RadioLocation 啟用無線區域網路 (WLAN) 硬體提供指示給使用者。RadioLocation provides instructions to users for enabling the wireless local area network (WLAN) hardware. 當無線連線偵測到問題時,比方說,當無線網路介面卡已關閉時,會顯示這些指示。These instructions are displayed when a wireless connectivity problem is detected, for example, when a wireless adapter is turned off.

當您部署 WLAN 硬體,可以手動啟用或停用的可攜式電腦時,請使用此設定。Use this setting when you are deploying a portable computer with WLAN hardware that can be manually enabled or disabled.

在典型的案例中,使用者可能會停用鍵盤命令或實體交換器的 WLAN 硬體。In a typical scenario, a user may deactivate the WLAN hardware by a keyboard command or a physical switch. 更新版本中,使用者會忘記密碼時,此參數已關閉,且嘗試瀏覽網際網路。Later, the user forgets the switch is off, and tries to browse the Internet. Windows Internet Explorer 會顯示錯誤頁面。Windows Internet Explorer shows an error page. 此頁面上,從使用者選取診斷連線問題From this page, the user selects Diagnose connection problems. Windows 診斷此問題,並提供解決問題的建議。Windows diagnoses the problem, and provides a recommendation to resolve the problem.

在此電腦上的無線功能已關閉。Wireless capability on this computer is turned off.

開啟無線功能。Turn on wireless capability.

前方或側面的電腦上使用交換器或功能鍵,如果有的話,若要啟用這台電腦上的無線功能。Use the switch on the front or side of the computer, or function keys if available, to enable wireless capability on this computer.

您可以使用設定此訊息中的第三行RadioLocation來提供更特定的建議設定。The third line in this message can be configured using the RadioLocation setting to provide a more specific recommendation.



提供適用於啟用 WLAN 硬體使用者指示。Provides user instructions for enabling the WLAN hardware. RadioLocation 是一個字串。RadioLocation is a string. 字串的建議的最大長度為 128 個字元。The recommended maximum length of the string is 128 characters.

此字串類型支援空元素。This string type supports empty elements.

父階層Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-Wlansvc | RadioLocationMicrosoft-Windows-Wlansvc | RadioLocation

有效的設定階段Valid Configuration Passes



套用至Applies To

如需此元件支援的架構與 Windows 版本的清單,請參閱Microsoft-Windows-WlansvcFor a list of the Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-Wlansvc.

XML 範例XML Example

這個 XML 範例會示範如何設定 Windows 提供有關如何啟用虛構的電腦,Fabrikam 模型 FNB1 WLAN 的特定指示:This XML example shows how to configure Windows to provide specific instructions on how to activate the WLAN for the fictitious computer, Fabrikam Model FNB1:

<RadioLocation>To activate the wireless LAN on the Fabrikam Model FNB1, slide the wireless switch on the left side of the computer to ON.</RadioLocation>

這會變更的 WLAN 啟用建議:This changes the WLAN activation recommendation to:

在此電腦上的無線功能已關閉。Wireless capability on this computer is turned off.

開啟無線功能。Turn on wireless capability.

您可以藉由使用參數,通常是在上找到的前方或側面的電腦,或使用功能鍵組合。You can do this by using a switch, usually found on the front or side of the computer, or by using a function-key combination.