Visual Studio 訂用帳戶中的 Parasoft Virtualize/SOAtest Professional DesktopParasoft Virtualize/SOAtest Professional Desktop in Visual Studio subscriptions

讓測試更簡單、更頻繁。Test earlier and more often. 模擬並測試無法使用之發展中應用程式與系統的行為。Simulate and test the behavior of unavailable evolving applications and systems. 您的權益包含六個月免費訂用帳戶。Your benefit includes a free six-month subscription. 在六個月訂用帳戶結束時,您就有每年訂用帳戶 25% 的價格折扣。At the end of your six-month subscription, you’ll qualify for a 25% discount on the price of an annual subscription.

啟用步驟Activation steps

  1. 若要使用您的 Parasoft 虛擬化/SOAtest Professional Desktop 權益,請登入 use your Parasoft Virtualize/SOAtest Professional Desktop benefit, sign in to

  2. 在 [工具] 區段找到 [Parasoft] 磚,並按一下權益磚底部的 [取得代碼] 連結。Locate the Parasoft tile in the Tools section and click on the Get Code link at the bottom of the benefit tile. 您會收到已成功擷取代碼的通知。You’ll receive a notification that the code was successfully retrieved. 按一下 [啟用] 。Click Activate.

    Parasoft 權益磚Parasoft Benefit Tile

  3. 會將您重新導向至 Parasoft 網站,您將在其中建立帳戶。You’ll be redirected to the Parasoft website, where you’ll create an account. 只需要提供您的連絡資訊,然後按一下 [提交]。Just provide your contact information and click Submit.

    Parasoft 權益建立帳戶Parasoft Benefit Create Account


    頁面上的表格會顯示一整年的價格,再加上 Visual Studio 折扣。The table on the page shows pricing for a full year, plus a Visual Studio discount. 在您使用您的 6 個月訂閱之後,便可適用此價格。This pricing will be applicable AFTER you have used your six month subscription.

  4. 您會在建立您的帳戶之後看到通知,告知已傳送給您一封包含下載指示的電子郵件 Once you’ve created your account, you’ll see a notification that you've been sent an email with download instructions. (如果您在收件匣中看不到該電子郵件,請記得檢查垃圾郵件資料夾)。(Remember to check your spam or junk mail folders if you don’t see the email in your inbox.)

  5. 開啟電子郵件,並將 [啟用代碼] 複製至剪貼簿。Open the email and copy the Activation Code to your clipboard.

  6. 按一下對應至您作業系統的連結。Click on the link that corresponds to your operating system.

    Parasoft 權益歡迎電子郵件Parasoft Benefit Welcome Email

  7. 根據您使用的瀏覽器,可能會看到不同的對話方塊,讓您有機會執行安裝程式。Depending on which browser you use, you may see different dialogs providing you with the opportunity to run the installer. 例如,在 Internet Explorer 中,您會看到一份最新下載清單,而且其頂端列出 parasoft_soavirt_9.10.2_win32_x86_64.exe。In Internet Explorer, for example, you’ll see a list of recent downloads with parasoft_soavirt_9.10.2_win32_x86_64.exe listed at the top. 按一下 [執行] 開始安裝程式。Click Run to start the installer.

  8. 開啟 [使用者帳戶控制] 對話方塊時,請按一下 [是]。When the User Account Control dialog opens, click Yes.

  9. 選擇您想要的語言,然後按一下 [確定]。Choose your desired language, and click OK.

  10. [Parasoft SOAtest & Virtualize 安裝精靈] 隨即啟動。The Parasoft SOAtest & Virtualize Setup Wizard will start. 按一下 [下一步] 。Click Next.

    Parasoft 權益安裝開始Parasoft Benefit Installation Start

  11. 按一下 [我接受合約],然後按一下 [下一步]。Click I accept the agreement, then click Next.

  12. 選擇您要安裝檔案的位置,然後按一下 [下一步]。Choose where you would like to install the files, and click Next.

  13. 接下來,您可以選擇要安裝的元件,或全部安裝 (預設)。Next, you can choose which components to install, or install them all (default). 選取項目,然後按一下 [下一步]。Make your selections and click Next.

  14. 指定您要安裝應用程式捷徑的位置,然後按一下 [下一步]。Specify where you would like the shortcut for the application installed, and click Next.

  15. HTTPS 網站上的特定功能測試需要 SOAtest Web 根憑證授權單位憑證。The SOAtest Web Root Certificate Authority certificate is required for certain functional tests on HTTPS sites. 選擇是否安裝根 CA 憑證,然後按一下 [下一步]。Choose whether to install the Root CA certificate and click Next.


    Parasoft 強烈建議您選擇安裝憑證。Parasoft strongly recommends you choose to install the certificate.

  16. 選擇是否要在安裝期間建立桌面和快速啟動圖示,然後按一下 [下一步]。Choose whether you want desktop and quick launch icons created during installation, and click Next.

  17. 確認您已選取的選項,然後按一下 [安裝] 開始安裝軟體。Confirm the options you've selected, and click Install to begin installing the software.

  18. 安裝程式完成時,請按一下 [完成]。When the setup is complete, click Finish. 您現在已準備好開始使用 Parasoft Virtualize/SOAtest Professional Desktop 權益!You're now ready to start using your Parasoft Virtualize/SOAtest Professional Desktop benefit!


訂用帳戶層級Subscription Level 通道Channels 優點Benefit 可續約?Renewable?
Visual Studio Enterprise (Standard)Visual Studio Enterprise (Standard) VL, Azure, 零售, 選取的 NFR1VL, Azure, Retail, selected NFR1 6 個月6 months Yes
使用 GitHub Enterprise Visual Studio Enterprise 訂用帳戶Visual Studio Enterprise subscription with GitHub Enterprise VlVL 6 個月6 months Yes
Visual Studio Professional (Standard)Visual Studio Professional (Standard) VL, Azure, 零售VL, Azure, Retail 無法使用Not available NANA
使用 GitHub Enterprise Visual Studio Professional 訂用帳戶Visual Studio Professional subscription with GitHub Enterprise VlVL 無法使用Not available NANA
Visual Studio Test Professional (標準訂用帳戶)Visual Studio Test Professional (Standard) VL, 零售VL, Retail 無法使用Not available NANA
MSDN 平台 (標準)MSDN Platforms (Standard) VL, 零售VL, Retail 無法使用Not available NANA
Visual Studio Enterprise、Visual Studio Professional (每月雲端)Visual Studio Enterprise, Visual Studio Professional (monthly cloud) AzureAzure 無法使用Not available NANA

1 包括: Microsoft 合作夥伴網路 (Enterprise) 。 排除:非轉售 (NFR) ,Visual Studio 產業合作夥伴 (VSIP) 、FTE、MCT Software & Services Developer、BizSpark、假想、最有價值專家 (MVP) 、區域主管 (RD) 。 MCT 軟體 & 服務。1 Includes: Microsoft Partner Network (Enterprise). Excludes: Not for Resale (NFR), Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP), FTE, MCT Software & Services Developer, BizSpark, Imagine, Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Regional Director (RD). MCT Software & Services.


Microsoft 不再於雲端訂用帳戶中提供 Visual Studio Professional 年度訂用帳戶和 Visual Studio Enterprise 年度訂用帳戶。Microsoft no longer offers Visual Studio Professional Annual subscriptions and Visual Studio Enterprise Annual subscriptions in Cloud Subscriptions. 現有的客戶體驗,以及更新、增加、減少或取消其訂用帳戶的能力將不會改變。There will be no change to existing customers experience and ability to renew, increase, decrease, or cancel their subscriptions. 建議新客戶移至,以 探索購買 Visual Studio 的不同選項。New customers are encouraged to go to to explore different options to purchase Visual Studio.

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