Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 (2013.5) 版本資訊Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 (2013.5) Release Notes


這不是 Visual Studio 的最新版本。This is not the latest version of Visual Studio. 若要下載最新版本,請瀏覽 Visual Studio 2017 的最新版本資訊To download the latest release, please visit the current release notes for Visual Studio 2017.


所有舊版的 Apache Cordova 工具皆與 Update 5 不相容。All prior releases of the Tools for Apache Cordova are incompatible with Update 5. 如果您先前曾安裝 Apache Cordova 工具 CTP 延伸模組,您必須先將該延伸模組解除安裝,再安裝 Visual Studio 2013 Update 5。If you have previously installed a Tools for Apache Cordova CTP extension, you must uninstall that extension before installing Visual Studio 2013 Update 5. 如果您需要 Apache Cordova 支援,建議您試用 Visual Studio 2015If you require Apache Cordova support, we encourage you to try Visual Studio 2015.

下載 Visual Studio 2013Download Visual Studio 2013

您可前往 下載舊版 Visual Studio。這是以訂用帳戶為基礎的網站,但任何人都能建立免費的 Dev Essentials 訂用帳戶。Downloads for earlier versions of Visual Studio are available on This is a subscription-based site, but anyone can create a free Dev Essentials subscription. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Dev Essentials 頁面。Please see the Dev Essentials page for more information.

發行日期:2015 年 7 月 20 日Released Date: July 20, 2015

本版新功能What's New in this Release

從全球 Azure 資料中心進行雲端式負載測試Cloud-based load testing from Azure datacenters worldwide

使用 Visual Studio Team Foundation 服務,設定執行負載測試所需的基礎結構變得更為容易︰現在,您可以從全球任何受支援的 Azure 資料中心執行雲端式負載測試。Setting up the infrastructure required to run load testing by using the Visual Studio Team Foundation Service just got easier: Now, you can perform cloud-based load testing from any of the supported Azure datacenters around the world.

深入了解選擇負載測試位置Learn more about choosing a location for your load test.

目前反覆項目查詢語彙基元Current iteration query token

您現在可於 Visual Studio Online 或 Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 使用 @currentIteration語彙基元在 Visual Studio 中執行查詢。You now can run queries in Visual Studio with the @currentIteration token on Visual Studio Online or Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015.

本機工作區的 Team 專案重新命名支援Team Project Rename support for Local Workspaces

已包含的功能可在重新命名 Team 專案之後更新本機工作區We've included the ability to update local workspaces after a team project is renamed. 執行取得或簽入作業將會自動校正工作區對應,使其使用新的 Team 專案名稱。Performing a get or check-in will automatically correct the workspace mapping so that it uses the new team project name.

深入了解重新命名 Team 專案Learn more about renaming a team project.

Bug 修正Bug Fixes


  • 現在支援在 9.3 版硬體上擷取深度換衝區。Capturing depth buffers on version 9.3 hardware is now supported. 這樣可支援針對在 Windows Phone 上執行的 Unity 型應用程式進行圖形化偵錯。This enables support for graphics debugging Unity-based applications that run on Windows Phone.

Visual Studio IDEVisual Studio IDE

  • 通知中樞中的重大通知可能會指出您必須取得或更新開發人員授權。A critical notification in the Notification Hub may indicate that you must obtain or renew a developer license. 若關閉此通知並開啟另一個專案,該重大通知會再次出現。If you dismiss this notice, and then you open another project, the critical notification appears again.
  • 當您建置需要 WinRT 註冊的 Windows 市集應用程式時,在執行階段不會再收到 System.TypeLoadException 例外狀況。When you build a Windows Store application that requires WinRT registrations, you no longer receive the System.TypeLoadException exception at runtime.
  • 假設您已在 Windows 10 Insider Preview 上將預設瀏覽器設定為 Spartan。Assume that you have set your default browser to Spartan on Windows 10 Insider Preview. 當您在關鍵字上或工具視窗中按下 F1 時,可能會發現所有線上說明呼叫現在會失敗,而且您無法檢視任何線上說明內容。When you press F1 on a keyword or a tool window, you may find all online help calls now fail and you cannot get to any online help content.
  • 若您先前已連線到另一個集合,則除非重新啟動 Visual Studio,否則您將無法存取分支內容。When you have been previously connected to another collection, you could not branch unless Visual Studio is restarted. 此更新已解決此問題。With this Update this issue no longer exists.
  • 安裝此更新之後,當您嘗試將一組擱置中的變更簽入到先前已重新命名的 Team 專案時,再也不會看到無用的訊息。With this update, you will no longer see an unhelpful message after attempting to check in a set of pending changes to a team project that was previously renamed.
  • 伺服器工作區中再也不會遺失用戶端擱置中變更的某些編輯內容。Some edits are no longer lost in your server workspace for pending changes in the client.

Team Foundation ServerTeam Foundation Server

  • 當您使用 Team Explorer 開啟名稱中包含太多 Unicode 字元的 SharePoint 文件時,再也不會發生錯誤。SharePoint documents that have names that contains too many Unicode characters no longer open incorrectly when you try to open them by using Team Explorer.
  • 在 Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 4 中,當您處於專案關係人授權層級時,便無法使用 Feedback Client 提交意見反應。In Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 4, you cannot submit feedback by using Feedback Client when you are at the stakeholder license level. 不過,在 Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 5 中,當您處於專案關係人授權層級時,則可以使用 Feedback Client 提交意見反應。However, in Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 5, you can submit feedback by using Feedback Client when you are at the stakeholder license level.
  • 當您與另一個使用者同時在「Web 存取」中變更工作項目時,您再也不會遇到下列問題:When you change a work item simultaneously with another user in Web Access, you no longer experience one of the following issues:
    • 工作項目成功儲存。A work item is saved successfully. 不過,若您變更 [狀態] 欄位並將 [原因] 欄位設定為非預設值時,[原因] 欄位值會還原為預設值。However, if you changed the State field and you set the Reason field to a non-default value, the Reason field value is reverted to the default.
    • 工作項目未儲存,且您看到「欄位 '狀態' 不能是空的」錯誤訊息。A work item is not saved and you receive a "Field 'State' cannot be empty" error message.
  • 當您的資料只有空格的差異時 (例如,"Debug" 與 "Debug "),您再也不會無法使用倉儲。You are no longer blocked from using the warehouse when you have data that is identical except for differences in white space (for example, "Debug" and "Debug ").
  • 在具有先前已刪除之子資料夾的循環重新命名資料夾的 prc_PendMerge 無限迴圈中,tf merge 命令再也不會凍結。The tf merge command no longer freezes in an infinite loop in prc_PendMerge for cyclically renamed folders that have previously deleted subfolders.
  • 身為 Git 使用者,您現在可以針對 TFS 執行個體上裝載的 Git 存放庫執行標註標籤的表層複製 (Shallow Clone)。As a Git user, you can now perform a shallow clone of an annotate tag against a Git repo that is hosted on a TFS instance.
  • 具有 DateTime 欄位且其值不在目前日光節約時間期間之內的工作項目再也不會錯誤地出現在「Web 存取」中。Work Items that have DateTime field values that are entered outside of the current daylight saving time period no longer appear incorrectly in Web Access.
  • 當您使用 TFS 備份工具還原資料庫備份時,若 SQL Server 已針對不同的位置設定,記錄檔 (.ldf) 與資料檔 (.mdf) 再也不會還原到相同的位置。When you restore database backups by using TFS backup tool, both the log file (.ldf) and data file (.mdf) are no longer restored to same location if SQL Server is set for different locations.
  • 已針對報告改進效能,例如「組建成功率」、「待執行工作儀表板」、「待執行工作和完工速率」與「劇本概觀」。New performance improvements are made for reports such as "Build success over time," "Burndown dashboard," "Burndown and burn rate," and "Stories overview."
  • 當您下載遠端存放庫中的變更時,您的設定檔再也不會被特別設計的檔案所取代。When you download changes in a remote repository, your configuration file is no longer replaced by a specially crafted file. 您的設定檔存在於存放庫之外。Your configuration file resides outside the repository. 使用有問題的檔案取代此檔案,攻擊者便能重新對應 Git 命令,以執行在您的認證下執行的任意命令。By replacing this file with a bad file, the Git commands could be remapped in order to execute arbitrary commands that run under your credentials. 在此情況下,有問題的檔案會被放入 Git 存放庫。In this situation, a bad file could be introduced to the Git repository.
  • 若您有檢視事件的權限,現在就可以在小組訂閱的建立者沒有檢視事件的權限時接收小組通知。If you have permission to view events, you can now receive team notifications if the creator of the team subscription does not have permission to view those events.
  • 我們已改進在「Web 存取」中使用 TFS 的效能。We have improved the performance when you use TFS in Web Access.
  • 現在會以更好的方式顯示已釘選的圖表。Pinned charts are now better displayed. 圖例再也不會被隱藏,而且圖表會對齊得更好。The legend is no longer hidden and there is a better alignment of the charts.
  • 工作項目上與其附件和工作項目連結相關的特定規則現在可以正確執行。Certain rules on work items that are related to their attachments and work item links now run correctly.
  • 若您的工具會防止 COM 在 CLR 啟動期間註冊 (例如 Fusion 記錄),您現在可以停用提取要求,以允許 「工作代理程式」正常執行。If you have a tool that prevents COM from registration during CLR startup (like Fusion logging), you can now disable pull requests in order to allow the Job Agent to run normally.

已知問題Known Issues



請仔細依照本節中的步驟執行。Follow the steps in this section carefully. 如果您不當修改登錄,可能會發生嚴重的問題。Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. 修改之前,請備份登錄以便在發生問題時還原Before you modify it, back up the registry for restoration in case problems occur.

適用於 Internet Explorer 的 WebTest 錄製器外掛程式在嘗試從 Visual Studio 錄製 Web 效能測試時無法載入。The WebTest recorder plug-in for Internet Explorer does not load when it tries to record a web performance test from Visual Studio. 若要解決此問題,請刪除下列登錄機碼︰To work around this issue, delete the following registry keys:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Discardable\PostSetup\Component CategoriesHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Discardable\PostSetup\Component Categories
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Discardable\PostSetup\Component Categories64HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Discardable\PostSetup\Component Categories64

單元測試Unit Testing

從舊版升級到 Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 時,您可能會發現現有的單元測試應用程式 (Windows Phone) Visual C# 專案無法建置。When you upgrade to Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 from an earlier version, you may found the existing Unit Test Application (Windows Phone) Visual C# projects will not build. 若要解決此問題,請修復 Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 安裝。To work around this issue, repair the Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 installation.

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