UWF _ 磁片區。保護UWF_Volume.Protect

啟用整合寫入篩選器 (UWF) 在下次系統重新開機之後保護磁片區(如果在重新開機後啟用 UWF)。Enables Unified Write Filter (UWF) to protect the volume after the next system restart, if UWF is enabled after the restart.


UInt32 Protect();



傳回值Return Value

傳回 HRESULT 值,指出 wmi 狀態wmi 錯誤常數Returns an HRESULT value that indicates WMI status or a WMI error constant.


UWF 會在下一次啟用 UWF 的裝置重新開機之後,開始保護磁片區。UWF starts protecting the volume after the next device restart in which UWF is enabled.

如果已停用,則這個方法不會啟用 UWF;您必須明確啟用 UWF,才能讓下一個會話啟動磁片區保護。This method does not enable UWF if it is disabled; you must explicitly enable UWF for the next session to start volume protection.


Windows 版本Windows Edition 支援Supported
Windows 10 HomeWindows 10 Home No
Windows 10 ProWindows 10 Pro No
Windows 10 EnterpriseWindows 10 Enterprise Yes
Windows 10 EducationWindows 10 Education Yes

UWF _ 磁片區UWF_Volume

統一寫入篩選器Unified Write Filter