Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.3 版的版本資訊 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac version 7.3 Release Notes

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本文包含 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 最新版 (7.3 版) 的相關資訊。This article contains information about the newest release of Visual Studio 2017 for Mac, version 7.3.

使用 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 建置下列項目的應用程式:行動裝置、Web 與使用 Xamarin 和 .NET Core 的雲端,以及使用 Unity 的遊戲。Use Visual Studio 2017 for Mac to build apps for mobile, web, and the cloud with Xamarin and .NET Core, as well as games with Unity.

Download Visual Studio 2017 for Mac

若要深入了解 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac,請參閱 Mac 系統需求Mac 平台目標及相容性To learn more about Visual Studio 2017 for Mac, see Mac System Requirements and Mac Platform Targeting and Compatibility.

若要深入了解其他相關下載,請參閱下載頁面To learn more about other related downloads, see the Downloads page.

目前情況如何?How are we doing?

請提供您的意見!We’d love to hear from you! 您可以透過 Visual Studio for Mac IDE 的 回報問題選項來回報問題。You can report a problem via the Report a Problem option the Visual Studio for Mac IDE. 您可在開發人員社群入口網站追蹤您的意見反應。You can track your feedback in the Developer Community portal.

發行日期:2018 年 2 月 15 日 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.3 版 ( Date: February 15, 2018 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac version 7.3 (

本版已修正的問題Issues Fixed in this Release

這些是在此版本中解決的客戶回報問題:These are the customer-reported issues addressed in this release:

發行日期:2018 年 1 月 31 日 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.3 版 ( Date: January 31, 2018 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac version 7.3 (

本版已修正的問題Issues Fixed in this Release

這些是在此版本中解決的客戶回報問題:These are the customer-reported issues addressed in this release:

發行日期:2018 年 1 月 9 日 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.3 版 ( Date: January 9, 2018 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac version 7.3 (

本版已修正的問題Issues Fixed in this Release

此版本包含下列 Bug 修正:This release contains the following bug fix:

發行日期:2017 年 12 月 14 日 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.3 版 ( Date: December 14, 2017 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac version 7.3 (

本版已修正的問題Issues Fixed in this Release

這個版本包含 Bug 修正:This release contains bug fixes:


  • 根據預設,安裝程式目前會安裝最新的 .NET Core SDK 2.0.3。Installer now installs latest .NET Core SDK 2.0.3 by default.
  • 隱藏「元件」資料夾及為尚未新增元件之專案新增元件的功能。Hide “Components” folder and ability to add Components for projects that do not already have a Component added.

發行日期:2017 年 12 月 7 日 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.3 版 ( Date: December 7, 2017 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac version 7.3 (

本版已修正的問題Issues Fixed in this Release

此版本包含 Xcode 9.2 的支援。This release contains support for Xcode 9.2.

發行日期:2017 年 12 月 4 日 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.3 版 ( Date: December 4, 2017 - Visual Studio 2017 for Mac version 7.3 (


自動 iOS 簽署。Automatic iOS Signing.

此版本推出了 iOS 版 (以及 tvOS 版和 WatchOS 版) 的自動簽署,可大幅簡化佈建。This release introduces Automatic signing for iOS (and tvOS and WatchOS) to significantly simplify provisioning.

若要佈建 iOS 裝置,需要產生一些成品:To provision an iOS device there are a number of artifacts that need to be generated:

  • 開發人員簽署身分識別Developer Signing Identity
  • 應用程式識別碼 (包含必要的應用程式服務)App ID (with the required app services)
  • 包含 iOS 裝置 UDID 的佈建設定檔。A Provisioning Profile that contains the UDID of the iOS device.

有了自動簽署功能,Visual Studio for Mac 會嘗試為您產生這些成品,並會修改 .csproj 檔案,以使用這些檔案進行簽署。With the automatic signing feature Visual Studio for Mac will attempt to generate these artifacts for you and will modify the .csproj file to use these files for signing.

若要在 iOS 專案中啟用自動簽署,請開啟 Info.plist 編輯器,然後在 [簽署] 區段中選取您的 開發小組To enable automatic signing in your iOS project, open Info.plist editor, and select your development team in Signing section. 如果您沒有任何小組,請確定已透過 Apple 帳戶工具登入您的 Apple ID。If you do not have a team, ensure that you have signed in to your Apple ID via the Apple Account tool. 然後,進行 啟用自動簽署 的啟用:Then, enable Enable Automatic Signing:

Visual Studio for Mac 中的自動簽署選項

請務必注意,佈建專案的 所有 組態都將會設定為使用相同的憑證與設定檔。It's important to note that all configurations of the provisioned project will be set to use the same certificate and profile.

發生下列任一事件時,Visual Studio for Mac 會自動建立或更新憑證與設定檔:Visual Studio for Mac will automatically create or update certificates and profiles when any of the following events happen:

  • Info.plist 編輯器中已啟用自動簽章。Automatic signing is enabled in the Info.plist editor.

  • 實體裝置已連線。A physical device is connected.

  • Info.plist 中的套件組合識別碼已變更。The Bundle ID in Info.plist is changed.

  • 在 Entitlements.plist 中選取了支援的功能。A supported capability in Entitlements.plist is selected. 請注意,並非所有權利都會在此版本中觸發自動簽署。Note that not all entitlements trigger Automatic signing in this release. 目前支援下列權利:The following entitlements are currently supported:

    • HealthKitHealthKit
    • HomeKitHomeKit
    • 個人 VPNPersonal VPN
    • 無線配件組態Wireless Accessory Configuration
    • Inter-App 音訊Inter-App Audio
    • SiriKitSiriKit
    • 作用區Hotspot
    • 網路延伸Network Extensions
    • 多重路徑Multipath

    未來版本中將會新增其他權利的支援。Support for other entitlements will be added in future releases.

小組與開發人員身分識別喜好設定會儲存到 .userprefs,如此即可將其從原始檔控制中排除。Team and Developer identity preferences are saved to .userprefs so they can be excluded from source control.

iOS 設計工具iOS Designer

Visual Studio 7.3 推出了 iOS 設計工具的多項改善功能:Visual Studio 7.3 introduced a number of new improvements to the iOS Designer:

  • 新的底部工具列New Bottom Toolbar

    iOS 設計工具的底部工具列

    先前在文件工具列中的大小類別、檢視形式、方向以及縮放控制項皆已移除。The Size Class, View As, orientation, and zoom controls that were previously in the document toolbar have been removed. 此項功能已移至新的工具列,而該工具列已新增至文件區域的底部。This functionality has been moved to a new toolbar that has been added at the bottom of the document area.

    • 縮放控制項目前位於底部工具列的右方,功能仍與先前相同。The zoom controls are now at the right of the bottom toolbar and behave as they did previously.
      • 目前的檢視畫面則顯示於底部工具列的左方。The current view is displayed on the left of the bottom toolbar. 按一下它可展開新的大小類別 / 檢視形式列:Click this to expand the new Size Class / View As bar:
        • 展開時,該列會顯示適用於目前文件的所有裝置、方向及 (或) 調整。When expanded, the bar displays all devices, orientations, and/or adaptations applicable to the current document. 按一下這些才可變更設計介面上的檢視。Click on these to change the view on the design surface.
        • 啟用大小類別時,按鈕會出現在展開列的右端。When size classes are enabled, a button appears at the right side of the expanded bar. 按一下此按鈕可根據目前選取的裝置、方向及 (或) 調整進行變化。Click this button to create a variation based on the currently selected device, orientation, and/or adaptation.
  • 限制式模式Constraints Mode

    iOS 設計工具的新限制式工具列

    文件工具列上的新增和移除限制式按鈕已移除,改為推出新的限制式模式切換。The Add and Remove Constraints buttons on the document toolbar have been removed and a new Constraints Mode toggle has been introduced.

    • 您先前需再按一下設計介面上選取的檢視,才可進入限制式模式。Previously, you entered constraints mode by clicking again on a selected view on the design surface. 這項機制已改成在頂端文件工具列上有一個新的切換開關。That mechanism has been replaced by the new toggle switch on the top document toolbar.
    • 在限制式模式中時,頂端文件工具列中的從限制式更新框架按鈕,現則改成從框架更新限制式限制式。The Update Frames from Constraints button in the top document toolbar now becomes Update Constraints from Frames when in constraints mode.
  • 安全區域版面配置輔助線Safe Area Layout Guide

    目前支援於 iOS 11 推出的安全區域版面配置輔助線。The Safe Area Layout Guide, introduced in iOS 11, is now supported.

    • 您可在文件屬性下啟用安全區域版面配置輔助線 (當您按一下任何檢視控制器以外的設計介面時,即會顯示)。Safe Area Layout Guides can be enabled under document properties (visible when you click on the design surface outside of any view controller).
    • 當您啟用了安全區域版面配置輔助線時,頂端或底端版面配置輔助線的現有限制式會轉換為針對安全區域的限制式。When Safe Area Layout Guides are enabled, existing constraints to the top or bottom layout guides are converted into constraints against the safe area.
    • 如果停用了安全區域版面配置輔助線,安全區域的現有限制式則會轉換為頂端或底端版面配置輔助線的限制式。If Safe Area Layout Guides are disabled, existing constraints against the safe area are converted into constraints against the top or bottom layout guides.
  • Xcode 支援Xcode Support

    • 完全支援 Xcode 9.1。Xcode 9.1 is fully supported.
    • 目前支援的最低版本為 Xcode 8.0。The minimum supported version is now Xcode 8.0.


  • 新的資產目錄類型:ColorSet。New Asset Catalog type: ColorSet.

    • Xcode9 / iOS 11 支援已推出的 ColorSet 資產,其可讓使用者能定義要用於其應用程式中的自訂色彩。Xcode9 / iOS 11 supported introduced ColorSet assets, which allows users to define custom colors for use in their applications. 此版 Visual Studio for Mac 目前支援此功能。This release of Visual Studio for Mac now supports this feature.


  • 改善的部署錯誤。Improved deployment errors. 當使用者嘗試在發行模式中執行沒有可啟動活動的 Android 專案時,IDE 現在可加以攔截,並為使用者提供更具參考性的錯誤訊息。When the user tries to run an Android project with no launchable activity in Release mode the IDE now catches this and gives the user a more informative error message.

  • 回合組態提示。Run Configuration hints. 回合組態編輯器現在提供有關如何正確匯出活動、服務或廣播接收器的提示。The Run Configuration editor now provides hints about how to properly export an Activity, Service, or Broadcast Receiver.

  • 更新程式中的 SDK 管理員整合。Integration of SDK Manager in the updater. Visual Studio for Mac 更新程式可自動解決、下載及安裝 Android SDK 相依性。The Visual Studio for Mac Updater can resolve, download, and install Android SDK dependencies automatically. 如果 Xamarin.Android 更新相依於特定的 Android SDK 層級才可安裝,則清單中會顯示必要的 SDK 套件以及可用的更新,並會自動下載。If a Xamarin.Android update depends on a specific Android SDK level to be installed, the required SDK package will be shown in the list with available updates and downloaded automatically. 成功安裝完 Xamarin.Android 之後,更新程式應用程式會將先前下載的套件安裝在預設 Android SDK 位置。After the successful Xamarin.Android installation, the updater app will install the previously downloaded package at the default Android SDK location.

Android 設計工具Android Designer

  • 在 Visual Studio 上更快速呈現Faster rendering on Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio 的可靠性改進Reliability improvements for Visual Studio
  • ScrollView 小工具的捲動體驗改進Improved scrolling experience for ScrollView widgets

Xamarin Live Player (預覽)Xamarin Live Player (Preview)

  • 已更新而納入 SDK 樣式專案的支援。Updated to include support for SDK style projects.

  • 已更新而納入 Android 模擬器與 iOS 模擬器的支援。Updated to include support for Android emulators and iOS simulators. 您現已可使用即時執行,將您的表單檢視視覺化,而無須與裝置配對或建置您的應用程式。You can now use Live Run to visualize your Forms views without the need to pair a device or to build your app.

  • 在部署期間提供更佳的狀態回報以及錯誤訊息。Better status reporting and error messages when deploying.

  • 部署「即時執行目前檢視」時的部署狀態。Deployment status when deploying for "Live Run Current View".

  • 即時執行現已有了捷徑 (Shift+Opt+L)。Live Run now also has a shortcut (Shift+Opt+L).

Player 應用程式也已更新,具有多項改進功能和 Bug 修正。The Player app has also been updated with many improvements and bug fixes. 請務必從各自的應用程式市集取得最新版組建。Be sure to get the latest builds from the respective app stores.


  • 全新的 Roslyn 重構。New Roslyn based refactorings.

    從用量產生、變更方法簽章以及擷取介面,現在於 C# 程式碼中皆為重構功能。Generate From Usage, Change Method Signature, and Extract Interface are now offered as refactorings within your C# code.


  • VSTest 整合。VSTest integration.

    Visual Studio for Mac 現在透過 VSTest 的整合,支援種類更廣的測試架構。Visual Studio for Mac now supports a wider variety of test frameworks through the integration of VSTest. 現已可透過 NuGet 配接器套件 (例如 MSTest.TestAdapterxunit.runner.visualstudio),在 Visual Studio for Mac 內使用 MSTest 或 xUnit 這類的架構。Frameworks such as MSTest or xUnit can now be used within Visual Studio for Mac via NuGet adpater packages (MSTest.TestAdapter, xunit.runner.visualstudio for example).

  • 更新的驗證。Upated authentication.

    Visual Studio 驗證整合的改進功能應可解決使用者在使用其 Visual Studio 帳戶登入及擷取授權資訊時,所發生的諸多問題。Improvements to the Visual Studio authentication integration should solve many of the issues users have had signing in with their Visual Studio accounts and fetching licensing information.

  • 協助工具。Accessibility.

    我們一直在持續更新及改善協助工具。We have been continually updating and improving accessibility.

  • .NET Core 的更新程式支援。Updater support for .NET Core.

    Visual Studio for Mac 現已會檢查在查看是否有更新時,.NET Core 2.0 SDK 是否已安裝。Visual Studio for Mac will now check to see if the .NET Core 2.0 SDK is installed when checking for updates. 如果未安裝,則 Visual Studio 更新對話方塊會下載及安裝。If it is not installed then the Visual Studio Update dialog will allow it to be downloaded and installed.

本版修正的前幾個主要問題Top Issues Fixed in this Release

已知問題 Known Issues

  • Docker 可能會干擾使用 HAXM 之 Android 模擬器的啟動。Docker can interfere with launching Android emulators that use HAXM. 對模擬器上的 Android 應用程式進行偵錯時,請先關閉 Docker 再嘗試偵錯。When debugging Android apps on emulators, please shutdown Docker before attempting to debug.

  • 當您嘗試建置應用程式時,在 F# 語言中建立空的 Xamarin.Forms 會造成 IDE 損毀。Creating a blank Xamarin.Forms in F# may cause the IDE to crash when you try to build the application. 為因應此問題,請將 Xamarin.Forms 套件手動新增至專案。To workaround this issue, add the Xamarin.Forms package to the project manually.

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