Visual Studio 訂閱可透過 Microsoft Store 取得Visual Studio subscriptions are available through the Microsoft Store

Visual Studio 訂用帳戶可透過各種不同的管道提供,包括 大量授權、雲端解決方案提供者、 Visual Studio Marketplace和 Microsoft Store。Visual Studio subscriptions are available through a variety of channels, including Volume Licensing, Cloud Solution Providers, the Visual Studio Marketplace, and Microsoft Store. 本文將透過 Microsoft Store探索購買和啟用訂閱。This article will explore purchasing and activating subscriptions through the Microsoft Store.

如何購買訂閱How to buy subscriptions

需要協助來決定哪一種訂用帳戶最適合您嗎?Need help deciding which subscription is right for you? 查看訂用帳戶 權益頁面Check out our subscription benefits page.

Visual Studio 可透過 Microsoft Store 取得的訂閱包括:Visual Studio subscriptions available through the Microsoft Store include:

每個訂用帳戶都提供進行初始購買或更新現有訂用帳戶的選項。Each of these subscription offers the option to make an initial purchase or to renew an existing subscription. 只有現有的訂用帳戶可以使用續約的價格,以反映大量折扣。Renewal pricing, which reflects a significant discount, is only available for existing subscriptions.


若要以折扣續約價格更新訂用帳戶,必須在到期前更新訂用帳戶。To qualify to renew subscriptions at the discounted renewal price, subscriptions should be renewed before they expire.

如何啟用訂閱How to activate subscriptions

透過 Microsoft Store 購買 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶之後,您可以從付款「確認頁面」或在購買後收到的「確認電子郵件」開始啟用程式。After you purchase a Visual Studio subscription through the Microsoft Store, you can begin the activation process from the payment "Confirmation Page" or "Confirmation Email" you received after your purchase.

  1. 選取 [ 按一下這裡以登入 確認電子郵件] 或 [購買確認] 頁面。Select Click here to sign in in the confirmation email or on the purchase confirmation page.
  2. 系統會將您重新導向至 will be redirected to
  3. 輸入需要存取 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶的電子郵件地址,然後選取 [ 繼續]。Enter the email address that requires access to the Visual Studio subscription and select Continue.
  4. 根據您所使用的帳戶類型,您可能會被重新導向至兩個不同登入頁面的其中之一:You may be redirected to one of two different sign-in pages depending on the type of account you are using:
    • 使用個人「Microsoft 帳戶」(MSA) 的訂閱者會看到 [Microsoft 帳戶密碼] 頁面。Subscribers using their personal "Microsoft Account" (MSA) will see the Microsoft Account password page.
    • 使用公司/學校帳戶的訂閱者會被重新導向至其組織的登入頁面。Subscribers using their work/school accounts will be redirected to their organization's sign-in page.
  5. 輸入您的密碼,或完成您組織的登入需求。Enter your password, or complete your organization's sign-in requirements.
  6. 成功登入後,[啟用您的 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶] 視窗即會出現。Upon successful sign-in, an "Activate Your Visual Studio Subscription" window will appear.
  7. 輸入可從付款「確認頁面」或「確認電子郵件」取得的產品金鑰資訊,然後選取 [ 啟用]。Enter the product key information available from the payment "Confirmation Page" or "Confirmation Email" and select Activate.
  8. 訂用帳戶現在應該會顯示在 [訂用帳戶] 頁面上,而且您應該可以存取 您的所有 訂用帳戶權益。The subscription should now be visible on the Subscriptions page and you should have access to all your subscription benefits.

支援 Microsoft StoreSupport for Microsoft Store

如果您有任何關於透過 Microsoft Store 購買的問題,可取得協助。If you have any questions about purchasing through the Microsoft Store, help is available. 請聯絡 Microsoft Store 支援人員。Contact Microsoft Store Support.

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下一步Next steps

一旦您啟用訂用帳戶,請造訪 權益 頁面,以查看您的訂用帳戶中包含的所有工具、服務、訓練和支援權益。Once you have activated your subscription, visit the Benefits page to see all the tools, services, training and support benefits included in your subscription. 我們建議您設定下列優點以開始著手:We recommend setting up these benefits to get started: