您可以在企業裝置中使用整合寫入篩選器 (UWF) ,以協助保護您的實體儲存媒體,包括 OS 所支援的大部分標準可寫入儲存體類型,例如實體硬碟、固態硬碟、內部 USB 裝置、外部 SATA 裝置等等。You can use unified write filter (UWF) in your enterprise device to help protect your physical storage media, including most standard writable storage types that are supported by the OS, such as physical hard disks, solid-state drives, internal USB devices, external SATA devices, and so on. 您也可以使用 UWF,讓唯讀媒體對 OS 而言像是可寫入的磁碟區。You can also use UWF to make read-only media appear to the OS as a writeable volume.


您無法使用 UWF 來保護外部 USB 裝置或快閃磁碟機。You cannot use UWF to protect external USB devices or flash drives.

UWF 會攔截所有針對受保護磁碟區的寫入嘗試,並將其重新導向至虛擬重疊。UWF intercepts all write attempts to a protected volume and redirects those write attempts to a virtual overlay. 這將會改善您裝置的可靠性及穩定性,並減少對寫入敏感之媒體的耗損,例如快閃記憶媒體 (如固態硬碟)。This improves the reliability and stability of your device and reduces the wear on write-sensitive media, such as flash memory media like solid-state drives.

重疊不會鏡像整個磁碟區,而是會動態成長以追蹤重新導向的寫入動作。The overlay does not mirror the entire volume, but dynamically grows to keep track of redirected writes. 通常重疊會儲存在系統記憶體,雖然您可以在實體磁碟區上快取一部分的重疊。Generally the overlay is stored in system memory, although you can cache a portion of the overlay on a physical volume.


UWF 完整支援 NTFS 系統。不過,在裝置啟動期間,NTFS 檔案系統日誌檔案可能會在 UWF 載入並開始保護磁碟區前寫入受保護的磁碟區。UWF fully supports the NTFS system; however, during device startup, NTFS file system journal files can write to a protected volume before UWF has loaded and started protecting the volume.

子元素Child elements

設定Setting 描述Description
AddAllVolumesAddAllVolumes 指定是否使用 UWF 保護所有磁片區。Specifies whether to protect all volumes with UWF.
繫結Binding 指定是否要依磁碟機號或磁片區名稱系結實體磁片區。Specifies whether to bind the physical volume by drive letter or by volume name.
BootStatusPolicyBootStatusPolicy 指定 Windows 開機載入器錯誤的顯示原則。Specifies the display policy of Windows boot loader errors.
DisableAutoDefragDisableAutoDefrag 指定是否要停用自動磁片磁碟重組。Specifies whether to disable automatic disk defragmentation.
DomainSecretKeyPersistedDomainSecretKeyPersisted 指定是否要將網域秘密金鑰保存在裝置上。Specifies whether to persist the domain secret key on a device.
OverlayCriticalThresholdOverlayCriticalThreshold 指定 UWF 覆迭的重大閾值大小(以 MB 為單位)。Specifies the critical threshold size, in MB, for the UWF overlay.
OverlayFlagsOverlayFlags 指定是否允許寫入磁片區上未使用的空間,而不會被重新導向至重迭檔案。Specifies whether writes to unused space on the volume are allowed to pass through without being redirected to the overlay file.
OverlayMaximumSizeOverlayMaximumSize 指定 UWF 覆迭的重迭大小上限(以 MB 為單位)。Specifies the maximum overlay size, in MB, for the UWF overlay.
OverlayTypeOverlayType 指定 UWF 所使用的重迭儲存體類型。Specifies the type of overlay storage used by UWF.
OverlayWarningThresholdOverlayWarningThreshold 指定 UWF 的重迭警告閾值大小(以 MB 為單位)。Specifies the overlay warning threshold size, in MB, for UWF.
ProtectedVolumeListProtectedVolumeList 包含您可以針對受 UWF 保護的磁片區設定的設定。Contains settings that you can configure for the volume protected by UWF.
RegistryExceptionsUserDefinedRegistryExceptionsUserDefined 指定要排除的登錄機碼以防止篩選。Specifies the registry keys to exclude from being filtered. 當登錄機碼位於排除項目清單中時,所有寫入該登錄機碼的項目都會略過 UWF 篩選,直接寫入登錄並在裝置重新啟動之後持續留存。When a registry key is in the exclusion list, all writes to that registry key bypass UWF filtering and are written directly to the registry and persist after the device restarts.
TSCALPersistedTSCALPersisted 指定是否在 UWF 排除清單中 (TSCAL) 登錄機碼的終端機服務用戶端存取授權。Specifies whether the Terminal Services Client Access Licensing (TSCAL) registry key is in the UWF exclusion list.

適用於Applies to

若要判斷元件是否適用於您要建置的映像,請將您的映像載入 Windows SIM,並搜尋元件或設定名稱。To determine whether a component applies to the image you’re building, load your image into Windows SIM and search for the component or setting name. 如需如何查看元件和設定的相關資訊,請參閱 在回應檔案中設定元件和設定For information on how to view components and settings, see Configure Components and Settings in an Answer File.