Windows 系統映像管理員技術參考Windows System Image Manager Technical Reference

Windows 系統映射管理員 (Windows SIM) 是您用來建立自動 Windows 安裝程式回應檔案的工具。Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM) is the tool that you use to create unattended Windows Setup answer files.

Windows SIM 隨附于 Windows ADK。Windows SIM is included with the Windows ADK. 從這個網站下載 Windows ADK。Download the Windows ADK from this website.

您可以使用 Windows 映像中的資訊 ( .wim) 檔案和目錄 ( .clg) 檔案來建立回應檔案。You can create an answer file by using information from a Windows image (.wim) file and a catalog (.clg) file. 元件設定會新增至回應檔案中適當的設定階段。Component settings are added to an appropriate configuration pass in the answer file. 您也可以新增要在 Windows 安裝程式期間安裝的封裝。You can also add packages to be installed during Windows Setup. 下列主題描述 Windows SIM 的概念資訊。The following topics describe conceptual information about Windows SIM.


如果您在使用 Windows SIM 建立類別目錄檔案時遇到問題,請參閱 Windows 影像檔案和目錄檔案總覽If you experience problems creating catalog files by using Windows SIM, see Windows Image Files and Catalog Files Overview. 本主題包含建立類別目錄檔案的已知問題和因應措施的相關資訊。This topic contains information about known issues and workarounds for creating catalog files.

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Windows 系統映射管理員總覽主題Windows System Image Manager Overview Topics

提供有關部署 Windows 的 Windows SIM、使用者介面和重要概念的總覽。Provides an overview of Windows SIM, the user interface, and important concepts for deploying Windows.

Windows 系統映射管理員的 how to 主題Windows System Image Manager How-to Topics

提供使用 Windows SIM 的作法指示。Provides how-to instructions for using Windows SIM.

Windows 系統映射管理員參考主題Windows System Image Manager Reference Topics

描述 Windows SIM 的參考資訊。Describes reference information for Windows SIM. 此資訊包含元件和設定,以及 Windows SIM 的運作方式。This information includes components and settings and how Windows SIM works.

部署映射服務與管理 (DISM) 技術參考Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) Technical Reference