OobeSystem 設定階段會設定在使用者第一次開機體驗期間套用的設定,也稱為全新體驗 (OOBE) 。The oobeSystem configuration pass configures settings that are applied during the end-user first-boot experience, also called Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE). OobeSystem 設定階段設定會在使用者第一次登入 Windows®之前處理。The oobeSystem configuration pass settings are processed before a user first logs on to Windows®.

預設體驗 (OOBE) 會在使用者第一次啟動新設定的電腦時執行。Out-of-Box-Experience (OOBE) runs the first time the user starts a newly configured computer. OOBE 會在執行 Windows shell 或任何其他軟體之前執行,並執行一組設定和執行 Windows 所需的工作。OOBE runs before the Windows shell or any additional software runs, and it performs a small set of tasks that are required to configure and run Windows.

下圖說明當使用者第一次啟動新設定的電腦時所發生的進程。The following diagram illustrates the process that occurs when an end user first boots a newly configured computer. 結果是 OOBE 或使用者的首次開機體驗。The result is OOBE, or a user's first-boot experience.

windows 歡迎畫面設定階段

您可以使用 /oobe 選項執行 sysprep 命令,將 Windows 設定為開機至 OOBE。You can configure Windows to boot to OOBE by running the sysprep command by using the /oobe option. 根據預設,在執行 Windows 安裝程式之後,OOBE 便會啟動。By default, after running Windows Setup, OOBE starts.

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