安全性-惡意程式碼-Windows Defender 元件會管理 Microsoft Defender。The Security-Malware-Windows-Defender component manages Microsoft Defender. Microsoft Defender 是 Microsoft 應用程式,可防止、移除及隔離間諜軟體。Microsoft Defender is a Microsoft application that can prevent, remove, and quarantine spyware.

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設定Setting DescriptionDescription
DefinitionUpdateFileSharesSourcesDefinitionUpdateFileSharesSources 設定用來下載定義更新的 UNC 檔案共用來源。Configures UNC file share sources for downloading definition updates.
EnableRemoteManagedDefaultsEnableRemoteManagedDefaults 將 Microsoft Defender 設定為在沒有本機使用者介面的遠端系統管理體驗中執行。Configures Microsoft Defender to run in a remotely managed experience with no local user interface.
FallbackOrderFallbackOrder 定義應聯繫定義更新來源的順序。Defines the order in which definition update sources should be contacted.
掃描Scan 包含設定掃描的所有設定。Contains all settings to configure the scan.
ScheduleDayScheduleDay 指定要執行排定掃描的星期幾。Specifies the day of the week to run a scheduled scan.
ScheduleTimeScheduleTime 指定執行排定掃描的當日時間。Specifies the time of day to run a scheduled scan.
ScanParametersScanParameters 指定要用於排定掃描的掃描類型。Specifies the scan type to use for a scheduled scan.
SignatureUpdateIntervalSignatureUpdateInterval 指定檢查定義更新的間隔。Specifies the interval to check for definition updates.
ThreatSeverityDefaultActionThreatSeverityDefaultAction 包含所有設定,以設定要針對威脅警示採取的預設動作。Contains all settings to configure the default action to be taken for a threat alert.
Low 指定要對威脅警示等級(低)採取的預設動作。Specifies the default action to be taken for threat alert level, Low.
Moderate 指定要針對威脅警示等級(適中)採取的預設動作。Specifies the default action to be taken for threat alert level, Moderate.
High 指定要對威脅警示等級(High)採取的預設動作。Specifies the default action to be taken for threat alert level, High.
嚴重Severe 指定要針對威脅警示等級(嚴重)採取的預設動作。Specifies the default action to be taken for threat alert level, Severe.
TrustedImageIdentifierTrustedImageIdentifier 指定唯一的識別碼,表示電腦上已安裝的檔案已經過掃描,而且不需要由 Microsoft Defender 進行其他掃描。Specifies a unique identifier that signals that the files that are installed on the computer have already been scanned, and do not require additional scans by Microsoft Defender.

套用至Applies To

若要判斷元件是否適用於您要建置的映像,請將您的映像載入 Windows SIM,並搜尋元件或設定名稱。To determine whether a component applies to the image you’re building, load your image into Windows SIM and search for the component or setting name. 如需如何查看元件和設定的相關資訊,請參閱 在回應檔案中設定元件和設定For information on how to view components and settings, see Configure Components and Settings in an Answer File.