Nano Server 在 Windows Server 半年度管道中的變更Changes to Nano Server in Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel

適用於:Windows Server 半年度管道Applies To: Windows Server, Semi-Annual Channel

Windows Server 半年通道概觀中所述,Windows Server 版本 1803 是半年通道中的最新版本。As described in Window Server Semi-Annual Channel Overview, Windows Server, version 1803 is the latest release in the Semi-Annual Channel.

如果您已經在執行 Nano 伺服器,對此維護模型就會很熟悉,因為最新商務分支 (CBB) 模型原先即已提供此服務。If you're already running Nano Server, this servicing model will be familiar, since it was formerly serviced by the Current Branch for Business (CBB) model. Windows Server 新推出的半年通道只是同一模型的新名稱。Windows Server's new Semi-Annual Channel is just a new name for the same model. 在此模型中,Nano 伺服器預期每年會有兩到三次的功能更新版本。In this model, feature update releases of Nano Server are expected two to three times per year.

不過,在此次發行的 Windows Server 版本 1803 中,Nano 伺服器僅以容器基底 OS 映像的形式來提供。However, with this release of Windows Server, version 1803, Nano Server is available only as a container base OS image. 您必須將其當做容器主機 (例如 Windows Server 的 Server Core 安裝) 中的容器來執行。You must run it as a container in a container host, such as a Server Core installation of Windows Server. 在此版本與在舊版本中執行以 Nano 伺服器 為基礎的容器,有下列不同之處:Running a container based on Nano Server in this release differs from earlier releases in these ways:

  • Nano Server 已針對 .NET Core 應用程式進行最佳化。Nano Server has been optimized for .NET Core applications.
  • Nano Server 比 Windows Server 2016 版本還要小。Nano Server is even smaller than the Windows Server 2016 version.
  • 預設不再包含 PowerShell Core、.NET Core 和 WMI are,但是您可以在建置容器時將 PowerShell Core.NET Core 容器封裝納入。PowerShell Core, .NET Core, and WMI are no longer included by default, but you can include PowerShell Core and .NET Core container packages when building your container.
  • 不再有維護堆疊包含在 Nano Server 中。There is no longer a servicing stack included in Nano Server. Microsoft 會將更新的 Nano 容器發佈到您重新部署的 Docker Hub。Microsoft publishes an updated Nano container to Docker Hub that you redeploy.
  • 您可以使用 Docker 對新的 Nano 容器進行疑難排解。You troubleshoot the new Nano Container by using Docker.
  • 您現在可以在 IoT 核心版上執行 Nano 容器。You can now run Nano containers on IoT Core.

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