Windows Server 版本 1709 簡介Introducing Windows Server, version 1709

適用於:Windows Server (半年度管道)Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel)

Windows Server 版本 1709 是在新推出的半年度管道中發行的第一個版本。Windows Server, version 1709 is the first release in the new Semi-Annual Channel.

半年度管道是什麼,以及不是什麼What the Semi-Annual Channel is--and isn't

Windows Server 版本 1709 是這個新管道中的第一個發行版本,因此不是 Windows Server 2016 的「更新」或「Service Pack」。As the first release in this new channel, Windows Server, version 1709 is not an "update" or "service pack" for Windows Server 2016. 它是新發行管道中首個一年兩次伺服器版本,專門設計給追隨「雲端節奏」進展的客戶,例如:處於快速開發週期的客戶,或跟上最新 Hyper-V 投資的主機服務提供者It's the first of twice-yearly server releases on a new release track that is designed for customers who are moving at a “cloud cadence," such as those on rapid development cycles or hosters keeping up with the latest Hyper-V investments. 在此管道中發行的每個版本都會從初始版本開始提供 18 個月的支援。Each release in this track is supported for 18 months from the initial release. 如需半年度管道的詳細資訊,以及判斷應加入哪個管道的提示 (或維持不變),請參閱半年度管道概觀For more about Semi-Annual Channel, plus tips for deciding which channel to join (or remain on) see Semi-Annual Channel Overview.

長期維護管道 (LTSC) 目前的產品是 Windows Server 2016The current Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) product is Windows Server 2016. 如果您需要伺服器作業系統的長期穩定性與可預測性以便支援傳統工作負載和應用程式,則 LTSC 適合您。The LTSC is best if you need long-term stability and predictability in your server operating system to support traditional workloads and applications. 如果您想要繼續留在 LTSC 中,就應該安裝 (或繼續使用) Windows Server 2016,而您可以在 Server Core 模式或「含有桌面體驗的伺服器」模式下進行安裝。If you want to stay in the LTSC, you should install (or continue using) Windows Server 2016, which can be installed in either Server Core mode or Server with Desktop Experience mode. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱開始使用 WindowsServer 2016See Get Started with Windows Server 2016 for details.

1709 有何不同?What's different about 1709?

Windows Server 版本 1709 在 Server Core 模式下執行。Windows Server, version 1709 runs in Server Core mode. 這表示沒有圖形化使用者介面,因此您會從遠端進行管理。That means there is no graphical user interface, so you manage it remotely. 不過,卻提供了很大的優勢,例如硬體需求更低、攻擊面大幅縮小,以及需要的更新次數減少。However, it offers great advantages such as smaller hardware requirements, much smaller attack surface, and a reduction in the need for updates. 如果您對使用 Server Core 還很生疏,管理 Server Core 伺服器可協助您熟悉這個環境。If you're new to working with Server Core, Manage a Server Core server will help you get used to this environment. 管理 Windows Server 2016 會告訴您從遠端管理伺服器的各種不同選項。Manage Windows Server 2016 shows you the various options for managing servers remotely.

Windows Server 版本 1709 的新功能向您介紹 Windows Server 版本 1709 中加入的新特色及功能。What's New in Windows Server version 1709 introduces you to the new features and functionality added in Windows Server, version 1709.

為什麼 Windows Server 版本 1709 只有提供 Server Core 安裝選項?Why does Windows Server, version 1709 offer only the Server Core installation option?

每一次規劃 Windows Server 發行版本時,我們採用的最重要步驟就是傾聽客戶意見反應:您使用 Windows Server 的情況如何?One of the most important steps we take in planning each release of Windows Server is listening to customer feedback – how are you using Windows Server? 哪些功能會對您的 Windows Server 部署造成極大影響,甚至衝擊日常業務?What new features will have the greatest impact on your Windows Server deployments, and by extension, your day-to-day business? 您的意見反應讓我們知道盡快且盡可能有效率提供新創新是主要優先考量。Your feedback tells us that delivering new innovation as quickly and efficiently as possible is a key priority. 此時就那些以最快速度進行創新的客戶來看,我們得知他們主要使用 PowerShell 的命令列指令碼來管理資料中心,因此對含有桌面體驗的 Windows Server 安裝中提供的桌面 GUI 沒有強烈需求。At the same time, for those customers innovating most quickly, you’ve told us that you’re primarily using command line scripting with PowerShell to manage your datacenters, and as such don’t have a strong need for the desktop GUI available in the installation of Windows Server with Desktop Experience. 我們只要將重點放在 Server Core 安裝選項,就可以將更多資源投向這些新創新,同時還能維持傳統 Windows Server 平台功能及應用程式相容性。By focusing on the Server Core installation option, we’re able to dedicate more resources toward those new innovations, while also maintaining traditional Windows Server platform functionality and application compatibility. 如果您有關於這一點或其他有關 Windows Server 及未來發行版本之問題的意見反應,可以透過意見反應中樞提出建議和意見。If you have feedback about this or other issues concerning Windows Server and our future releases, you can make suggestions and comments through the Feedback Hub.

Nano Server 又會是怎樣呢?What about Nano Server?

Nano Server 是以容器作業系統形式來提供。Nano Server is available as a container operating system. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱Nano Server 在 Windows Server 半年度管道中的變更See Changes to Nano Server in Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel for details.

關於本次發行版本的其他資訊Additional information about this release

為了全面深入了解 Windows Server 版本 1709 的重要事項,您也應該在進行安裝前,先檢閱下列主題:To get a comprehensive view of the key facts about Windows Server, version 1709, you should also review these topics prior to installing it:

何處可以取得 Windows Server 版本 1709Where to obtain Windows Server, version 1709

此版本應以全新安裝方式進行安裝。This release should be installed as a clean installation.

啟用 Windows Server 版本 1709Activating Windows Server, version 1709

  • 如果您已從大量授權服務中心取得此版本,可以使用您的 Windows Server 2016 啟用金鑰進行啟用。If you've obtained this release from the Volume Licensing Service Center, you can activate it by using your Windows Server 2016 activation key.
  • 如果使用的是 Microsoft Azure,應該會自動啟用此版本。If you are using Microsoft Azure, this release should automatically be activated.
  • 如果是透過 Visual Studio 訂閱取得,也應該會自動啟用此版本。If you obtain this release from Visual Studio Subscriptions, it should automatically be activated.