指派訂閱給多個使用者Assign subscriptions to multiple users

訂用帳戶系統管理入口網站可讓您以一次一個或以大型群組方式新增使用者。The Subscriptions Administration Portal lets you add users one-at-a-time, or in large groups. 若要新增個別使用者,請參閱新增單一使用者To add individual users, see Add single users.

若要加入大量的使用者,您可以使用「大量新增」功能,或者,如果您的組織使用 Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) ,您可以使用 Azure AD 群組。To add large groups of users, you can use the bulk add feature, or if your organization is using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you can use Azure AD groups. 本文將說明這兩個選項的程式。This article will explain the process for both options. 觀賞這段影片或繼續閱讀,以深入瞭解大量新增功能。Watch this video or read on to learn more about the bulk add feature.

使用大量新增來指派訂閱Use Bulk add to assign subscriptions

  1. 登入 Visual Studio 訂閱管理入口網站 https://manage.visualstudio.comSign into the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration Portal at https://manage.visualstudio.com.

  2. 若要一次加入多個訂閱者,請流覽至 [ 管理訂閱者 ] 索引標籤。選擇 [ 加入 ] 索引標籤,然後在下拉式清單中選擇 [ 大量新增 ]。To add multiple subscribers at one time, navigate to the Manage Subscribers tab. Choose the Add tab, then choose Bulk add in the drop-down.

  3. 大量新增會使用 Microsoft Excel 範本來上傳訂閱者資訊。Bulk add uses a Microsoft Excel template to upload subscriber information. 在 [上傳多個訂閱者] 對話方塊中,選取 [ 下載 ] 以下載範本。In the Upload Multiple Subscribers dialog box, select Download to download the template.

    下載 Excel 範本,以上傳多位訂閱者Download the Excel template to upload multiple subscribers


    請一律下載這個範本的最新版本。Always download the latest version of this template. 如果您使用舊版本,則大量上傳可能會失敗。If you use an older version, your bulk upload may fail.

  4. 在 Excel 試算表中,請將您想要指派訂用帳戶之個人的資訊填入欄位中。In the Excel spreadsheet, fill out the fields with the information for the individuals that you want to assign subscriptions to. (參考 是選擇性欄位。在完成之後,) 將檔案儲存在本機。(Reference is an optional field.) Save the file locally after you're done.


    範本中的其中一個欄位可讓系統管理員啟用或停用訂閱者下載軟體的能力。One of the fields in the template allows admins to enable or disable subscribers' ability to download software. 停用下載也會停用其產品金鑰的存取權。Disabling downloads also disables their access to product keys.

    為了協助確保順利上傳,請觀察下列最佳做法:To help ensure a smooth upload, observe the following best practices:

    • 確定表單欄位未包含逗號。Ensure that none of the form fields contain commas.
    • 移除表單欄位前後的空格。Remove spaces before and after form fields.
    • 請確定使用者名稱在兩段式名字或姓氏之間未包含額外的空格 (例如,如果某人的名字有兩個部分,如 "Maggie May",應該鍵入為 "MaggieMay",因為系統不會修剪額外的空格)。Make sure user's names do not contain extra spaces between two-part first or last names (for example, if a person has a two-part first name such as "Maggie May", it should be typed as "MaggieMay" because the system won't trim the extra space.)
    • 請確定所有必要的欄位都已完成。Make sure all required fields are completed.
    • 檢查 錯誤訊息 資料行。Check the Error message column. 如果列出任何錯誤,請先解決這些錯誤,然後再嘗試上傳檔案。If any errors are listed, resolve those before attempting to upload the file.
  5. 回到 Visual Studio 訂閱管理入口網站。Return to the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration portal. 在 [ 上傳多個訂閱者 ] 對話方塊中,選取 [流覽]In the Upload Multiple Subscribers dialog box, select Browse.

    瀏覽至先前儲存的範本,以上傳多位訂閱者Browse to your saved template to upload multiple subscribers

  6. 流覽至您儲存的 Excel 檔案,然後選取 [確定]Navigate to the Excel file that you saved, and then select OK.

    上傳 Excel 範本,以上傳多位訂閱者Upload the Excel template to upload multiple subscribers

    上傳進度對話方塊隨即出現。An upload progress dialog appears.

    如果範本包含錯誤,則上傳會失敗,而且您會看到錯誤,因此您可以修正範本,並嘗試重新大量上傳。If the template contains errors, the upload will fail, and you will be shown the errors so that you can correct the template and attempt the bulk upload again.

    當上傳多位訂閱者失敗時顯示錯誤訊息Error message if the upload of multiple subscribers fails

    如果您遇到失敗,請遵循下列步驟:If you encounter a failure follow these steps:

    1. 開啟您所建立的 Excel 檔案,更正問題,然後儲存檔案。Open the Excel file you created, correct the problems, and save the file.
    2. 返回系統管理入口網站並關閉錯誤訊息。Return to the Administration Portal and dismiss the error message.
    3. 選擇 [新增] 。Choose Add.
    4. 選取 [ 大量新增]。Select Bulk add.
    5. 因為您已經儲存 Excel 檔案,所以不需要下載範本。Since you already have the Excel file saved, you do not need to download the template. 選取 [流覽],找出您剛剛儲存的檔案,然後選取 [ 開啟]。Select Browse, locate the file you just saved, and select Open.
    6. 選取 [確定]。Select OK.

    上傳成功時,您會看到訂閱者清單和確認訊息。When the upload is successful, you'll see the list of subscribers and a confirmation message.

    當上傳多位訂閱者成功時顯示確認訊息Confirmation message if the upload of multiple subscribers succeeds

使用 Azure Active Directory 群組指派訂用帳戶Use Azure Active Directory groups to assign subscriptions

使用這項功能可讓您輕鬆地在訂用帳戶指派上保持最上層。Using this feature makes it easy to stay on top of your subscription assignments. 您可以在訂用帳戶管理入口網站中新增 Azure Active Directory 安全性群組,以確保群組中的所有人員都已獲指派訂用帳戶。You can add Azure Active Directory Security Groups in the Subscriptions Administration Portal which will ensure that all individuals in the group are assigned a subscription. 為了方便使用,當個人離開您的組織並從 Azure Active Directory 中移除時,也會移除其訂用帳戶的存取權。And to make it easier, when individuals leave your organization and are removed from Azure Active Directory, their access to subscriptions is also removed.


下列限制適用于使用 Azure AD 群組來新增訂閱者:The following limitations apply to the use of Azure AD groups for adding subscribers:

  • 初次將群組新增至系統管理員入口網站時,系統管理員必須是 AAD 租使用者的成員。The admin must be a member of the AAD tenant when initially adding a group to the admin portal. 新增群組之後,對群組成員資格所做的變更不需要系統管理員介入。After the group has been added, changes to the membership of the groups does not require admin involvement.
  • 群組至少必須包含一個成員。Groups must contain at least one member. 不支援空白群組。Empty groups are not supported.
  • 群組的使用者必須少於1000個。Groups must have less than 1,000 users.
  • 所有使用者都必須在群組的最上層。All users must be in the top level of the group. 「不支援」巢狀群組。Nested groups are not supported.
  • 僅支援信任的協定。Only trusted agreements are supported. (只能信任可 ' overallocate ' 訂用帳戶的協定。 ) (Only agreements who can 'overallocate' subscriptions are trusted.)
  • 群組的所有成員都必須有與其 Azure AD 帳戶相關聯的電子郵件地址。All members of the group must have an email address associated with their Azure AD account.
  • 使用 Azure AD 群組新增的訂閱不支援通知的個別電子郵件地址。Separate email addresses for notifications are not supported for subscriptions added using Azure AD groups.

觀賞這段影片或繼續閱讀,以深入瞭解如何使用 Azure Active Directory 群組功能新增訂閱者。Watch this video or read on to learn more about adding subscribers using the Azure Active Directory group feature.

  1. 登入 Visual Studio 訂閱系統管理入口網站 https://manage.visualstudio.comSign in to the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration Portal at https://manage.visualstudio.com.

  2. 若要一次加入多個訂閱者,請流覽至 [ 管理訂閱者 ] 索引標籤。To add multiple subscribers at one time, navigate to the Manage subscribers tab.

  3. 選擇 [ 加入 ] 索引標籤,然後在下拉式清單中選取 Azure Active Directory 群組 ]。Choose the Add tab, then select Azure Active Directory group in the drop-down.

    選擇使用 Azure AD 的大量新增Choose bulk add using Azure AD

  4. 開始輸入您想要新增至表單欄位的 Azure AD 組名。Begin to enter the name of the Azure AD group that you'd like to add into the form field. 這會搜尋您組織內的可用 Azure AD 群組。This will search the available Azure AD groups within your organization.

  5. 當您選取群組時,欄位會自動填入組名。When you select the group, the field will automatically populate with the group name. 在新增群組之前,您將可以選擇先查看該群組中的使用者。You will have the option to view the users in that group before you add them. 接下來,您可以選擇訂用帳戶層級、下載許可權,以及群組的通訊喜好設定。Next, you can choose the subscription level, download rights, and communication preferences for the group. 您可以視需要將詳細資料新增至參考欄位。You can add details into the reference field if you wish.

    選擇您的 Azure AD 群組Choose your Azure AD group

  6. 選取 [ 新增 ],然後 確認Select Add and then Confirm.

  7. 若要查看已新增的群組,請滾動至使用者清單的底部。To see the added group, scroll to the bottom of your list of users.

  8. 選取 [ View 訂閱者 ] 以顯示群組的成員。Select View subscribers to display the members of the group. 您可以查看群組中訂閱者的詳細資料,但無法對訂閱者或指派的訂閱進行任何編輯。You can view details about the subscribers in the group, but you cannot make any edits to the subscribers or the subscriptions that they are assigned.


如果您已將訂用帳戶個別指派給後續新增成為 Azure AD 群組一部分的使用者,這些訂用帳戶將會新增為群組的一部分,且不會再個別列出。If you have already assigned subscriptions individually to users who are subsequently added as part of an Azure AD group, they will be added as part of the group and will no longer be listed individually. 不過,如果個別訂用帳戶是針對不同的訂用帳戶層級,則會有兩個訂用帳戶。However, if the individual subscription is for a different subscription level, they will have two subscriptions. 範例:如果使用者有個別的 Visual Studio Professional 訂用帳戶,而且他們是您指派 Visual Studio Enterprise 訂用帳戶之群組的成員,他們將會有這兩個訂閱。Example: If a user has an individual Visual Studio Professional subscription, and they are a member of a group to which you assign Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions, they will have both.

如果您從已指派訂用帳戶的 Azure Active Directory 群組中移除訂閱者,則可能需要24小時的時間,更新才會反映在系統管理員入口網站中。If you remove a subscriber from an Azure Active Directory group that has had subscriptions assigned to it, it may take up to 24 hours for the update to be reflected in the admin portal.

常見問題集Frequently asked questions

問:我可以選擇要在 Azure AD 群組內指派多個訂用帳戶層級嗎?Q: Can I choose multiple subscription levels to be assigned within an Azure AD group?

答:否--群組中的每個人都會收到相同的訂用帳戶。A: No -- everyone in the group receives the same subscription.

問:我可以編輯 Azure AD 群組中新增的個人訂閱者詳細資料嗎?Q: Can I edit subscriber details of individuals added in an Azure AD group?

答:否--若要修改個別訂閱者的資訊,您必須將其從 Azure AD 安全性群組中移除,並個別指派訂用帳戶給他們。A: No -- To modify information for an individual subscriber, you will need to remove them from the Azure AD security group and assign them a subscription individually.

問:為什麼看不到使用 Azure Active Directory 群組來加入訂閱者的選項?Q: Why can't I see the option to use Azure Active Directory groups to add subscribers?

答:這項功能目前僅適用于具有信任協定的組織。A: The feature is currently only available to organizations with trusted agreements. 選取 [ 詳細資料 ] 按鈕,以顯示您的合約資訊。Select the Details button to display your agreement information.

按一下 [詳細資料] 按鈕Click the Details button

問:我已將某人新增至我的 Azure AD 安全性群組,但我在訂用帳戶管理入口網站中看不到他們新增的帳戶,且他們沒有訂用帳戶。Q: I added someone to my Azure AD security group, but I don't see them added in the Subscriptions Administration Portal, and they don't have a subscription. 為什麼不用?Why not?

答:根據組織設定 Azure AD 的方式,您可能會在新增使用者之前看到最多24小時的延遲。A: Depending on how your organization has configured Azure AD, you may see delays of up to 24 hours before the user is added. 如果超過24小時,請 聯絡支援人員If it's been longer than 24 hours, contact support.

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