IconID 指定資源 DLL 的完整路徑,其中包含要與 CustomPowerApplication3搭配使用的圖示。IconID specifies the full path to the resource DLL that contains the icon to use with CustomPowerApplication3.

這個設定是選擇性的。This setting is optional.

若要針對每種語言使用不同的 IconID,請建立資源檔,並使用下列格式來參考它: "filename.dll,-referenceid"。To use a different IconID for each language, create a resource file, and refer to it using the format: "filename.dll,-referenceid". 如需有關為此設定建立當地語系化文字版本的詳細資訊,請參閱搭配 使用 MUI 與應用程式主題。For information on creating localized text versions for this setting, see the topic Using the MUI with Applications.



指定要用於 CustomPowerApplication3之圖示的資源識別碼。Specifies the resource ID of the icon to use for CustomPowerApplication3.

IconID 以 @dllname,-resourceID表示,其中 dllname 必須包含資源 DLL 的完整路徑。IconID is represented as @dllname,-resourceID, where dllname must include a full path to the resource DLL. 例如,套用至物件的For example,

@%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\Resource.dll,-200.

識別碼 為字串。ID is a string.

這種字串支援空的元素。This string type supports empty elements.

有效的設定階段Valid Configuration Passes



父階層Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-microsoft-windows-stobject | CustomPowerApplication3 | IconIDMicrosoft-Windows-stobject | CustomPowerApplication3 | IconID

套用至Applies To

如需此元件支援的支援 Windows 版本和架構清單,請參閱 Microsoft windows-microsoft-windows-stobjectFor a list of the supported Windows editions and architectures this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-stobject.

XML 範例XML Example

下列 XML 輸出顯示 CustomPowerApplication3 Application.exe parameter -paramThe following XML output shows CustomPowerApplication3 Application.exe with parameter -param. IconIDItemName 都包含在 Resource.dll 檔案中。IconID and ItemName are included in the Resource.dll file.

   <IconID>@%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\Resource.dll,-200</IconID>
   <ItemName>%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\Resource.dll,-100</ItemName>