DisableAntiSpyware 可供 Oem 和 IT 專業人員用來停用 Microsoft Defender 防毒軟體,並在部署期間部署另一個防毒軟體。DisableAntiSpyware is intended to be used by OEMs and IT Pros to disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus and deploy another antivirus product during deployment. 這是不再需要的舊版設定,因為 Microsoft Defender 防毒軟體會在偵測到另一個防毒程式時自動關閉它。This is a legacy setting that is no longer necessary as Microsoft Defender antivirus automatically turns itself off when it detects another antivirus program. 這項設定不適用於消費性裝置,因此我們決定移除此登錄機碼。This setting is not intended for consumer devices, and we’ve decided to remove this registry key. 這項變更隨附于 Microsoft Defender 反惡意程式碼平臺版本4.18.2007.8 和更高的 KB 4052623This change is included with Microsoft Defender Antimalware platform versions 4.18.2007.8 and higher KB 4052623. 企業 E3 和 E5 版本將于未來推出。Enterprise E3 and E5 editions will be released at a future date. 請注意,此設定受到 篡改保護的保護。Note that this setting is protected by tamper protection. 在 Windows 10 1903 版和更新版本的所有家用和 Pro 版中都有提供防篡改保護,且預設為啟用。Tamper protection is available in all Home and Pro editions of Windows 10 version 1903 and higher and is enabled by default. DisableAntiSpyware 移除的影響僅限於使用 Microsoft Defender 防毒軟體之前的1903版之前的 Windows 10 版本。The impact of the DisableAntiSpyware removal is limited to Windows 10 versions prior to 1903 using Microsoft Defender Antivirus. 此變更不會影響 Windows 安全性應用程式的協力廠商防毒軟體連接。This change does not impact third party antivirus connections to the Windows Security app. 這些仍會如預期般運作。Those will still work as expected.

DisableAntiSpyware 指定是否停用 Microsoft Defender 防毒軟體。DisableAntiSpyware specifies whether to disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus. Microsoft Defender 防毒軟體是可防止、移除及隔離惡意軟體(包括間諜軟體)的應用程式。Microsoft Defender Antivirus is an application that can prevent, remove, and quarantine malicious software, including spyware.


Value 描述Description
truetrue 關閉 Microsoft Defender 防毒軟體,以及協力廠商防毒軟體和應用程式。Turns off Microsoft Defender Antivirus, as well as third-party antivirus software and apps.
falsefalse 開啟 Microsoft Defender。Turns on Microsoft Defender. 這是預設值。This is the default value.


將此值設定為 true ,將不會變更用戶端裝置上的 Microsoft Defender 防毒軟體行為, (受控和非受控) 。Setting this value to true will not change Microsoft Defender Antivirus behavior on client devices (both managed and unmanaged). 此設定僅適用于 Windows Server。This setting only applies to Windows Server.

強烈建議協力廠商防毒軟體解決方案提供者使用 Microsoft 病毒方案所提供的 api (MVI) ,向 Windows 安全性中心註冊。We highly recommend that third party antivirus solution providers use the APIs provided by Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI), to register with Windows Security Center.

有效的設定階段Valid Configuration Passes




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