可讓您從命令提示字元備份和還原作業系統、磁片區、檔案、資料夾和應用程式。Enables you to back up and restore your operating system, volumes, files, folders, and applications from a command prompt.

若要設定定期排定的備份,您必須是Administrators群組的成員。To configure a regularly scheduled backup, you must be a member of the Administrators group. 若要使用此命令執行所有其他工作,您必須是Backup OperatorsAdministrators群組的成員,或者必須已被委派適當的許可權。To perform all other tasks with this command, you must be a member of the Backup Operators or the Administrators group, or you must have been delegated the appropriate permissions.

您必須從提升許可權的命令提示字元執行wbadminYou must run wbadmin from an elevated command prompt. (開啟提升許可權的命令提示字元,以滑鼠右鍵按一下 [命令提示字元],然後按一下 [以系統管理員身分執行]。 ) (To open an elevated command prompt, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.)


子命令Subcommand 描述Description
Wbadmin enable backupWbadmin enable backup 設定並啟用定期排程的備份。Configures and enables a regularly scheduled backup.
Wbadmin disable backupWbadmin disable backup 停用您的每日備份。Disables your daily backups.
Wbadmin start backupWbadmin start backup 執行一次性備份。Runs a one-time backup. 如果與沒有參數搭配使用,則會使用每日備份排程的設定。If used with no parameters, uses the settings from the daily backup schedule.
Wbadmin stop jobWbadmin stop job 停止目前正在執行的備份或復原作業。Stops the currently running backup or recovery operation.
Wbadmin get versionsWbadmin get versions 列出可從本機電腦復原的備份詳細資料,或從另一部電腦指定另一個位置。Lists details of backups recoverable from the local computer or, if another location is specified, from another computer.
Wbadmin get itemsWbadmin get items 列出備份中所包含的專案。Lists the items included in a backup.
Wbadmin start recoveryWbadmin start recovery 執行指定的磁片區、應用程式、檔案或資料夾的復原。Runs a recovery of the volumes, applications, files, or folders specified.
Wbadmin get statusWbadmin get status 顯示目前正在執行之備份或復原作業的狀態。Shows the status of the currently running backup or recovery operation.
Wbadmin get disksWbadmin get disks 列出目前上線的磁片。Lists disks that are currently online.
Wbadmin start systemstaterecoveryWbadmin start systemstaterecovery 執行系統狀態復原。Runs a system state recovery.
Wbadmin start systemstatebackupWbadmin start systemstatebackup 執行系統狀態備份。Runs a system state backup.
Wbadmin delete systemstatebackupWbadmin delete systemstatebackup 刪除一或多個系統狀態備份。Deletes one or more system state backups.
Wbadmin start sysrecoveryWbadmin start sysrecovery 執行完整系統的復原 (至少包含作業系統狀態) 的所有磁片區。Runs a recovery of the full system (at least all the volumes that contain the operating system's state). 只有當您使用 Windows 修復環境時,才能使用此子命令。This subcommand is only available if you are using the Windows Recovery Environment.
Wbadmin restore catalogWbadmin restore catalog 當本機電腦上的備份類別目錄已損毀時,從指定的儲存位置復原備份類別目錄。Recovers a backup catalog from a specified storage location in the case where the backup catalog on the local computer has been corrupted.
Wbadmin delete catalogWbadmin delete catalog 刪除本機電腦上的備份類別目錄。Deletes the backup catalog on the local computer. 只有當這部電腦上的備份類別目錄已損毀,而且您沒有將備份儲存在另一個可用來還原類別目錄的位置時,才使用此子命令。Use this subcommand only if the backup catalog on this computer is corrupted and you have no backups stored at another location that you can use to restore the catalog.

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