Value 指定將 Tablet PC 監視器與數位板產生關聯的資訊。Value specifies information to associate a Tablet PC monitor to a digitizer.

這項設定需要的字串值為: DigitizerPatternAdapterPatternMonitorPatternThis setting requires the string values of: DigitizerPattern , AdapterPattern , and MonitorPattern. 如需尋找裝置字串或裝置識別碼值的相關資訊,請參閱 MSDN 文章: 顯示 _ 設備EnumDisplayDevicesFor information about finding the Device String or Device ID values, see the MSDN articles: DISPLAY_DEVICE and EnumDisplayDevices.

這些模式的某些部分可能會根據安裝順序而變更。Some portions of these patterns may change depending on installation order. 為了獲得最佳結果,請僅使用裝置特有的部分字串。For best results, only use portions of the string that are unique to the device.

如果有下列情況,則會在數位板和監視之間建立關聯:An association is made between the digitizer and monitor if:

DigitizerPattern 只符合一張數位板。The DigitizerPattern matches exactly one digitizer.

AdapterPatternMonitorPattern 的組合僅符合一個監視器。The combination of AdapterPattern and MonitorPattern match exactly one monitor.


"DigitizerPattern " = DigitizerPattern "AdapterPattern |MonitorPattern""DigitizerPattern"="AdapterPattern|MonitorPattern"

指定將 Tablet PC 監視器與數位板產生關聯的資訊。Specifies the information to associate the Tablet PC monitor to the digitizer.

DigitizerPattern 是與數位板的裝置實例路徑相符的子字串。DigitizerPattern is a substring that matches the Device Instance Path of the digitizer.

AdapterPattern 是一個子字串,它會比對來自 DISPLAY_DEVICE 之 DeviceString 或 DeviceID 欄位的唯一模式。AdapterPattern is a substring that matches a unique pattern from either the DeviceString or DeviceID fields from DISPLAY_DEVICE.

MonitorPattern 是一個子字串,它會比對來自 DISPLAY_DEVICE 之 DeviceString 或 DeviceID 欄位的唯一模式。MonitorPattern is a substring that matches a unique pattern from either the DeviceString or DeviceID fields from DISPLAY_DEVICE.

不需要完全符合這些字串值。It is not required to match these string values completely. 您可以只提供裝置的唯一字串部分。You can provide just the portions of the string that are unique to the device.

這種字串不支援空的元素。This string type does not support empty elements. 請勿為這種字串建立空值。Do not create an empty value for this setting.

有效的設定階段Valid Configuration Passes


父階層Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-平板-平臺-輸入-核心 | AssociationData | AssociationElement | Microsoft-Windows-TabletPC-Platform-Input-Core| AssociationData| AssociationElement | Value

套用至Applies To

如需此元件支援的支援 Windows 版本與架構清單,請參閱 Microsoft-Windows-平板-平臺-輸入-核心For a list of the supported Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-TabletPC-Platform-Input-Core.

XML 範例XML Example

下列 XML 輸出顯示如何 AssociationData 設定,以將 TABLET PC 監視器與相同系統上的三個數字板產生關聯。The following XML output shows how to configure the AssociationData setting to associate a Tablet PC monitor to three digitizers on the same system.

在此範例中,Tablet PC 監視器的 DeviceString 是 "MONITOR \ FAB1234B \ {12ab34cd56-ef76-ab54}",而 DeviceID 欄位是「一般 PnP 監視器」。For the Tablet PC monitor in this example, the DeviceString is "MONITOR\FAB1234B\{12ab34cd56-ef76-ab54-3210fe}", and the DeviceID field is "Generic PnP Monitor". 在範例中,會為 監視器 _ 模式 選擇子字串 FAB1234B,不過也可以選擇其他唯一的子字串。The substring FAB1234B is chosen for Monitor_pattern in the example, though other choices of unique substrings are also possible.

在 Windows 系統映射管理員中,您可以使用引號輸入值。In Windows System Image Manager, you can enter values with quotation marks. 在 XML 中,引號會取代為 "In the XML, the quotation marks are replaced with ".

   <AssociationElement wcm:action="add" wcm:keyValue="Monitor1">&quot;hid#VID_1B96&amp;PID_0008&amp;REV_2100&amp;mi_01&amp;col01&quot;=&quot;PCI\\VEN_8086&amp;DEV_4102&amp;SUBSYS_16B510CF|FUJ5812&quot;</AssociationElement>
   <AssociationElement wcm:action="add" wcm:keyValue="Monitor2">&quot;hid#VID_1B96&amp;PID_0008&amp;REV_2100&amp;mi_01&amp;col02&quot;=&quot;PCI\\VEN_8086&amp;DEV_4102&amp;SUBSYS_16B510CF|FUJ5812&quot;</AssociationElement>
   <AssociationElement wcm:action="add" wcm:keyValue="Monitor3">&quot;hid#VID_1B96&amp;PID_0008&amp;REV_2100&amp;mi_01&amp;col03&quot;=&quot;PCI\\VEN_8086&amp;DEV_4102&amp;SUBSYS_16B510CF|FUJ5812&quot;</AssociationElement>