UWF 重迭 _ 。 GetOverlayFilesUWF_Overlay.GetOverlayFiles

傳回在統一寫入篩選器 (UWF) 重迭中快取的磁片區檔案清單。Returns a list of files of a volume that were cached in the Unified Write Filter (UWF) overlay.


UInt32 GetOverlayFiles(
    [in] string Volume,
    [out, EmbeddedInstance("UWF_OverlayFile")] string OverlayFiles[]


磁片 區指定磁碟機號或磁片區名稱的字串。Volume A string that specifies the drive letter or volume name.

OverlayFiles 內嵌為字串的 UWF _ OverlayFiles 物件陣列。OverlayFiles An array of UWF_OverlayFiles objects embedded as strings.

傳回值Return Value

傳回 HRESULT 值,指出 wmi 狀態wmi 錯誤Returns an HRESULT value that indicates WMI status or a WMI error.


您必須使用系統管理員帳戶來存取此方法。You must use an administrator account to access this method.

GetOverlayFiles 方法是用來做為診斷工具。The GetOverlayFiles method is intended to be used as a diagnostic tool.

請勿根據此方法的輸出來決定要認可的內容。Do not base decisions about what to commit based on this method’s output.

您應該注意下列限制:You should be aware of the following limitations:

  • 只有 NTFS 檔案系統支援此方法。This method is only supported on the NTFS file system.
  • 此方法需要大量的可用系統記憶體,才能成功地 (線性關聯性,以重迭使用) 。This method requires a significant amount of free system memory to succeed (in a linear relationship to overlay usage). 當沒有足夠的記憶體可完成呼叫時,方法呼叫會失敗。The method call fails when there is insufficient memory available to complete the call.
  • 此方法需要很長的時間才能完成 (與重迭使用) 的指數關聯性。This method requires significant time to complete (in an exponential relationship to overlay usage).
  • 此方法可能會顯示對登錄和檔案排除專案和認可的看似不相關作業所影響的檔案。This method may show files that are affected by seemingly unrelated operations to both registry and file exclusions and commits.

當您使用 GetOverlayFiles 方法時,您也應該知道下列專案:You should also be aware of the following items when you use the GetOverlayFiles method:

  • 使用命令認可的檔案 uwfmgr.exe file commit 也會包含在 [覆迭檔案] 清單中。Files that were committed with the uwfmgr.exe file commit command are also contained in the overlay files list.
  • 排除的檔案可能包含在重迭檔案清單中。Excluded files may be contained in the overlay files list.
  • 小於叢集大小的檔案 (例如,在大部分情況下為 4 KB) 將不會列出,即使它們是在重迭中快取也一樣。Files that are smaller than the cluster size (for example, 4 KB in most cases) will not be listed even if they are cached in overlay.
  • 排除的目錄、排除的檔案或排除的登錄專案的變更和刪除會新增至重迭使用。Changes and deletions in excluded directories, excluded files, or excluded registry items add to overlay usage.
  • 檔案和登錄認可會新增至重迭使用。File and registry commits add to overlay usage.


Windows 版本Windows Edition 支援Supported
Windows 10 HomeWindows 10 Home No
Windows 10 ProWindows 10 Pro No
Windows 10 EnterpriseWindows 10 Enterprise Yes
Windows 10 EducationWindows 10 Education Yes

UWF _ 覆迭UWF_Overlay

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