Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 版本資訊歷程記錄Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Release Notes History

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按一下這個按鈕以下載最新版的 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac。Click the button to download the latest version of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac. 如需設定與安裝的相關指示,請參閱設定與安裝 Visual Studio for Mac 文件。For instructions on setup and install, see the Setup and Install Visual Studio for Mac documentation.

Download Visual Studio 2017 for Mac

若要深入了解 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac,請參閱 Mac 系統需求Mac 平台目標及相容性To learn more about Visual Studio 2017 for Mac, see Mac System Requirements and Mac Platform Targeting and Compatibility.

若要深入了解其他相關下載,請參閱下載頁面To learn more about other related downloads, see the Downloads page.

目前版本資訊Current Release Notes

封存的 7.x 版版本資訊Archived version 7.x Release Notes

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