Visual Studio 訂用帳戶–為什麼我會看到訂閱者的個人帳戶?Visual Studio subscriptions – Why do I see personal accounts for my subscribers?

從大量授權服務中心 (VLSC) 至新的 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶 管理入口網站之後,系統管理員很驚訝地發現某些訂閱者的「登入電子郵件地址」會顯示個人電子郵件地址,例如 Hotmail 或 Outlook。After companies migrated from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) to the new Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration Portal, admins were surprised to find that the “Sign-in Email Address” for some subscribers shows a personal email address like Hotmail or Outlook.


此案例是因為與舊版 MSDN 訂閱者體驗相關聯的登入程序所造成。This scenario occurs due to sign-in processes that were associated with the legacy MSDN subscriber experience. 使用者是從大量授權服務中心 (VLSC) 移轉到 Visual Studio 訂閱系統管理入口網站,而未經修改。Users were migrated from the Volume License Service Center (VLSC) to the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration Portal without modifications. 系統管理員可能不知道使用者使用個人帳戶來存取其訂用帳戶權益。Admins may not have been aware that users had been using personal accounts to access their subscription benefits. 在於 2016 年完成的 Visual Studio 訂閱者移轉之前,若要成功使用 Visual Studio 訂閱,必須完成兩項動作:Prior to the Visual Studio subscriber migrations, which were completed in 2016, there were two actions required to successfully use a Visual Studio Subscription:

  1. 系統管理員會使用他們的工作或學校電子郵件地址,「指派」訂閱給個別的訂閱者。The admin “assigned” the subscription to an individual subscriber, using their work or school email address.
  2. 該訂閱者「啟動」訂閱。The subscriber “activated” the subscription.

訂閱者啟用程序期間:需要 Microsoft 帳戶 (MSA) 才能登入。During the subscriber activation process: A Microsoft Account (MSA) was required to sign-in. 若訂閱者沒有嘗試將其公司或學校帳戶 (例如 轉換成 MSA,他們則可以建立新的 MSA 或使用現有的 MSA。If the subscriber didn’t attempt to make their work or school account (e.g. an MSA, they could create a new MSA or leverage an existing one. 這導致其「登入電子郵件地址」和「指派電子郵件地址」有所不同。This resulted in their “Sign-in Email Address” being different than their “Assigned to Email Address”.


的新式訂閱者體驗 支援公司/學校和 Microsoft 帳戶 (MSA) 身分識別類型。The modern subscriber experience on supports both Work/School and Microsoft Account (MSA) identity types.


若要修正這個問題,只要選取 [ 連接電子郵件] 按鈕,系統就會嘗試將 msa 的帳戶與組織 Azure Active Directory 中的現有使用者 (Azure AD) 根據相符的姓氏和姓氏。To correct the problem, simply select the Connect Emails button and the system will attempt to match the accounts with MSAs to existing users in your organization’s Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) based on matching the first and last name. 如果發生錯誤,您可以按一下相符項右邊的 X 來移除任何相符的結果。If there is an error, you can remove any match by clicking on the X to the right of the match.

觀賞這段影片或繼續閱讀,以瞭解如何修正此問題。Watch this video or keep reading to learn how to fix this.

連接電子郵件按鈕Connect Emails Button

您也可以使用 搜尋目錄 來修正錯誤,或從您的 Azure AD 填入遺漏的資訊。You can also use the Search Directory to correct the errors or fill in missing information from your Azure AD. 如果所有相符專案都正確無誤,您可以選擇 [ 目前 的身分識別] 按鈕以選取所有相符的專案,而不是一次選取一個相符的專案。If the all the matches look correct, you can choose the Current identity button to select all matched entries rather than selecting them one at a time.

連接電子郵件飛出Connect Emails Fly-out

接下來按一下 [ 繼續 ],將會帶您前往要進行的變更清單。Next click on Continue which will take you to a list of the changes to take place. 如果您同意,請按一下 [ 儲存 ],將會進行變更。If you agree, click Save and the changes will be made. 您的訂閱者也會收到訊息,通知他們下一次登入其訂用帳戶時的變更。Your subscriber will also get a message informing them of the change the next time they sign in to their subscription. 請注意,只有兩個符合 Azure Active Directory 的訂閱者才會出現在此清單中。Notice that only the two subscribers that were matched in the Azure Active Directory appear in this list. 在我們的範例中,因為恩格斯在 Azure AD 中沒有對應的位址,所以 Microsoft 帳戶 (MSA) 與工作帳戶不相符。In our example, since Frederick did not have a corresponding address in the Azure AD, his Microsoft account (MSA) was not matched to a work account.

連接電子郵件確認Connect Emails Confirmation


當您編輯登入電子郵件地址時,這只會更新訂閱者用來登入其訂用帳戶的電子郵件 https://my.visualstudio.comWhen you edit the sign in email address this only updates the email used by the subscriber to sign in to their subscription on 如果「訂閱者」已使用其他電子郵件地址來啟用 Azure 或 Pluralsight 等權益,他們將需要繼續使用這些電子郵件地址來存取它們。If the subscriber has already activated benefits such as Azure or Pluralsight using the other email address, they will need to continue to use those email addresses to access them. 針對他們存取的任何新權益,他們應該使用新的電子郵件地址。For any new benefits that they access, they should use the new email address.

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下一步Next steps

  • 如果您已經更新訂閱者的電子郵件地址,便應該通知他們其登入資訊已經變更。If you have updated the subscriber(s) email address(es), you may want to notify them that their sign-in information has changed. 他們也會收到一封包含更新資訊的電子郵件。They will also receive an email with the updated information.
  • 篩選組織中的訂閱者清單可能有助於找出任何可能需要變更的登入電子郵件地址。It may be useful to filter the list of subscribers in your organization to look for any sign in email addresses that may need to be changed.