Microsoft-Windows-TwinUI元件會指定 [advanced pen] 設定。The Microsoft-Windows-TwinUI component specifies advanced pen settings.

Ink 工作區Ink Workspace

所有 Windows Ink 工作區都可用於鎖定。All of Windows Ink Workspace is available above lock. 基於隱私權考慮,這項功能預設為關閉;它是在 Windows 客戶的控制之下。This functionality is off by default for privacy reasons; it is under the control of Windows customers. 一旦透過 [設定] 開啟,使用者就可以利用畫筆按一下功能,直接啟動筆墨工作區或其任何體驗,取決於他們如何設定畫筆點擊。Once turned on via Settings, the user can utilize pen click functionality to launch Ink Workspace or any of its experiences directly depending on how they have configured their pen clicks. 根據預設,在新系統上,它是:By default on a new system, it is:

  • 單鍵 –筆跡工作區首頁Single click – Ink Workspace Home
  • 按兩下 –螢幕草圖Double click – Screen Sketch
  • 按住 (僅支援某些畫筆) –自黏便箋Press and Hold (only supported on some pens) – Sticky Notes

本節內容In this section

設定Setting 描述Description
CustomProtocolCustomProtocol 指定您使用自己的 [先進的畫筆設定] 應用程式。Specifies that you are using your own advanced Pen settings application.
[隱藏] Hide 指定是否要在 [畫筆] 和 [Windows Ink 設定] 頁面中隱藏畫筆快捷方式 UI。Specifies whether to hide the Pen shortcut UI in the Pen and Windows Ink Settings page.

適用於Applies to

若要判斷元件是否適用於您要建置的映像,請將您的映像載入 Windows SIM,並搜尋元件或設定名稱。To determine whether a component applies to the image you’re building, load your image into Windows SIM and search for the component or setting name. 如需如何查看元件和設定的相關資訊,請參閱 在回應檔案中設定元件和設定For information on how to view components and settings, see Configure Components and Settings in an Answer File.

使用 DISM 設定高級畫筆設定Set advanced Pen settings using DISM

  1. 以系統管理員權限開啟命令提示字元。Open a command prompt with administrator privileges.

  2. 掛接映像。Mount the image. 您將需要自訂下列範例,以指向您的 install .wim 目錄。You will need to customize the following example to point to your install.wim directory.

    dism /mount-wim /wimfile:c:\bootmedia\sources\install.wim /index:1 /MountDir:c:\wim

  3. 啟用此功能。Enable the feature.

    Dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:Microsoft-Windows-Twinui

  4. 認可變更。Commit the change.

    dism /unmount-wim /MountDir:c:\wim /Commit

使用 Windows 系統映射管理員 (WSIM) 設定 advanced Pen 設定應用程式Set advanced Pen settings app using Windows System Image Manager (WSIM)

  1. 開啟 Windows SIM。Open Windows SIM.

  2. 在 [檔案 ] 功能表上,按一下 [ 選取 Windows 映像 ]。On the File menu, click Select Windows Image.

  3. 在 [ 選取 Windows 映像 ] 對話方塊中,選取 [ 類型] 下拉式清單中的檔案類型,然後流覽至 Windows 映像 ( * .wim) 檔。In the Select a Windows Image dialog box, select the file type in the Files of type drop-down list, and then browse to a Windows image( *.wim) file.

  4. 如果檔案中有一種以上的 Windows 映像,請在 [ 選取映射 ] 方塊中選取特定的 windows 映射。If there is more than one type of Windows image in the file, select a specific Windows image in the Select an Image box.

    Windows 映像檔案或類別目錄檔案會出現在 [ Windows 映像 ] 窗格中。The Windows image file or catalog file appears in the Windows Image pane.

  5. 按一下 [開啟]。Click Open. 如果您先前未開啟該 Windows 映像檔案或尚未重新整理類別目錄檔案,Windows SIM 會提示您建立或重新建立類別目錄檔案。If you have not previously opened that Windows image file or have not refreshed the catalog file recently, Windows SIM prompts you to create or re-create the catalog file.

  6. 在 [ 回應 檔案] 窗格中,尋找包含您要變更之設定元件的離線服務傳遞,在此案例中為 Microsoft-Windows-TwinUI。In the Answer File pane, find the offline services pass that contains the component for the setting that you want to change, in this case Microsoft-Windows-TwinUI.

  7. 選取 Microsoft Windows TwinUI 元件。Select the Microsoft-Windows-TwinUI component.

  8. 在 [ 屬性 ] 窗格的 [ 設定 ] 區段中,為 CustomProtocol提供 "oem-app" 的值。In the Settings section of the Properties pane, provide a value for “oem-app” for CustomProtocol.