OOBE 指定 Windows 體驗 (OOBE) 畫面的一些的行為。OOBE specifies the behavior of some of the Windows Out of Box Experience (OOBE) screens.

子項目Child Elements

設定Setting 描述Description
HideEULAPageHideEULAPage 隱藏 Microsoft 軟體授權條款 頁面。Hides the Microsoft Software License Terms page. Oem 和系統建造商可以使用此設定只適用於在出貨之前測試。OEMs and System Builders can use this setting only for testing prior to shipment.
HideLocalAccountScreenHideLocalAccountScreen 會隱藏 [系統管理員密碼] 畫面。Hides the Administrator password screen. 此設定僅適用於 Windows Server 版本。This setting applies only to the Windows Server editions.
HideOEMRegistrationScreenHideOEMRegistrationScreen 隱藏的 OEM 註冊頁面。Hides the OEM registration page.
HideOnlineAccountScreensHideOnlineAccountScreens 指定使用者是否必須登入在 OOBE 期間。Specifies whether the user will be required to sign-in during OOBE.
HideWirelessSetupInOOBEHideWirelessSetupInOOBE 會隱藏 [加入無線網路] 頁面。Hides the Join Wireless Network page.
NetworkLocationNetworkLocation 指定網路類型。Specifies the network type.
OEMAppIDOEMAppID 可讓 OEM 來指定應用程式資訊。Enables the OEM to specify app information.
ProtectYourPCProtectYourPC 隱藏協助保護您的電腦,並自動改善 Windows 頁面。Hides the Help protect your computer and improve Windows automatically page. 該頁面會指定是否自動下載和安裝更新。That page specifies whether updates are automatically downloaded and installed.
UnattendEnableRetailDemoUnattendEnableRetailDemo 若要啟用零售示範模式,在裝置上的使用。Use to enable retail demo mode on the device.
VMModeOptimizationsVMModeOptimizations 若要自訂使用者體驗,在虛擬機器模式中的使用。Use to customize the user experience when in VM mode.

有效的設定階段Valid Configuration Passes


父階層Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup | OOBEMicrosoft-Windows-Shell-Setup | OOBE

套用至Applies To

如需此元件支援的架構與 Windows 版本的清單,請參閱Microsoft Windows Shell-安裝For a list of the Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup.

XML 範例XML Example

下列 XML 範例會示範如何設定用於測試的 OOBE 資訊。The following XML example shows how to set OOBE information for testing.