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本文包含 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 版本 7.1 最新版本的相關資訊。This article contains information about the newest release for Visual Studio 2017 for Mac version 7.1.

使用 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 建置下列項目的應用程式:行動裝置、Web 與使用 Xamarin 和 .NET Core 的雲端,以及使用 Unity 的遊戲。Use Visual Studio 2017 for Mac to build apps for mobile, web, and the cloud with Xamarin and .NET Core, as well as games with Unity.

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若要深入了解 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac,請參閱 Mac 系統需求Mac 平台目標及相容性To learn more about Visual Studio 2017 for Mac, see Mac System Requirements and Mac Platform Targeting and Compatibility.

若要深入了解其他相關下載,請參閱下載頁面。To learn more about other related downloads, see the Downloads page.


請提供您的意見!We’d love to hear from you! 您可以透過 Visual Studio for Mac IDE 本身右上角的回報問題選項來回報問題。You can report a problem via the Report a Problem option in the upper right hand corner of the Visual Studio for Mac IDE itself. 您可在開發人員社群入口網站追蹤您的意見反應。You can track your feedback in the Developer Community portal. 如需建議,請透過 UserVoice 告訴我們。For suggestions, let us know through UserVoice.

發行日期:2017 年 9 月 19 日 - Visual Studio for Mac Date: September 19, 2017 - Visual Studio for Mac

此版本新增了針對 Apple Xcode 9 版本的支援。This release adds support for Apple's Xcode 9 release.

發行日期:2017 年 9 月 11 日 - Visual Studio for Mac Date: September 11, 2017 - Visual Studio for Mac

此版本修正了下列問題︰This release fixes the following issue:

發行日期:2017 年 8 月 14 日 - Visual Studio for Mac Date: August 14, 2017 - Visual Studio for Mac

此版本聚焦於 Bug 修正,並引進下列新功能:This release focused on bug fixes and introduces the following new features:

  • 使用 .NET Core 2.0 建置應用程式的支援。Support for building applications using .NET Core 2.0.
  • iOS 簽署工作流程更新。iOS signing workflow updates.

.NET Core 2 支援.NET Core 2 support

Visual Studio for Mac 支援建置 .NET Core 2.0 應用程式,包含程式庫、主控台應用程式,以及使用 ASP.NET Core 的 Web 應用程式和服務。Visual Studio for Mac supports building .NET Core 2.0 applications, including libraries, console apps, as well as web applications and services with ASP.NET Core.

請注意,透過個別下載來安裝 .NET Core 2.0 SDK,以在 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 版本 7.1 中開發 .NET Core 2.0。Note that the .NET Core 2.0 SDK needs to be installed via a separate download to enable .NET Core 2.0 development in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Version 7.1. 您可以在 取得它。You can get it at Visual Studio 啟用多個 .NET Core SDK 的並存支援。Visual Studio enables side-by-side support of multiple .NET Core SDKs. 這也表示同時使用最新公開版本進行開發時,您可以試驗 .NET Core SDK 的最新每日組建。This also means you can experiment with the latest daily build of the .NET Core SDK, while also developing with the latest public releases.

iOS 簽署工作流程更新iOS signing workflow updates

這個版本引進建立 iOS 和 tvOS 應用程式之必要簽署構件的能力。This release introduces the ability to create required signing artifacts for iOS and tvOS apps. 您可以使用 Visual Studio for Mac:With Visual Studio for Mac, it's possible to:

  • 建立新的簽署身分識別,然後將它們安裝至本機 Keychain。Create new signing identities and install them to the local Keychain.
  • 建立新的佈建設定檔。Create new Provisioning Profiles.
  • 將新的簽署身分識別新增至現有設定檔。Add a new signing identity to an existing profile.
  • 佈建新的裝置:在 Apple Developer 入口網站中註冊裝置,並將它們新增至佈建設定檔。Provision new devices: register a device in the Apple Developer Portal and add them to a provisioning profile.

若要試用這些新的簽署功能,請以滑鼠右鍵按一下您的專案,然後瀏覽至 [選項] > [iOS 套件組合簽署]。To try out these new signing features right-click on your project and browse to Options > iOS Bundle Signing.

使用簽署身分識別區段Using the Signing Identity section

簽署之前,您必須滿足下列條件:Before signing, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • 有效憑證 (未撤銷) 會顯示在 Apple Developer 入口網站的 [憑證] 區段中。A valid certificate (not revoked) is displayed on the Apple Developer Portal in the "Certificates" section.
  • 憑證是針對選取的小組/開發人員所發行。The certificate is issued for selected team/developer.
  • 憑證和私密金鑰都應該安裝在本機 Keychain 中。Both certificate and private key should be installed in your local Keychain.
  • 憑證不應該過期。Certificate should not be expired.

如果目前的電腦上沒有任何身分識別,請使用下拉式清單中的 [建立簽署識別] 選項。Use Create signing identity... option of the dropdown if no identities are available on your current machine.

使用佈建設定檔區段Using the Provisioning Profile section

若要顯示在 [佈建設定檔] 下拉式清單中,設定檔必須滿足下列條件:In order to be shown in the "Provisioning Profile" drop-down profile must satisfy the following criteria:

  • 未過期。Not expired.
  • 有效 (包括已註冊的裝置和有效憑證)。Valid (include registered devices and valid certificates).
  • 符合目前的散發類型 (根據頂端的參數,為 [偵錯] 或 [發行])。Match current distribution type (Debug or Release based on switches at the top).
  • 符合套件組合識別碼。Match bundle identifier. 具有相符模式的萬用字元設定檔也會顯示在這份清單中。Wild card profiles with a matching pattern will be also displayed in this list.

如果找不到任何設定檔,請使用下拉式清單中的 [建立佈建設定檔...] 項目。Use Create provisioning profile... item of the dropdown if no profiles were found.

如果您需要切換回舊版的簽署控制項,並手動設定佈建設定檔和簽署身分識別,請將小組設定為 [無]。If you need to switch back to the previous version of signing controls, and set the provisioning profile and signing identity manually, set the team to None. 新的簽署控制項將會取代為舊的簽署控制項。New signing controls will be replaced with old ones. 不過,強烈建議您嘗試新功能,並在發生任何問題時提供意見反應。However, we strongly encourage you to try new functionality and provide us with feedback in case of any problems.


  • 在 Visual Studio for Mac 中建立的佈建設定檔將不會考慮您專案中所選取的權利 (Entitlements.plist)。Provisioning profiles created in Visual Studio for Mac will not take into account entitlements selected in your projects (Entitlements.plist). 在未來的 IDE 版本中,將會新增這項功能。This functionality will be added in future versions of the IDE.
  • 散發佈建設定檔預設會以 App Store 為目標。Distribution provisioning profiles by default will target App Store. 內部作業或臨機操作設定檔應該手動予以建立。In House or Ad Hoc profiles should be created manually.

此版本中的修正Fixes in this release

Android SDK ManagerAndroid SDK Manager

  • Android SDK Manager 現在已整合至 Visual Studio Preferences,而不是外部應用程式。Android SDK Manager is now integrated within Visual Studio Preferences instead of being an external application.
  • 已修正︰在中止安裝之後,Android SDK Manager 顯示錯誤的元件狀態。Fixed: The Android SDK Manager shows the wrong component status after an aborted installation.
  • 已修正︰如果有更新會導致意外解除安裝元件,則已安裝但未選取 Android SDK 工具。Fixed: Android SDK Tools installed but not selected if update is available which can result in the component being uninstalled unintentionally.
  • 已修正︰如果未進行任何 SDK 元件變更,則不會儲存預設 Android SDK 位置。Fixed: Default Android SDK location is not saved if no SDK component changes have been made.

效能改善Performance Improvements

  • 改善文件中的開啟、轉譯、鍵入效能。Improved performance for opening, rendering, typing in a document.
  • 最佳化鍵入時完成的背景工作。Optimized background work done while typing.
  • 改善開啟解決方案的載入時間。Improved load time of opening a solution.
  • 將載入搜尋列結果最佳化。Optimized loading the search bar results.
  • 最佳化大量來源分析規則。Optimized a lot of source analysis rules.
  • 最佳化 UI 工作的低階程式碼。Optimized the low level code of the UI work.
  • 已修正會造成 IDE 記憶體使用量隨著時間不斷成長的問題。Fixed issues that would cause the memory usage of the IDE to grow over time.
  • 最佳化程式碼完成、參數提示、語意醒目提示。Optimized code completion, parameter hinting, semantic highlighting.
  • 最佳化解決方案面板中的資料夾展開 - 包含數百個項目的資料夾特別明顯。Optimized folder expansion in the solution pad - noticeable with folders which contain hundreds of items.
  • 最佳化第一次執行和後續執行的 IDE 啟動時間。Optimized IDE startup time for both the first run and subsequent runs.
  • 一般情況下,最佳化使用 IDE 的 CPU 使用量和記憶體流量。In general, optimized CPU usage and memory traffic for using the IDE.

其他改善Other Improvements

  • 已改善:我們已更新要用於受 Proxy 保護之系統上的身分識別服務。Improved: We have updated the identity service for use on systems behind a proxy. 這將會從 Keychain 取得驗證詳細資料或提示輸入它們。This will get the authentication details from the keychain or prompt for them. 如果您先前登入時已發生問題,請再試一次,並將您的任何意見反應傳送給我們,讓我們繼續改善 Proxy 的支援。If you have been having issues signing in previously please try again and send us any feedback you have so that we continue to improve support for proxies.
  • 已修正︰條件約束優先順序會在 [屬性] 面板中顯示 0;無法從 [設計工具] 快顯視窗設定。Fixed: Constraint Priority displays 0 in Properties pad; cannot be set from Designer pop-up.
  • 已修正︰新增可指定 F# 專案之平台目標的能力。Fixed: Add the ability to specify the Platform Target for F# projects.
  • 已修正︰未使用的命名空間程式碼問題未正確地處理 FSharp.Core 命名空間。Fixed: Unused namespaces code issue doesn't handle FSharp.Core namespaces correctly.
  • 已修正︰許多 [新增檔案] 對話方塊/字串都未當地語系化。Fixed: Many "New file" dialogs/strings are unlocalized.
  • 已修正︰[新增解決方案] 對話方塊未當地語系化。Fixed: "New Solution" dialogs are unlocalized.
  • 已修正︰在 [Configure your new Single View App] (設定新的單一檢視應用程式) 對話方塊中,文字遭到截斷。Fixed: Text is truncated in the "Configure your new Single View App" dialog.
  • 已修正︰Nuget 精靈工具提示會顯示 XML 字元參考 '''。Fixed: Nuget Wizard tooltip is showing xml character reference '''.
  • 已修正︰暫停更新時,更新程式工具提示是空的。Fixed: Updater tooltip is empty when updates are paused.
  • 已修正︰在 VSTS 上更新 Git 存放庫因「Null 使用者名稱或密碼」而失敗。Fixed: Update git repo on VSTS fails with "null username or password".
  • 已修正︰第一次使用時重構 "nameof" 案例錯誤。Fixed: Refactoring for the "nameof" scenario on first use is wrong.
  • 已修正︰有多個最近使用的專案時,歡迎頁面會遺失我最近使用的專案。Fixed: Welcome page keeps losing my recent project when there are many recent projects.
  • 已修正︰如果容器應用程式已啟用裝置特定建置,但延伸模組尚未啟用,則發生 iOS 建置錯誤。Fixed: iOS Build error if container app has device-specific builds enabled, while the extension does not.
  • 已修正︰區域變數的 C#6 字串插值沒有語法醒目提示。Fixed: Syntax Highlighting is not present with C#6 string interpolation for local variables.
  • 已修正︰在某些情況下,使用者無法啟動 Xamarin Inspector。Fixed: In some cases, users are unable to launch Xamarin Inspector.
  • 已修正︰以發行模式建置原生應用程式 (和 iOS) 時收到警告。Fixed: Getting Warnings while building the Native app (and iOS) in release mode.
  • 已修正︰.NET Core Class Library 以 .NET Standard 為目標,而非 netcoreapp。Fixed: .NET Core Class Library targets .NET Standard instead of netcoreapp.
  • 已修正︰將影片 (.png 或 .jpg) 新增至 iOS 分鏡腳本時,IDE 當機。Fixed: IDE crashes when adding an image (.png or .jpg) to an iOS Storyboard.
  • 已修正︰新增所有 Google Play Services 套件失敗,錯誤為 「System.AggregateException: 發生一或多項錯誤。Fixed: Adding all Google Play Services packages fails with "System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> System.ArgumentNullException: 值不可以是 Null。v 參數名稱: packageIdentity.Version」。---> System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.v Parameter name: packageIdentity.Version".
  • 已修正︰在 [正在載入] 時,快速修正右鍵子功能表當機。Fixed: Quick Fix right-click submenu gets stuck up on "Loading...".
  • 已修正︰下列情況時,檔案瀏覽器未顯示 SDK 位置:按一下 […]Fixed: The file browser is not displaying SDK Location when clicking “…” 檔案總管選項 (位於 Android SDK Manager 的 [位置] 索引標籤中)。file explorer option in Locations tab of the Android SDK Manager.
  • 已修正︰未編譯 F# .NET Core 專案。Fixed: F# .NET Core projects do not compile.
  • 已修正︰登入 MS 帳戶會提示輸入認證來存取 Proxy 伺服器。Fixed: Logging in to MS Account prompts for credentials to access proxy server
  • 已修正︰某些 F# 專案的 [尋找參考] 和 [尋找衍生的類型] 中的死結。Fixed: Deadlock in Find References and "Find Derived Types" for some F# projects.
  • 已修正︰嘗試在 Visual Studio for Mac 中新增 iOS 帳戶時,發生 Null 參考例外狀況。Fixed: Null Reference Exception when trying to add a new iOS account in Visual Studio for Mac.
  • 已修正︰將 .NET Standard 專案新增至現有解決方案/目錄結構時重寫/重新格式化磁碟上的「所有」原始程式碼。Fixed: Adding .NET Standard project to existing solution/directory structure rewrites/reformats all source code on disk.
  • 不需要安裝特定 .NET Core 版本 (Preview 2) 以使用 .NET Core 2.0。Removes a requirement to have a specific .NET Core version (preview 2) installed to use .NET Core 2.0. 現在支援更新 Preview 和 .NET Core RTW。Later previews and .NET Core RTW are now supported.

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