ColorDepth 指定要套用至的視訊卡的每個像素的位元色彩深度。ColorDepth specifies the bits-per-pixel color depth to apply to the video adapter.

ColorDepth設定用來設定只有 Windows PE,而且不會套用至 Windows 安裝。The ColorDepth setting is used to configure only Windows PE, and is not applied to the Windows installation. 若要變更 Windows 安裝的顯示設定,請參閱顯示Microsoft Windows Shell-安裝元件。To change the display settings for the Windows installation, see Display in the Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup component.

附註  我們建議您使用預設設定。Note   We recommend that you use the default settings. 如果您選取 Windows PE、 視訊介面卡或顯示監視器不支援此設定的值時,Windows PE 可能會顯示空白畫面,且不會顯示錯誤。If you select a value for this setting that is not supported by Windows PE, your video adapter, or the display monitor, then Windows PE might show only a blank screen and will not display an error.



指定要套用至的視訊卡的每個像素的位元色彩深度。Specifies the bits-per-pixel color depth to apply to the video adapter.

例如,若要指定的 32 位元的色彩深度,設定ColorDepth32For example, to specify a color depth of 32 bits, set ColorDepth to 32.

ColorDepth必須支援的視訊卡,以及顯示監視。The value for ColorDepth must be supported by the video adapter and the display monitor.

有效的設定階段Valid Configuration Passes


父階層Parent Hierarchy

microsoft-windows-setup- | Display | ColorDepthmicrosoft-windows-setup- | Display | ColorDepth

套用至Applies To

附註  這項設定只會影響在 BIOS 型電腦上的 Windows 安裝程式程序。Note   This setting only affects the Windows Setup process on BIOS-based computers. UEFI 型電腦不會受到這些設定。UEFI-based computers are not affected by these settings.

如需此元件支援的架構與 Windows 版本的清單,請參閱microsoft-windows-安裝程式-For a list of the Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see microsoft-windows-setup-.

XML 範例XML Example

下列的 XML 輸出會設定為 640 x 480,16 位元色彩深度與 60 赫茲以上的更新頻率的顯示器解析度。The following XML output sets the display resolution to 640x480, with 16-bit color depth and a refresh rate of 60 hertz.