AuditSystem設定階段會以 audit 模式處理系統內容中的自動 Windows®安裝設定。The auditSystem configuration pass processes unattended Windows® Setup settings in system context in audit mode. AuditSystem設定階段會在auditUser設定階段之前立即執行,用來套用使用者內容中的設定。The auditSystem configuration pass runs immediately before the auditUser configuration pass, which is used to apply settings in user context. 當 Windows 開機進入 audit 模式時,系統會處理auditSystem設定階段和 auditUser 自動 Windows 安裝程式設定。When Windows boots to audit mode, the auditSystem configuration pass and the auditUser unattended Windows Setup settings are processed.


您不需要明確啟用內建的系統管理員帳戶,或使用回應檔案來指定帳戶的自動登入,以便在 auditSystem 和 auditUser 階段中執行命令。It is not necessary to explicitly enable the built-in Administrator account or specify an autologon of the account using an answer file in order to run commands in the auditSystem and auditUser passes. 這麼做可防止映射或裝置順利進入全新體驗(OOBE)。Doing so can prevent the image or device from entering the Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE) successfully. 當開機進入 Audit 模式時,會自動啟用內建的系統管理員帳戶,預設會在 auditUser 階段中用來執行腳本,並會用來自動登入。When booting into Audit Mode, the built-in Administrator account is automatically enabled, is used to run scripts during auditUser pass by default, and is used to sign in automatically.

Audit 模式可讓 Oem 和企業將其他設備磁碟機、應用程式和其他更新安裝到主要 Windows 映像。Audit mode enables OEMs and corporations to install additional device drivers, applications, and other updates to a master Windows image. 藉由使用 audit 模式,您可以維護較少的映射,因為您可以使用最少的驅動程式和應用程式來建立參照映射。By using audit mode, you can maintain fewer images because you can create a reference image with a minimal set of drivers and applications. 接著,您可以在 audit 模式期間,使用其他驅動程式來更新參照映射。The reference image can then be updated with additional drivers during audit mode. 此外,您也可以在將電腦寄送給客戶之前,先測試並解決 Windows 映像上的故障或不正確安裝的任何相關問題。Additionally, you can then test and resolve any issues related to malfunctioning or incorrectly installed devices on the Windows image before shipping the computer to a customer. 稽核模式是選用的。Audit mode is optional.

下圖顯示以 audit 模式處理auditSystem設定階段的時機。The following diagram shows when the auditSystem configuration pass is processed in audit mode.

auditmode 設定階段

只有當您將 Windows 安裝程式設定為開機進入 audit 模式時,才會執行auditSystem設定階段。The auditSystem configuration pass runs only when you configure Windows Setup to boot into audit mode. 您可以使用sysprep命令搭配audit選項或sysprep命令搭配一般化audit選項來開機至 Audit 模式,或者您也可以在 Microsoft-Windows 部署元件中指定重新封裝設定。You can boot to audit mode by using the sysprep command with the audit option, or the sysprep command with the generalize and audit options, or you can specify the Reseal setting in the Microsoft-Windows-Deployment component. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱Audit 模式總覽啟動 Windows 以進行 AUDIT 模式或 OOBEFor more information, see Audit Mode Overview and Boot Windows to Audit Mode or OOBE.

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