Azure 每月點數Azure Monthly Credit

什麼是每月 Azure 點數?What are the monthly Azure credits?

Azure 每月點數可讓您免費探索及試用各種 Azure 服務。Azure monthly credits provide you with the ability to explore and try various Azure services at no cost. 範例包括:Examples include:

  • 託管靜態網站Host a static website
  • 將 ASP.NET 網站發佈到 AzurePublish an ASP.NET site to Azure
  • 部署容器化網站Deploy a containerized website
  • 將網站部署到虛擬機器Deploy a website to a virtual machine
  • 使用無伺服器後端來整合您的資料與服務Integrate your data and services using serverless backend
  • 部署 Python Web 應用程式Deploy a Python web app

如需如何使用 Azure 點數的詳細資訊,請瀏覽 Visual Studio 訂閱者的每月 Azure 點數For more information about how you can use Azure credits, visit Monthly Azure credits for Visual Studio subscribers

費用是多少?How much does it cost?

使用這些點數並不會有任何費用。There is no cost to use these credits. 其已包含在您的 Visual Studio 訂閱中。They are included in your Visual Studio subscription. 當您用完分配給該月份的點數之後,您將無法繼續加以使用,直到其於下個月重設為止。When you run out of the credit that's allotted for the month, you won't be able to continue using it until it resets the next month.

如何開始?How do I get started?

若要了解如何設定 Azure 點數,請參閱我們 Azure 點數文章 (部分機器翻譯) 的<啟用步驟>''小節。To learn how to set up your Azure credits, please see the 'Activation steps' section of our Azure credit article.

我是否可以使用每月 Azure 點數來執行生產應用程式?Can I use my monthly Azure credits to run production applications?

Visual Studio 訂閱者的每月 Azure 點數只能用於特定的個別開發/測試用途。Monthly Azure credits for Visual Studio subscribers are specifically for individual dev/test usage only. 若要執行生產工作負載,您將必須升級到付費 Azure 訂用帳戶,例如隨用隨付定價。To run production workloads, you'll need to upgrade to a paid Azure subscription, such as pay-as-you-go pricing.

我是否可以使用自己的公司帳戶登入?Can I use my work account to sign in?

您必須使用與您 Visual Studio 訂閱相關聯的電子郵件,或是您的替代身分識別來啟用點數 (如需使用替代身分識別的詳細資訊,請參閱我們的替代身分識別 (部分機器翻譯) 一文)。You must activate the credits using the email associated with your Visual Studio subscription, or your alternate account (for more information on using alternate identities, check out our Alternate identities article).

是否有任何會影響此權益的地理或服務限制?Are there any geographic or service restrictions impacting this benefit?

透過 Visual Studio 訂閱權益所建立的 Azure 訂用帳戶,可能會受到不會強加至付費訂用帳戶的限制所影響。Azure subscriptions created via the Visual Studio Subscriptions benefit may be impacted by restrictions that aren't imposed on paid subscriptions. 某些地理位置可能無法建立 VM 和 Azure 服務,且某些服務類型可能無法使用。Certain geographies may not be available for creating VMs and Azure services, and certain service types may not be available. 可能會有比付費訂用帳戶還要低的預設配額。There may be a lower default quota than on paid subscriptions.

我的組織有多個 Visual Studio 訂閱者。My organization has multiple Visual Studio subscribers. 是否可以將他們的每月 Azure 點數一起共用?Can their monthly Azure credits be pooled?

我們不提供點數共用。Credit pooling is not available. 此權益適用於 Visual Studio 訂閱者的個人用途。This benefit is intended for personal use by the Visual Studio subscriber.

是否有我需要知道的任何其他限制?Are there any other limitations I should be aware of?

Visual Studio 訂閱者的每月 Azure 點數僅供進行開發和測試,且不享有受財務支援的 SLA。The monthly Azure credit for Visual Studio subscribers is for development and testing only and does not carry a financially backed SLA. 我們保留暫停已持續執行超過 120 個小時,或是由我們判斷為用於生產環境之任何執行個體 (VM 或雲端服務) 的權利。We reserve the right to suspend any instance (VM or cloud service) that runs continuously for more than 120 hours or if we determine that the instance is being used for production. 我們是以盡最大努力為基礎向 Visual Studio 訂閱者提供此容量;我們並不保證容量的可用性。We are making this capacity available to Visual Studio subscribers on a best-effort basis; there is no guarantee of capacity availability.

每月點數並不適用於下列服務的購買:The monthly credit does not apply toward purchase of the following services:

  • 支援方案Support plans
  • Application InsightsApplication Insights
  • Visual Studio 訂閱Visual Studio subscriptions
  • Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps
  • Visual Studio 應用程式中心Visual Studio App Center
  • 協力廠商品牌的產品Third-party branded products
  • 透過 Visual Studio Marketplace (英文) 販售的產品Products sold through the Visual Studio Marketplace
  • 其他與 Azure 分別販售的產品 (例如 Azure Active Directory Premium)Products otherwise sold separately from Azure (for example, Azure Active Directory Premium)

若要購買這些服務,您必須移除您的消費限制並提供信用卡以用於計費。To purchase these services, you'll need to remove your spending limit and provide a credit card for billing.

我能在哪裡找到更多資訊?Where do I find more information?

您可以透過瀏覽我們的 Visual Studio 訂閱者的每月 Azure 點數頁面,來深入了解 Azure 點數的運作方式。You can learn more about how your Azure credits work by visiting our Monthly Azure credits for Visual Studio subscribers page.