為您的客戶購買及管理 Visual Studio 雲端訂閱Buy and manage Visual Studio cloud subscriptions for your customers

雲端解決方案提供者計畫中的合作夥伴可以為他們的客戶購買 Visual Studio Enterprise 和 Visual Studio Professional 的雲端訂閱。Partners in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program can purchase Visual Studio Enterprise and Visual Studio Professional cloud subscriptions for their customers.

比較雲端訂閱選項Compare cloud subscription options


Microsoft 不再於雲端訂用帳戶中提供 Visual Studio Professional 年度訂用帳戶和 Visual Studio Enterprise 年度訂用帳戶。Microsoft no longer offers Visual Studio Professional Annual subscriptions and Visual Studio Enterprise Annual subscriptions in Cloud Subscriptions. 現有的客戶體驗,以及更新、增加、減少或取消其訂用帳戶的能力將不會改變。There will be no change to existing customers experience and ability to renew, increase, decrease, or cancel their subscriptions. 建議新客戶移至,以 https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/pricing/ 探索購買 Visual Studio 的不同選項。New customers are encouraged to go to https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/pricing/ to explore different options to purchase Visual Studio.


您必須先在合作夥伴中心設定您的客戶租用戶,為此租用戶建立 Azure 訂用帳戶。You must first set up your customer tenant in the Partner Center and create an Azure subscription for this tenant.

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誰可以購買 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶?Who can buy Visual Studio subscriptions?

擁有 Azure 訂用帳戶擁有者或參與者存取權的任何人都可以購買 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶。Anyone with owner or contributor access to the Azure subscription can purchase Visual Studio subscriptions.

如何購買How to buy

  1. 登入 Microsoft 合作夥伴中心Log into the Microsoft Partner Center.
  2. 選擇 [客戶]**** 並選取為其購買訂用帳戶的客戶。Choose Customers and select a customer to buy for.
  3. 選擇 [服務管理]****。Choose Service Management.
  4. 選擇 [Visual Studio Marketplace]****。Choose Visual Studio Marketplace.
  5. 確定您的客戶名稱出現在右上角。Make sure you're customer's name is in the upper right corner.
  6. 選擇 [ 訂閱]。Choose Subscriptions.
  7. 選擇 Visual Studio Enterprise 或 Professional。Choose Enterprise or Professional for Visual Studio.
  8. 選擇 [購買]****。Choose Buy.
  9. 選擇以 Azure 訂用帳戶支付。Choose the Azure subscription to bill for the purchase.
  10. 輸入您客戶需要的使用者數目。Enter the number of users your customer needs.
  11. 檢閱順序並確認Review the order and Confirm it.


每次以 CSP 身分購買 Visual Studio 訂閱時,您都要遵循這些步驟。You will need to follow these steps every time you purchase Visual Studio subscriptions as a CSP. 目前沒有任何可自動化購買的 API。At this time, there is no API for automation of purchasing.

確認購買之後,您就可以選擇 [管理]****,將訂用帳戶指派給您客戶的使用者。Once you confirm the purchase, you can choose Manage to assign subscriptions to your customer's end users. 您也可以選擇 [ 服務管理],從合作夥伴中心存取訂用帳戶管理員入口網站。You can also access the Subscription Admin portal from the Partner Center by choosing Service management. 在此查看步驟或以下影片。From there see the steps or video below.

如何管理您客戶的 Visual Studio 雲端訂閱How to manage Visual Studio cloud subscriptions for your customer

  1. 登入 Microsoft 合作夥伴中心Log in to the Microsoft Partner Center.
  2. 選擇 [客戶]**** 和客戶的名稱。Choose Customers and the customer's name.
  3. 選擇 [服務管理]****。Choose Service Management.
  4. 選擇 [管理 Visual Studio 訂閱]****。Choose Manage Visual Studio Subscriptions.

如果您有此客戶的多個 Azure 訂用帳戶,請使用下拉式功能表來選擇購買時所使用的 Azure 訂用帳戶。If you have more than one Azure subscription for this customer, use the drop-down menu to choose the Azure subscription through which you made the purchases. [授權摘要]**** 會向您顯示已指派的訂用帳戶數目,以及每個 Visual Studio 雲端訂閱選項可用的數目。The License Summary shows you the number of subscriptions that have been assigned and how many are available for each Visual Studio cloud subscription option. 此摘要也可讓您購買額外的訂用帳戶,或減少訂用帳戶數目。The summary also allows you to purchase additional subscriptions or reduce the number of subscriptions.

選擇 [新增]**** 將訂用帳戶指派給新的使用者。Choose add to assign a subscription to a new user. 顯示的計數隨即更新,而且使用者會收到電子郵件通知。The displayed count updates, and the end user receives an email notification. 然後使用者可以使用電子郵件地址登入,這個電子郵件地址是您提供讓他們在 Visual Studio 訂閱者入口網站中啟用 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶。The end user can then sign in using the email address you provided to activate their Visual Studio subscription in the Visual Studio subscriber portal.

若要將 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶重新指派給不同的使用者,您可以刪除目前的訂閱者,並新增新的訂閱者。To reassign a Visual Studio subscription to a different user, you can delete the current subscriber and add a new subscriber.

如果訂閱者尚未啟用其 Visual Studio 訂用帳戶,可能是因為他們遺漏了邀請電子郵件。If a subscriber hasn't activated their Visual Studio subscription, it may be because they missed the invitation email. 您也可以在 Visual Studio 管理員入口網站中要求我們向使用者重新傳送啟用邀請。You can request that we resend the activation invitation to the user from within the Visual Studio admin portal too.

檢視 CSP 合作夥伴的 Visual Studio 定價View Visual Studio pricing for CSP partners

若要檢視 CSP 合作夥伴的 Visual Studio 定價,請登入合作夥伴中心To view Visual Studio pricing for CSP partners, log into the Partner Center. 從左邊的巡覽列選擇 [Pricing and offers] (定價和供應項目)****。Choose Pricing and offers from the left nav. 選擇右上 [usage-based services] (用量型服務)**** 下的當月定價檔案。Choose the current month pricing file under usage-based services in the upper right. 下載 Excel 試算表後,請移至 [Azure Price List] (Azure 價格清單)**** 工作表,在 [計量類別目錄]**** 欄中篩選 [Visual Studio]****。Once the Excel spreadsheet downloads, go to the Azure Price List sheet, and filter the Meter Category column to Visual Studio.

以下是您所見此試算表內容的解讀方法:Here's how to interpret what you see on this spreadsheet:

計量類別Meter category NameName 單位Units 說明What this is
Visual StudioVisual Studio EnterpriseEnterprise 訂用帳戶Subscription Visual Studio Enterprise 月租方案Visual Studio Enterprise monthly subscription
Visual StudioVisual Studio ProfessionalProfessional 訂用帳戶Subscription Visual Studio Professional 月租方案Visual Studio Professional monthly subscription

我們為您購買的每個 Visual Studio 訂閱,每月從第 6 個單位起提供 5% 折扣 (適用於特定客戶)。We offer a 5% discount on the 6th unit you buy (for a given customer) each month of each Visual Studio subscription. 這就是每個訂閱選項您會看到兩列資料列的原因。That's why you see two rows for each subscription option. 一個資料列顯示「最小值」為 0,這個應該解讀為 1 至 5 個單位的基本價格。One row shows a "Minimum Value" of 0, which you should interpret as the base price for units 1 through 5. 另一個資料列顯示「最小值」為 5,這是適用於從 6 個單位起的 5% 折扣價格。The other row shows a "Minimum Value" of 5, so this is the 5% discount price that applies to units 6 and above.

常見問題集Frequently asked questions

問:雲端訂閱的月租方案如何收費?Q: How are monthly cloud subscription charges processed?

答:第一期帳單中,我們會依當月的剩餘天數按 比例分配數量。A: At the first purchase, we bill a prorated quantity to cover the remaining days in the current month. 例如,如果在 4 月 15 日購買了 10 個 Visual Studio Professional 雲端訂閱的月租方案,我們會收取 5 單位的費用,因為 4 月有 30 天,還剩下 15 天;或收取 50% 的費用,然後將 50% 按比例分配到收費的單位。For instance, if a purchase of 10 Visual Studio Professional monthly cloud subscriptions was made on April 15, then we would charge 5 units because there are 15 days left in the 30-day month, or 50% and we prorate the units charged by 50%. 自 5 月 1 日起至您取消前的每個月,會依完整的 10 個單位計費。On the first of May, and each month thereafter until you cancel, the full 10 units will be billed.

稍後當您增加付費數量時,我們也會將增加的單位按比例分配至當月的剩餘天數。When you increase the paid quantity later, we also prorate the increased units to cover the remaining days in the current month. 因此,如果您在 5 月 10 日購買 1 個以上的 Visual Studio Professional 雲端訂閱月租方案,我們大約收取 0.677 個單位的費用 (5 月有 31 天,還有 21 天)。So if you bought 1 more Visual Studio Professional monthly cloud subscription on May 10, we would bill roughly 0.677 units (21 days remaining in the 31-day month of May).

問:取消如何運作?Q: How do cancellations work?

答:當您取消 Visual Studio 雲端訂閱時,您即取消自動續約。A: When you cancel a Visual Studio cloud subscription, you are canceling automatic renewal. 訂閱保持有效直至其正常的續約日期,然後就到期。The subscription continues until its normal renewal date and then simply expires. 到期時,Visual Studio 訂閱者即無法再使用 Visual Studio 或來自訂用帳戶的任何其他權益。At expiration, the Visual Studio subscriber can no longer use Visual Studio or any other benefits from the subscription.

雲端訂閱月租方案的取消會在次月一日生效。With monthly cloud subscriptions, cancellations take effect the first day of the next month. 如果您只取消某些客戶的雲端訂閱月租方案,請務必於次月一日移除使用者,以確保正確的使用者能繼續獲指派有效的訂用帳戶。If you only cancel some of your customer's monthly cloud subscriptions, be sure to remove users on the first of the next month to ensure that the correct people continue to have active subscriptions assigned.

至於年度雲端訂閱,取消要到原購買起算 12 個月後的該月一日才會生效,或自上次年度續約收費起算 12 個月後生效。For annual cloud subscriptions, cancellations take effect the first day of the month following 12 months from the original purchase, or 12 months from the last annual renewal charge. 例如,如果您在 2018 年 1 月 3 日購買了 Visual Studio Enterprise 年度雲端訂閱,當此訂閱自動續訂一年時,就會一直保持有效到 2019 年 2 月 1 日。For instance, if you bought a Visual Studio Enterprise annual cloud subscription on January 3, 2018 then it remains active until February 1, 2019 when it automatically renews for another year. 如果您這個日期和 2020 年 2 月 1 日之間的任何時間取消訂閱,則此訂閱會在 2020 年 2 月 1 日到期。If you cancel at any time between then and February 1, 2020 then the subscription will expire on February 1, 2020. 取消方在年度雲端訂閱的訂閱年度中不會有任何退款。There is no rebate for canceling part way through the subscription year with annual cloud subscriptions.

問:Visual Studio 訂閱有哪些大量採購折扣?Q: What kind of volume discounts are available for Visual Studio subscriptions?

答:「每種類型」** 的訂用帳戶,自第 6 個開始,所有後續訂用帳戶都會獲得 5% 的折扣:A: You get a 5% discount on the 6th and all subsequent subscriptions within each type of subscription:

  • Visual Studio Professional 每月Visual Studio Professional monthly
  • Visual Studio Enterprise 每月Visual Studio Enterprise monthly

例如,如果您購買 6 個 Visual Studio Professional 每月訂閱以及 5 個 Visual Studio Enterprise 每月訂閱,您的 5 個 Professional 將支付一般價格,第 6 個 Professional 會享有 5% 折扣,而 5 個 Enterprise 訂閱則全部都支付一般價格。So, for example, if you buy 6 Visual Studio Professional monthly subscriptions and 5 Visual Studio Enterprise monthly subscriptions, you'll pay the regular price on five Professional, get a 5% discount on the 6th Professional, and pay regular price on all five Enterprise subscriptions.

而且,折扣僅適用於指定的月租方案計費期費用。Also, the discount only applies to charges in a given monthly billing period. 因此,如果您在一個月內購買 5 個 Visual Studio Professional 年度訂閱,然後在次月又購買了 5 個,則所有 10 個訂閱都要支付一般價格。So if you buy 5 Visual Studio Professional annual subscriptions in one month, and then you buy 5 more the next month, you'll pay the regular price on all ten subscriptions.

這些折扣會反映在合作夥伴中心的定價資料內。These discounts are reflected in the pricing data within the Partner Center.

問:續約是否有折扣?Q: Are there renewal discounts?

答:沒有。Visual Studio 訂閱為統一價格。A: No, prices for Visual Studio subscriptions are flat. 新訂用帳戶和續訂帳戶的價格一樣。The same price is offered for new subscriptions and continuing subscriptions.

問:CSP 有 Azure 開發/測試的定價選項嗎?Q: Are there Azure dev/test pricing options for CSPs?

答:目前沒有。A: Not at this time. 您的客戶可以充分利用 Azure 開發/測試定價,但我們並沒有任何針對 CSP 的特殊優惠。Your customers can take advantage of Azure dev/test pricing, but we do not have anything specifically for CSPs.

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