Visual Studio 訂用帳戶中的 Visual Studio App CenterVisual Studio App Center in Visual Studio subscriptions

App Center 是應用程式的任務控制機制。App Center is mission control for apps.

  • 自動建置您的應用程式、在實際裝置上測試,並將它散發給搶鮮版測試人員Automatically build your app, test it on real devices, and distribute it to beta testers
  • 收集當機報告與使用者分析,包括自訂事件。Collect crash reports and user analytics, including custom events.
  • 快速新增推播通知到您的應用程式Add push notifications to your app in minutes

啟用步驟Activation steps

開始使用 Visual Studio App Center 非常簡單。Getting started with Visual Studio App Center is easy.

  1. 登入 in to

  2. 尋找 Visual Studio App Center 圖格,然後按一下 [開始使用]。Locate the Visual Studio App Center tile, and click Get started.

    VS App Center 磚VS App Center Tile

  3. 接著,建立帳戶。Next, create an account. 您可以使用現有的 Microsoft、Google、GitHub 或 Facebook 帳戶來登入,或提供您的使用者名稱、電子郵件與密碼來建立新帳戶。You can use existing accounts for Microsoft, Google, GitHub or Facebook to log in, or create a new account by providing your username, email, and password. 按一下 [建立帳戶] 以繼續。Click Create account to continue.

    VS App Center 建立帳戶VS App Center Create Account

  4. 就是這麼簡單。That's all there is to it. 只要按一下 [新增組織] 或 [新增應用程式] 就可以開始!Just click Add new organization or Add new app to get started!

    VS App Center 入口網站VS App Center Portal


訂用帳戶層級Subscription Level 通道Channels 優點Benefit 可續約?Renewable?
Visual Studio Enterprise (標準、每月雲端)Visual Studio Enterprise (Standard, monthly cloud) VL, Azure, 零售, NFR1VL, Azure, Retail, NFR1 已包括Included Yes
使用 GitHub Enterprise Visual Studio Enterprise 訂用帳戶Visual Studio Enterprise subscription with GitHub Enterprise VlVL 已包括Included Yes
Visual Studio Professional (標準、每月雲端)Visual Studio Professional (Standard, monthly cloud) VL, Azure, 零售VL, Azure, Retail 已包括Included Yes
使用 GitHub Enterprise Visual Studio Professional 訂用帳戶Visual Studio Professional subscription with GitHub Enterprise VlVL 已包括Included Yes
Visual Studio Test Professional (標準訂用帳戶)Visual Studio Test Professional (Standard) VL, 零售VL, Retail 已包括Included Yes
MSDN 平台 (標準)MSDN Platforms (Standard) VL, 零售VL, Retail 已包括Included Yes

1 包括:禁止轉售 (NFR) 、FTE、Visual Studio 產業合作夥伴 (VSIP) 、假想、Microsoft 合作夥伴網路 (MPN) 、MCT Software & Services、MCT Software & Services Developer、BizSpark、最有價值專家 (MVP) 區域主管 (RD) 。1 Includes: Not for Resale (NFR), FTE, Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP), Imagine, Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), MCT Software & Services, MCT Software & Services Developer, BizSpark, Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Regional Director (RD).


Microsoft 不再於雲端訂用帳戶中提供 Visual Studio Professional 年度訂用帳戶和 Visual Studio Enterprise 年度訂用帳戶。Microsoft no longer offers Visual Studio Professional Annual subscriptions and Visual Studio Enterprise Annual subscriptions in Cloud Subscriptions. 現有的客戶體驗,以及更新、增加、減少或取消其訂用帳戶的能力將不會改變。There will be no change to existing customers experience and ability to renew, increase, decrease, or cancel their subscriptions. 建議新客戶移至,以 探索購買 Visual Studio 的不同選項。New customers are encouraged to go to to explore different options to purchase Visual Studio.

不確定您使用哪一個訂用帳戶?Not sure which subscription you're using? 連接至以 查看指派給您電子郵件地址的所有訂用帳戶。Connect to to see all the subscriptions assigned to your email address. 若沒有看到您的所有訂用帳戶,可能有一或多個訂用帳戶是指派到不同的電子郵件地址。If you don't see all your subscriptions, you may have one or more assigned to a different email address. 您必須以該電子郵件地址登入才能查看對應的訂用帳戶。You'll need to sign in with that email address to see those subscriptions.

常見問題集Frequently asked questions

問:我收到不支援瀏覽器的錯誤。Q: I get an error that my browser is unsupported. 出了什麼問題?What's wrong?

答:App Center 需要一些較舊瀏覽器不提供的較新功能。A: App Center requires newer capabilities that may not be provided by some older browsers. 若不支援您的瀏覽器,請依照這些步驟執行:If your browser isn't supported, follow these steps:

  1. 開啟不同的瀏覽器,例如 Microsoft Edge 或最新版本的 Google Chrome 或 Firefox,或 Safari。Open a different browser, such as Microsoft Edge or the latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox, or Safari.
  2. 連線至 Visual Studio 並登入。Connect to the Visual Studio and sign in.
  3. 現在按一下 Visual Studio App Center 圖格上的 [開始使用] 連結。Now click on the Get started link on the Visual Studio App Center tile.

您現在應該可以存取 App Center 入口網站並建立您的帳戶。You should now be able to access the App Center portal and create your account.

支援資源Support Resources

  • 需要 App Center 的說明?Need help with App Center?
  • 如需有關 Visual Studio 訂閱的銷售、訂用帳戶、帳戶和計費的協助,請聯絡 Visual Studio 訂閱支援For assistance with sales, subscriptions, accounts and billing for Visual Studio Subscriptions, contact Visual Studio Subscriptions Support.
  • 是否有關於 Visual Studio IDE、Azure DevOps Services 或其他 Visual Studio 產品或服務的問題?Have a question about Visual Studio IDE, Azure DevOps Services or other Visual Studio products or services? 前往 Visual Studio 支援Visit Visual Studio Support.

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後續步驟Next steps

請務必啟用這些絕佳的權益,以充分運用您的 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶:Be sure to activate these great benefits to make the most of your Visual Studio subscription: