UninstallWindowsRE 指定 Windows 修復環境 (Windows RE) 是安裝或從系統中移除。UninstallWindowsRE specifies whether Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) is installed or removed from the system.

您可以藉由設定 Windows 安裝程式,以從本機硬碟解除安裝 Windows RE 來節省硬碟空間。You can save hard disk space by configuring Windows Setup to uninstall Windows RE from the local hard disk.

警告  我們建議您不要使用此設定。Warning   We recommend that you do not use this setting. 解除安裝 Windows RE 會停用 允許使用者進行疑難排解並解決啟動問題的功能。Uninstalling Windows RE disables functionalities that allow users to troubleshoot and recover from startup problems.



Windows 安裝完成後,會從本機硬碟刪除任何預設值或 OEM 穧攄鎏 Windows RE 映像。When Windows Setup completes, any default or OEM-specified Windows RE image is deleted from the local hard disk.


指定 Windows 安裝完成後,任何預設值或 OEM 穧攄鎏 Windows RE 映像 (包括預設映像) 會安裝在本機硬碟上。Specifies that when Windows Setup completes, any default or OEM-specified Windows RE image (including the default image) is installed on the local hard disk.

這是預設值。This is the default value.

有效的設定階段Valid Configuration Passes


父階層Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-WinRE-RecoveryAgent | UninstallWindowsREMicrosoft-Windows-WinRE-RecoveryAgent | UninstallWindowsRE

套用至Applies To

如需 Windows 版本與此元件支援的架構清單,請參閱Microsoft Windows-WinRE RecoveryAgentFor the list of the Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-WinRE-RecoveryAgent.

XML 範例XML Example

下列的 XML 輸出會顯示如何指示要從系統解除安裝任何預設值或 OEM 穧攄鎏 Windows RE 映像,以節省磁碟空間的 Windows。The following XML output shows how to instruct Windows to save drive space by uninstalling any default or OEM-specified Windows RE image from the system.