013 版本Visual Studio 2013 Releases

您可以查看 Visual Studio 2013 版本資訊的所有版本:You can view all versions of Visual Studio 2013 release notes:

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