使用訂閱者入口網站 - my.visualstudio.comUsing the subscriber portal - my.visualstudio.com

Visual Studio 訂閱的入口網站 https://my.visualstudio.com 是您的全方位資源,可充分利用您的 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶所提供的各種權益。The Visual Studio Subscriptions Portal, https://my.visualstudio.com, is your all-in-one resource to take advantage of the full range of benefits provided through your Visual Studio subscription.

若要使用入口網站,您必須以和訂閱相關聯的身分識別登入。Using the portal requires that you sign in with the identity associated with your subscription. 這可能是您的 Microsoft 帳戶 (MSA) 或組織提供給您的電子郵件地址,例如您的雇主或學校。This may be your Microsoft Account (MSA) or an email address provided to you by an organization, such as your employer or school. 了解登入Learn about signing in.

入口網站一共整理為六個頁面。The portal is organized in six pages. 每個頁面都能讓您存取包含在您訂閱中各種不同的產品或服務。Each page provides you with access to different products or services included with your subscription. 六個頁面為 [權益]、[下載]、[產品金鑰]、[訂閱]、[支援] 及 [Marketplace]。The six pages are Benefits, Downloads, Product Keys, Subscriptions, Support, and Marketplace.


包含在您訂閱中的工具和服務,都會在 [權益] 頁面上以「磚」的形式顯示。The tools and services included with your subscription are displayed as "tiles" on the Benefits page. 訂閱並不一定會包含全部的權益。Not all benefits are included with all subscriptions. 磚會分組為三個類別:[工具]、[專業開發] 及 [支援]。The tiles are grouped into three categories: Tools, Professional Development, and Support.


您可以在 [工具] 類別找到核心開發工具,例如 Visual Studio IDE、Azure DevOps,以及由我們合作夥伴所提供的工具。The Tools category is where you'll find the core development tools, such as the Visual Studio IDE, Azure DevOps, as well as tools provided by our partners. 您也會看到 Azure 和 Visual Studio App Center 等服務。You'll also see services such as Azure and Visual Studio App Center.

專業開發Professional Development

此類別所包含的權益,包括來自 Microsoft 及合作夥伴的線上訓練,以及 MSDN 雜誌的訂閱,全都是為了要協助您提升開發技巧,並取得有關程式碼的最新資訊。This category contains benefits such as online training from Microsoft and our partners, as well a subscription to MSDN Magazine, all to help you advance your development skills and stay abreast of all things code.


是否有關於 Azure 的問題?Have a question about Azure? 透過論壇從 Azure 社群,或是運用 Azure 諮詢對談 (預覽) 來取得協助。Get help from the Azure Community via forums, or take advantage of the Azure Advisory Chat (preview). 「指引對談」服務可用來協助您尋找技術性文件和產品資訊,以及協助回答與訂閱相關的問題。The Concierge Chat service is available to help you find technical documentation and product information, and to assist with subscription-related questions. 特定訂閱也會包含事件型的技術性支援,以協助您解決於開發/測試環境中執行之各種 Microsoft 產品的問題。Select subscriptions also include incident-based Technical Support to help you resolve issues with a wide range of Microsoft products running in dev/test environments.


根據訂閱或程式的不同,您將可以存取各式各樣的軟體下載內容,無論是更新及修補程式,還是包含新舊軟體版本的詳盡程式庫,讓您可以在各種不同的案例中測試您的應用程式。Depending on the subscription or program you have, you have access to software downloads ranging from updates and patches to an extensive library of current products as well as older versions so you can test your apps in a wide variety of scenarios.

為了讓具有與多個訂閱相關聯之單一帳戶的訂閱者能更容易地使用,當您造訪 [下載] 頁面時,您將會看見可供您最高階訂閱使用的下載內容。To make it simple for subscribers who have multiple subscriptions associated with a single account, when you visit the Downloads page, you'll see the downloads available to the highest subscription you own. 如此一來,無論您目前使用的訂閱為何,您都能看見所有的下載內容。That way, you can see all of your downloads, no matter which subscription you're currently using.

產品金鑰Product Keys

造訪 [產品金鑰] 頁面以取得安裝及啟動產品的金鑰,以及查看您已取得的金鑰。Visit the Product Keys page to obtain keys to install and activate products, and to see what keys you have already claimed. 您甚至可以匯出所有金鑰的清單,以另外妥善保存。You can even export a list of all of your keys for safekeeping.


[訂閱] 頁面可讓您查看自己所擁有的訂閱、在訂閱之間切換、更新訂閱,以及啟動新的訂閱。The Subscriptions page provides you with the capabilities to see which subscriptions you own, switch between subscriptions, renew them, and activate new subscriptions. 您也可以將使用 Microsoft 帳戶存取的訂用帳戶,和已經與現有 Visual Studio IDE、Azure DevOps 或 Azure 資源相關聯的替代帳戶建立關聯。You can also associate subscriptions you access using your Microsoft Account with an alternate account that's already associated with existing Visual Studio IDE, Azure DevOps, or Azure resources.


除了可在 [權益] 頁面上的 [支援] 類別中找到的個別權益之外,[支援] 頁面也可讓您存取特定資源,以協助您充分運用 Visual Studio 訂閱。In addition to the individual benefits found in the Support category on the Benefits page, the Support page provides access to resources to help you get the most out of your Visual Studio subscription. 存取支援資源以解決技術性問題,或是與訂閱銷售、帳戶及帳單相關聯的問題。Access support resources to resolve technical issues or questions related to subscriptions sales, accounts, and billing.

Marketplace (英文)Marketplace

是否需要更新 Visual Studio 雲端訂閱?Need to renew a Visual Studio cloud subscription? 想要下載適用於 Visual Studio 產品系列的最新擴充功能?Want to download the latest extensions for the Visual Studio family of products? Marketplace 可協助使用者尋找延伸模組、工具與服務,以進一步改進 Azure DevOps、Azure DevOps Server 與 Visual Studio Code。The Marketplace helps users find extensions, tools, and services that make Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps Server, and Visual Studio Code even better. 您甚至可以成為發行者,並將自己的擴充功能發行到 Marketplace 上。You can even become a publisher, and publish your own extensions on the Marketplace.

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登入入口網站 https://my.visualstudio.com ,並查看您的權益。Sign in to the portal at https://my.visualstudio.com and check out your benefits. 您也可以深入了解如何使用 Microsoft 帳戶 (MSA)、公司或學校帳戶,甚至是 GitHub 帳戶登入入口網站。You can also learn more about signing in to the portal with your Microsoft Account (MSA), your work or school account, and even your GitHub account.