自訂現成的體驗 (OOBE) Customize the Out of Box Experience (OOBE)

當客戶第一次開啟他們的 Windows 電腦時,會看到 Windows 全新體驗 (OOBE) 。When customers turn on their Windows PCs for the first time, they will see the Windows Out of Box Experience (OOBE). OOBE 包含一系列的畫面,要求客戶接受授權合約、連線到網際網路、登入,或註冊 Microsoft 帳戶,並與 OEM 共用資訊。OOBE consists of a series of screens that require customers to accept the license agreement, connect to the internet, log in with, or sign up for a Microsoft Account, and share information with the OEM.

在 OOBE 期間,Cortana 的語音輸出字串將會藉由設定每個畫面的內容,並要求其輸入,來協助使用者。During OOBE, Cortana voice-over strings will assist users by setting the context of each screen, and requesting their input. 雖然非 sighted 的語音協助可供存取,但這項設計的重點在於提供給所有客戶。While voice assistance is more accessible to the non-sighted, the design is focused at being inclusive to all our customers. Cortana 語音旨在新穎和補充,以提升 OOBE 中所有地點的使用者參與度。Cortana voice is intended to be novel and supplementary to increase user engagement in all places in OOBE. Cortana voice 也可提供 informationally 相同但片語的資訊,以協助減少認知負載。Cortana voice also helps reduce cognitive load by offering informationally-identical, but differently-phrased information. 我們仍預期不會有 sighted 的使用者,讓螢幕讀取器可以透過 OOBE 取得。We still expect non-sighted users to enable screen readers to get through OOBE. OOBE 中的某些頁面不接受語音輸入,而是需要鍵盤或滑鼠才能完成動作。Some pages in OOBE do not accept voice input, and instead require a keyboard or mouse to complete the action. Cortana voice 會清楚地傳達輸入需求, (語音或鍵盤/滑鼠) 給使用者。Cortana voice will clearly communicate input requirements (voice or keyboard/mouse) to the user.


建議您在 OOBE 期間以65分貝尖峰磁片區為目標。We recommend you target a 65 decibel peak volume during OOBE. 若要測試此磁片區,請從2英尺 (60 釐米開始測量音訊樣本,) 離開裝置。To test for this volume, measure an audio sample from 2 feet (60 centimeters) away from the device.

OOBE 流程也是設計來藉由將工作細分成離散區塊,以大幅減少認知負載。The OOBE flow is also designed to reduce cognitive load significantly by breaking up tasks into discrete chunks. 雖然 OOBE 流程中有數個頁面,但每個頁面會向使用者要求特定的動作或輸入。Although there are several pages in the OOBE flow, each one requests a specific action or input from the user. 這對我們的平均客戶 (很有説明,甚至是許多的 power 使用者) 並已顯示大幅減少疲勞。This is helpful for our average customer (and even many power users) and has shown to reduce fatigue significantly.

OOBE 流程OOBE flow

以下是使用者在 OOBE 期間可能會看到的非詳盡畫面清單,依序:The following is a non-exhaustive list of screens the user may see during OOBE, in order:

  1. 語言選擇Language selection
  2. Cortana 歡迎畫面Cortana welcome
  3. 地區選擇Region selection
  4. 鍵盤選擇Keyboard selection
  5. 連線至網路Connect to a network
  6. 自動下載重要的 ZDP 和驅動程式更新Automatic download of critical ZDP and driver updates. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 在 OOBE 期間的 Windows 更新See Windows updates during OOBE for more details.
  7. 從 Windows 取得最新Get the latest from Windows. 在 Windows 10 之前的1803版中,此畫面的名稱是 您的電腦有更新正在等候 ,並且出現在 OOBE 結尾。Prior to Windows 10, version 1803, this screen was named Your PC has an update waiting and it appeared at the end of OOBE.
  8. (EULA 的使用者授權合約)End User License Agreement (EULA)
  9. 入或建立本機帳戶或 Microsoft 帳戶 (MSA)Sign in to, or create, a local account or Microsoft account (MSA). 如果使用者選擇本機帳戶選項,則會在 OOBE 流程的下一個畫面中顯示 使用 Microsoft 帳戶登入If a user chooses the local account option, the Sign in with Microsoft instead? screen will appear next in the OOBE flow. 此畫面鼓勵使用者使用其 MSA 登入,以獲得最佳的 Windows 體驗。This screen encourages the user to sign in with their MSA for an optimal Windows experience.
  10. 為本機帳戶建立安全性問題Create security questions for a local account. Windows 10 1803 版的新功能。New in Windows 10, version 1803. 只有當使用者選擇建立本機帳戶,而不是在上一個畫面上登入其 MSA 時,才會顯示。Only displays if the user chose to create a local account, rather than logging into their MSA, on the previous screen. 若要深入瞭解 OOBE 中的這個新畫面,請參閱 oobe 畫面詳細資料See OOBE screen details to learn more about this new screen in OOBE.
  11. Windows Hello 設定Windows Hello setup
  12. 連結手機和電腦Link your phone and PC. 僅當使用者在先前畫面上已登入其 Microsoft 帳戶並連線到網路時,才顯示此畫面。This screen will only appear if the user signed into their Microsoft account, and connected to a network, on the previous screens.
  13. 將檔儲存至 OneDriveSave files to OneDrive. 這是雲端服務頁面。This is a cloud service page.
  14. 設定 OfficeSet up Office. 只有當使用者已連線到網路,並已提供其 Microsoft 帳戶資訊時,才會顯示此畫面。This screen is only displayed if the user is connected to a network, and has provided their Microsoft account information. 該頁面上的內容將因使用者的帳戶類型而有所不同。Content on the page will vary depending on the user’s account type. 例如,如果他們的 Microsoft 帳戶符合免費試用 Office 的資格,該頁面將鼓勵他們設定免費試用版。For example, if their Microsoft account qualifies for a free trial of Office, the page will encourage them to setup their free trial. 這是雲端服務頁面。This is a cloud service page.
  15. 付款資訊Payment information. Windows 10 1803 版的新功能。New in Windows 10, version 1803. 只有當使用者從 [ 設定 office ] 畫面選擇使用 office 的免費試用版時,才會顯示。Only displays if a user opts-in to a free trial of Office from the Set up Office screen. 這是雲端服務頁面。This is a cloud service page.
  16. 將 Cortana 設為我的個人助理Make Cortana my personal assistant
  17. 隱私權設定Privacy settings. 使用者會在這個畫面上看到最多七個隱私權設定。Users will see up to seven privacy settings on this screen. 並非所有使用者都會看到相同的設定。Not all users will see the same settings.
  18. OEM 註冊頁面OEM Registration pages


在 OOBE 期間顯示的某些頁面是透過雲端服務提供,而不是隨著 Windows 版本而提供。Some pages displayed during OOBE are delivered via cloud service, as opposed to being delivered as part of a Windows release. 您可以隨時將雲端服務頁面推出給使用者或使用者群組。Cloud service pages can be rolled out to users, or groups of users, at any time. 您也可以根據使用者輸入來修改或調整頁面內容。Page content can also be modified or adapted based on user input. 使用適用于 OOBE 頁面的雲端服務可讓 Microsoft 快速提供目標相關的內容給使用者,而不是等候下一個 Windows 版本。Using cloud service for OOBE pages enables Microsoft to offer targeted, relevant content to users quickly, rather than waiting for the next Windows release.

測試 OOBE 時,請記住,在流程中可能看不到雲端服務頁面。When testing OOBE, keep in mind that you may not see cloud service pages during the flow.

Windows 歡迎畫面Windows Welcome

在 1803 Windows 10 中,Windows 歡迎畫面會在使用者完成 OOBE 並觸及其桌面時,顯示給更多使用者。In Windows 10, version 1803, Windows Welcome is displayed to more users than ever as soon as they complete OOBE and reach their desktop. 以下是 Windows 歡迎使用體驗的範例:Here's an example Windows Welcome experience:

Microsoft Edge 中的 Windows 歡迎使用體驗範例

本節內容In this section

下列主題描述 OOBE 自訂考慮。The following topics describe OOBE customization considerations.

主題Topic 描述Description
OOBE.xmlOOBE.xml 使用 OOBE.xml 來組織在 OOBE 期間顯示的任何影像,並指定自訂 Windows 10 首次執行體驗的設定。Use OOBE.xml to organize text any images displayed during OOBE, and to specify settings for customizing the Windows 10 first-run experience. 您可以使用多個 Oobe.xml 檔案來進行語言和特定區域的授權條款和設定,讓使用者可以在啟動電腦時立即看到適當的資訊。You can use multiple Oobe.xml files for language- and region-specific license terms and settings so that users see appropriate info as soon as they start their PCs. 藉由指定 Oobe.xml 檔中的資訊,您將有助於填寫一些必要的資訊,讓使用者只需要進行設定電腦所需的核心工作。By specifying information in the Oobe.xml file, you help fill in some of the required information so that users are asked to do only the core tasks required to set up their PCs.
Cortana 語音支援Cortana voice support 瞭解 Cortana voice 如何引導使用者完成 OOBE 體驗,讓使用者能夠藉由回應說出的提示來完成 OOBE 的部分。Learn how Cortana voice walks the user through the OOBE experience, enabling the user to complete parts of OOBE by responding to spoken prompts.
OOBE 螢幕詳細資料OOBE screen details 瞭解如何將 您連接到網路建立安全性問題 ,以及 OOBE 中的 付款資訊 畫面。Learn about the Let's connect you to a network , Create security questions , and Payment information screens in OOBE. 雖然這些畫面無法自訂,但在此會說明這些畫面,以提供在 OOBE 期間的使用者體驗見解。Although these screens aren't customizable, they are described here to provide insight to the user experience during OOBE.
OOBE 期間的 Windows 更新Windows Updates during OOBE 瞭解在使用者全新體驗期間,重大和非重大的 Windows 更新如何進行下載。Learn how both critical and non-critical Windows updates can download during a user's Out of Box Experience.
OEM HID 配對OEM HID pairing 在使用不配對的無線滑鼠和鍵盤的電腦上,您可以自訂在 OOBE 的第一次執行體驗期間向客戶顯示的 HID 配對畫面。On PCs that ship with an unpaired wireless mouse and keyboard, you can customize the HID pairing screens shown to the customer during the first-run experience in OOBE. 如果您包含書面指示,您必須在電腦隨附的每種語言中包含這些指示。If you include written instructions, you must include those instructions in every language that ships with the PC.
OEM 授權條款OEM license terms 您可以將 OEM 授權條款新增至 OOBE 首次執行體驗中的授權條款畫面。You can add your OEM license terms to the License Terms screen in the first-run experience of OOBE.
OEM 註冊頁面OEM registration pages 您可以在 OOBE 期間顯示 OEM 註冊畫面,以鼓勵客戶提供您的資訊。You can display OEM registration screens during OOBE to encourage customers to provide you with their information. 這可讓您提供更個人化的體驗和資訊。This enables you to provide them with a more personalized experience and information.
自動化 OOBEAutomate OOBE 使用自動安裝設定來隱藏在 OOBE 中出現的特定頁面。Use Unattend settings to hide certain pages that appear in OOBE.

OOBE Unattend.xml 元件OOBE Unattend component