SystemLocale 指定非 Unicode 程式所要使用的預設語言。SystemLocale specifies the default language to use for non-Unicode programs.

Windows 安裝程式和 Windows 部署服務都會使用此設定。This setting is used by both Windows Setup and Windows Deployment Services.

系統地區設定會指定預設會在系統上使用的點陣圖字型和字碼頁 (ANSI 或 DOS) 。The system locale specifies the bitmap fonts and code pages (ANSI or DOS) that are used on the system by default. 系統地區設定只會影響 ANSI (非 Unicode) 應用程式。The system locale setting affects only ANSI (non-Unicode) applications. 非 Unicode 程式的語言依系統設定決定。The language for non-Unicode programs is a per-system setting.

使用者可以在主控台的 [ 地區和語言 ] 專案中使用 [系統 管理 ] 索引標籤,以變更系統地區設定。Users can change the system locale by using the Administrative tab in the Region and Language item in Control Panel.

如需支援的語言、地區設定和識別碼清單,請參閱 支援的語言套件和預設設定For the list of supported languages, locales, and identifiers, see Supported Language Packs and Default Settings.



指定系統的地區設定。Specifies the locale of the system.

System_locale字串是以 RFC 3066 的語言標記慣例為基礎。The System_locale string is based on the language-tagging conventions of RFC 3066. 使用模式 語言-區域 ,其中 language 是語言代碼,而 區域 是國家或地區識別碼 (例如, en-usfr-fres) 。The pattern language-region is used, where language is a language code and region is a country or region identifier (for example, en-US, fr-FR, or es-ES).

此值不區分大小寫。This value is not case-sensitive.

這種字串支援空的元素。This string type supports empty elements.

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Microsoft-Windows-國際-核心 | SystemLocaleMicrosoft-Windows-International-Core | SystemLocale

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如需此元件所支援的 Windows 版本和架構清單,請參閱 Microsoft-Windows-國際核心For the list of the Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-International-Core.

XML 範例XML Example

下列範例示範如何將系統地區設定設為英文 (美國) 。The following example shows how to set the system locale to English (United States).




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