WSUS 和類別目錄網站WSUS and the Catalog Site

適用於:Windows Server (半年通道)、Windows Server 2016、Windows Server 2012 R2、Windows Server 2012Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

目錄網站是您可以從中匯入修補程式和硬體驅動程式的 Microsoft 位置。The Catalog Site is the Microsoft location from which you can import hotfixes and hardware drivers.

Microsoft Update 目錄網站The Microsoft Update Catalog Site

為了將修補程式匯入 WSUS,您必須從 WSUS 電腦存取 Microsoft Update 目錄網站。In order to import hotfixes into WSUS, you must access the Microsoft Update Catalog Site from a WSUS computer. 任何已安裝 WSUS 系統管理主控台的電腦(不論是否為 WSUS 伺服器)都可以用來從類別目錄網站匯入修補程式。Any computer that has the WSUS administrative console installed, whether or not it is a WSUS server, can be used to import hotfixes from the Catalog Site. 您必須以系統管理員的身分登入電腦,才能匯入修補程式。You must be logged on to the computer as an administrator to import the hotfixes.

存取 Microsoft Update 目錄網站To access the Microsoft Update Catalog Site

  1. 在 WSUS 系統管理主控台中,選取頂端伺服器節點或更新,然後在 [動作] 窗格中按一下 [匯入更新]。In the WSUS administrative console, select either the top server node or Updates, and in the Actions pane click import Updates. 瀏覽器視窗會在 Microsoft Update 目錄網站上開啟。A browser window will open at the Microsoft Update Catalog Web site.

  2. 若要存取這個網站上的更新,您必須安裝 Microsoft Update Catalog activeX 控制項。In order to access the updates at this site, you must install the Microsoft Update Catalog activeX control.

  3. 您可以流覽此網站以取得 Windows 修補程式和硬體驅動程式。You can browse this site for Windows hotfixes and hardware drivers. 當您找到想要的專案時,請將其新增至您的購物籃。When you have found the ones you want, add them to your basket.

  4. 當您完成流覽時,請移至購物籃,然後按一下 [匯入] 以匯入您的更新。When you have finished browsing, go to the basket and click import to import your updates. 若要下載更新而不匯入,請清除 [直接匯入 Windows Server Update Services ] 核取方塊。To download the updates without importing them, clear the import directly into Windows Server Update Services checkbox.

從 Microsoft Update 目錄網站匯入的核准更新會在下次 WSUS 伺服器進行同步處理時下載。Approved updates imported from the Microsoft Update Catalog Site are downloaded the next time the WSUS server synchronizes. 從 Microsoft Update 目錄網站匯入時,不會下載它們。They are not downloaded at the time of import from the Microsoft Update Catalog Site.

請注意,您必須透過 WSUS 主控台存取 Microsoft Update 目錄網站,以確保以與 WSUS 相容的格式匯入更新。Note that you must access the Microsoft Update Catalog Site though the WSUS console to ensure that the updates are imported in a WSUS-compatible format. 如果您以手動方式存取 Microsoft Update 目錄網站,則您下載的任何更新都不會匯入到 WSUS 伺服器,而是以個別的 * 下載。MSU 檔案。If you access the Microsoft Update Catalog website manually, any updates that you download are not imported into the WSUS server, but instead are downloaded as individual *.MSU files. WSUS 目前不支援在 *中匯入檔案的機制。MSU 格式。WSUS does not currently have a supported mechanism for importing files in the *.MSU format.

如果您執行 [伺服器清理嚮導],從已設定為 [未核准] 或 [已拒絕] 的 Microsoft Update 目錄匯入的更新,可能會從 WSUS 伺服器中移除。If you run The Server cleanup Wizard, updates imported from the Microsoft Update Catalog that are set as Not Approved or as Declined may be removed from the WSUS server. 如果已移除,則可以從 Microsoft Update 目錄重新匯入它們。If they are removed, they can be re-imported from the Microsoft Update Catalog.


您可以藉由執行 [WSUS 伺服器清理嚮導],從已設定為 [未核准] 或 [已拒絕] 的 Microsoft Update 目錄中移除匯入的更新。You can remove updates that are imported from the Microsoft Update Catalog that are set as either Not Approved or Declined, by running the WSUS Server cleanup Wizard. 您可以重新匯入先前已透過 Microsoft Update 目錄從 WSUS 系統移除的更新。You can re-imported updates that have been previously removed from your WSUS systems through the Microsoft Update Catalog.

限制對修補程式的存取Restricting access to hotfixes

WSUS 系統管理員可能會考慮限制他們從 Microsoft Update 類別目錄網站下載的修復程式的存取權。WSUS administrators might consider restricting access to the hotfixes they have downloaded from the Microsoft Update Catalog Site. 為了進行這項限制,請遵循下列步驟:In order to make this restriction follow the steps below:

限制對修補程式的存取To restrict access to hotfixes

  1. 在 [IIS 內容] vroot 上啟用 [Windows 驗證]。Enable Windows authentication on the IIS Content vroot.

    • 啟動 IIS 管理員。Start IIS Manager.

    • 流覽至 [WSUS 系統管理] 網站底下的 [內容] 節點。Navigate to the content node under WSUS Administration web site.

    • 在 [內容] 首頁窗格中,按兩下 [驗證] 選項。On the Content Home pane, double click in the Authentication option.

    • 選取 [匿名驗證],然後按一下右邊 [動作] 窗格中的 [用]。Select Anonymous Authentication and click Disable in the Actions pane on the right.

    • 選取 [ Windows 驗證],然後按一下右邊 [動作] 窗格中的 [啟用]。Select Windows Authentication and click Enable in the Actions pane on the right.

  2. 為需要此修補程式的電腦建立 WSUS 目標群組,並將其新增至群組。Create a WSUS target group for the computers that need the hotfix, and add them to the group. 如需電腦和群組的詳細資訊,請參閱本指南中的管理 Wsus 用戶端電腦和 wsus 電腦群組和第3.3 節。在 wsus 部署指南中設定步驟3:設定 wsus 的 wsus 電腦群組。For more information about computers and groups, see Managing WSUS Client computers and WSUS computer Groups in this guide, and section 3.3. Configure WSUS computer groups of Step 3: Configure WSUS, in the WSUS deployment guide.

  3. 下載此修補程式的檔。Download the files for the hotfix.

  4. 設定這些檔案的許可權,如此一來,只有那些電腦的機器帳戶可以讀取這些檔案。Set the permissions of these files so that only machine accounts of those machines can read them. 您也必須允許 Network Service 帳戶完整存取檔案。You will also need to allow the Network Service account full access to the files.

  5. 為在步驟2中建立的 WSUS 目標群組核准此修補程式。Approve the hotfix for the WSUS target group created in Step 2.

匯入不同語言的更新Importing updates in different languages

Microsoft Update Catalog 網站包含支援多種語言的更新。The Microsoft Update Catalog Web site includes updates that support multiple languages. 務必符合WSUS 伺服器支援的語言與這些更新所支援的語言。It is very important to match the languages supported by the WSUS server with the languages supported by these updates. 如果 WSUS 伺服器不支援更新中包含的所有語言,更新就不會部署到用戶端電腦。If the WSUS server does not support all the languages included in the update, the update will not be deployed to client computers. 同樣地,如果支援多種語言的更新已下載到 WSUS 伺服器,但尚未部署到用戶端電腦,而且系統管理員取消選擇更新包含的其中一種語言,更新就不會部署到用戶端。Likewise, if an update supporting multiple languages has been downloaded to the WSUS server but not yet deployed to client computers, and an administrator deselects one of the languages included the update, the update will not be deployed to the clients.