Azure Enterprise 合約 DevTest 優惠Azure Enterprise Agreement DevTest offer

這項供應專案是 Enterprise 合約的一部分,可供使用中 Visual Studio 訂閱者的小組在 Microsoft Azure 上執行開發/測試工作負載,並在 Windows 虛擬機器上提供折扣費率,並可存取 Azure 資源庫中的專屬映射。This offer, which is part of the Enterprise Agreement, is for teams of active Visual Studio subscribers to run dev/test workloads on Microsoft Azure, providing discounted rates on Windows virtual machines and access to exclusive images in the Azure Gallery. 這項供應專案僅限於開發和測試用途,而且無法用於生產環境。This offer is limited to development and testing use only, and cannot be used in production.

使用供應專案是兩個步驟的程式:Using the offers is a two-step process:

  1. 提供者必須由 EA 入口網站中的系統管理員啟用。Offers must be enabled by an admin in the EA Portal.
  2. 個別的訂閱者必須建立訂用帳戶才能使用。Individual subscribers need to create subscriptions for their use.

您也可以使用 教學課程影片 來示範此流程。A tutorial video is also available to demonstrate the process.

在 EA 入口網站中啟用優惠Enable offers in the EA Portal

若要啟用供應專案:To enable the offers:

  1. 登入 in to
  2. 按一下 [ 帳戶 ] 功能表。Click the Account menu.
  3. 找出您想要啟用供應專案的帳戶。Locate the account for which you want to enable offers. 如果您有多個帳戶,您可能會想要使用 搜尋 來快速找出帳戶。If you have numerous accounts, you may wish to use the Search to quickly locate the account.
  4. 將滑鼠停留在帳戶名稱上。Hover over the name of the account.
  5. 按一下 [ 編輯 ] 圖示, (最右側的鉛筆) 。Click on the edit icon (pencil) on the far right.
  6. 按一下 [ 開發/測試 ] 核取方塊。Click the Dev/Test checkbox.
  7. 按一下 [檔案] 。Click Save .

在帳戶內建立個別訂用帳戶Create individual subscriptions within the account

帳戶上的每個訂閱者都可以依照下列步驟來建立訂用帳戶:Each subscriber on the account can create a subscription by following these steps:

  1. 登入 in to
  2. 選擇 Enterprise 開發/測試 供應專案。Choose the Enterprise Dev/Test offer.
  3. 按一下核取方塊,以確認訂用帳戶受 Enterprise 合約管理。Click the check box to acknowledge that the subscription is governed by the Enterprise Agreement.
  4. 按一下 [購買]。Click Purchase . (使用此供應專案時,您實際上不會購買任何專案。 ) (With this offer, you're not actually purchasing anything.)

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