Windows Server 半年通道概觀Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel overview

適用於:Windows Server (半年通道)Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel)

Windows Server 發行模型提供新的選項,以便與類似的 Windows 10Office 365 專業增強版發行及維護模型取得一致。The Windows Server release model is offering a new option in order to align with similar release and servicing models for Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. 如果您一直在使用 Windows 10 或 Office 365 專業增強版,可能對這些改進已經很熟悉。If you've been working with Windows 10 or Office 365 ProPlus, these improvements might already be familiar to you.

Windows Server 客戶會有兩個適用的主要發行通道:長期維護通道以及新的半年通道。There will be two primary release channels available to Windows Server customers, the Long-Term Servicing Channel, and the new Semi-Annual Channel. 您可以將伺服器保持在長期維護通道 (LTSC)、將它們移到新的半年通道,或在任一通道上各保持一些伺服器,端視何者最適合您的需求。You can keep servers on the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC), move them to the new Semi-Annual Channel, or have some servers on either track, depending on what works best for your needs.

按一下以下 Microsoft Mechanics 影片,了解更新發行模型 (特別是半年通道) 的概觀。Click the following Microsoft Mechanics video for an overview of the updated release model, particularly the Semi-Annual Channel.

![YMichael Niehouse 說明半年通道運作方式的 YouTube 影片]ouTube video of Michael Niehouse explaining how the Semi-Annual Channel works](media/SAC_vid_crop.jpg)

長期維護通道 (LTSC)Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC)

這是您已經熟悉的發行模型 (先前稱為「長期維護分支」),Windows Server 依此模型每隔 2-3 年發行一次新的主要版本。This is the release model you’re already familiar with (formerly called the “Long-Term Servicing Branch”) where a new major version of Windows Server is released every 2-3 years. 使用者有權接受 5 年的主要支援和 5 年的延伸支援。Users are entitled to 5 years of mainstream support and 5 years of extended support. 此通道適用於需要較長期維護選項及功能穩定性的系統。This channel is appropriate for systems that require a longer servicing option and functional stability. Windows Server 2016 及舊版 Windows Server 的部署不會受到新的半年通道發行影響。Deployments of Windows Server 2016 and earlier versions of Windows Server will not be affected by the new Semi-Annual Channel releases. 長期維護通道仍將繼續收到安全性及非安全性更新,但無法獲得新特色與新功能。The Long-Term Servicing Channel will continue to receive security and non-security updates, but it will not receive the new features and functionality.


目前的長期維護通道 (LTSC) 產品是 Windows Server 2016The current LTSC product is Windows Server 2016. 如果您想要繼續留在這個通道中,就必須安裝 (或繼續使用) Windows Server 2016,而這可使用 [Server Core] 安裝選項或 [含桌面體驗的伺服器] 安裝選項來安裝。If you want to stay in this channel, you should install (or continue using) Windows Server 2016, which can be installed in Server Core installation option or Server with Desktop Experience installation option. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱開始使用 WindowsServer 2016See Get Started with Windows Server 2016 for details.

半年通道Semi-Annual Channel

半年通道最適合正在加快步調充分利用新作業系統功能,迅速在應用程式 (特別是那些在容器和微服務上建置的應用程式) 和軟體定義的混合式資料中心兩方式創新的客戶。The Semi-Annual Channel is perfect for customer who are innovating quickly to take advantage of new operating system capabilities at a faster pace, both in applications – particularly those built on containers and microservices, as well as in the software-defined hybrid datacenter. 半年通道中的 Windows Server 產品每年會有兩次新版本發行,分別在春季和秋季推出。Windows Server products in the Semi-Annual Channel will have new releases available twice a year, in spring and fall. 在此通道中發行的每個版本都會從初始版本開始提供 18 個月的支援。Each release in this channel will be supported for 18 months from the initial release.

半年通道中推出的大多數功能都會彙總到 Windows Server 的下一次長期維護通道發行。Most of the features introduced in the Semi-Annual Channel will be rolled up into the next Long-Term Servicing Channel release of Windows Server. 各次發行的版本、功能及支援內容可能會依據客戶意見反應而有所改變。The editions, functionality, and supporting content might vary from release to release depending on customer feedback.

半年通道可供大量授權客戶搭配軟體保證,以及透過 Azure Marketplace 或其他雲端/主機服務提供者和忠誠度方案 (例如 Visual Studio 訂閱) 來享用。The Semi-Annual Channel will be available to volume-licensed customers with Software Assurance, as well as via the Azure Marketplace or other cloud/hosting service providers and loyalty programs such as Visual Studio Subscriptions.


第一個半年通道發行版本是 Windows Server 版本 1709The first Semi-Annual Channel release is Windows Server, version 1709. 如果您想將伺服器加入這個通道,就應該安裝 Windows Server 版本 1709,而您可以在 Server Core 模式下進行安裝,或是將其安裝成執行於容器中的 Nano Server。If you want to put servers in this channel, you should install Windows Server, version 1709, which can be installed in Server Core mode or as Nano Server run in a container. 請參閱Windows Server 版本 1709 簡介,以了解如何取得和啟用 Windows Server 版本 1709。See Introducing Windows Server, version 1709 to learn how to obtain and activate Windows Server, version 1709. 不支援從 Windows Server 2016 就地升級到 Windows Server 版本 1709,因為它們位於不同發行通道In-place upgrades from Windows Server 2016 to Windows Server, version 1709 are not supported because they are in different release channels. Windows Server 版本 1709 並非 Windows Server 2016 的更新,而是這個新的半年通道中的第一個 Windows Server 版本。Windows Server, version 1709 is not an update to Windows Server 2016 – it is the first Windows Server release in this new Semi-Annual Channel.

在此新模型中,Windows Server 發行版本可依發行年份及月份來識別:例如,2017 年 9 月發行的版本會以版本 1709 做為識別。In this new model, Windows Server releases are identified by the year and month of release: for example, in 2017, a release in the 9th month (September) would be identified as version 1709. 半年通道中的 Windows Server 全新版本會每年發行兩次。Fresh releases of Windows Server in the Semi-Annual Channel will occur twice each year. 每個發行版本的支援週期為 18 個月。The support lifecycle for each release is 18 months.

您應該讓伺服器保持在 LTSC 或是移到半年通道?Should you keep servers on the LTSC or move them to the Semi-Annual Channel?

以下是要考慮的關鍵差異:These are the key differences to take into account:

  • 您需要迅速創新嗎?Do you need to innovate rapidly? 您需要優先取得最新的 Windows Server 功能嗎?Do you need early access to the newest Windows Server features? 您需要支援快節奏的混合式應用程式、DevOps 和 Hyper-V 網狀架構嗎?Do you need to support fast-cadence hybrid applications, dev-ops, and Hyper-V fabrics? 若是,您應該考慮透過安裝 Windows Server 版本 1709加入半年通道If so, you should consider joining the Semi-Annual Channel by installing Windows Server, version 1709. 如本主題所述,您將會每年收到兩次新版本,每個版本都具備 18 個月的主要生產環境支援。As described in this topic, you will receive new versions twice a year, with 18 months of mainstream production support per release. 您可以透過大量授權、Azure 或 Visual Studio 訂閱服務取得項目。You get it through volume licensing, Azure, or Visual Studio Subscription Services. 目前,如果您想在生產環境中執行產品,半年通道發行需要大量授權和軟體保證。Currently, releases in the Semi-Annual Channel require volume licensing and Software Assurance if you intend to run the product in production.
  • 您需要穩定性與可預測性嗎?Do you need stability and predictability? 您需要在實體伺服器上執行虛擬機器和傳統工作負載嗎?Do you need to run virtual machines and traditional workloads on physical servers? 若是,您應該考慮將那些伺服器保持在長期維護通道If so, you should consider keeping those servers on the Long-Term Servicing Channel. 目前的 LTSC 版本是 Windows Server 2016The current LTSC release is Windows Server 2016. 如本主題所述,您可以每 2-3 年存取新版本,每個版本具備 5 年主要支援外加 5 年延伸支援。As described in this topic, you'll have access to new versions every 2-3 years, with 5 years of mainstream support followed by 5 years of extended support per release. LTSC 版本可透過所有發行機制提供。LTSC releases are available through all release mechanisms. 無論使用何種授權模型,任何人都能取得 LTSC 中的發行版本。Releases in the LTSC are available to anyone regardless of the licensing model they are using.

發行通道與安裝選項Release channels and installation options

每個 Windows Server 安裝選項可用的發行通道各有不同:The available release channels are different for each Windows Server installation option:

安裝選項Installation option 半年通道 (Windows Server)Semi-Annual Channel (Windows Server) 長期維護通道 (Windows Server 2016)Long-Term Servicing Channel (Windows Server 2016)
Nano ServerNano Server 是 (做為容器作業系統)Yes (as a container OS) 是 (做為容器作業系統)Yes (as a container OS)
Server CoreServer Core Yes Yes
具備桌面體驗的伺服器Server with Desktop Experience 不可以No Yes

裝置相容性Device compatibility

除非另有通知,執行半年通道發行版本的最低硬體需求與 Windows Server 最新的長期維護通道發行版本相同。Unless otherwise communicated, the minimum hardware requirements to run the Semi-Annual Channel releases will be the same as the most recent Long-Term Servicing Channel release of Windows Server. 例如,長期維護通道目前的版本是 Windows Server 2016For example, the current Long-Term Servicing Channel release is Windows Server 2016. 大部分的硬體驅動程式仍可繼續在這些版本中運作。Most hardware drivers will continue to function in these releases.


長期維護通道和半年通道發行版本都會有安全性更新及非安全性更新的支援。Both the Long-Term Servicing Channel and the Semi-Annual Channel releases will be supported with security updates and non-security updates. 如上文所述,差別在於發行版本受支援的時間長度。The difference is the length of time that the release is supported, as described above.

維護工具Servicing tools

IT 專業人員有許多工具可以維護 Windows Server。There are many tools with which IT pros can service Windows Server. 每個選項都有其優點和缺點,有各種功能和控制項可以簡化和降低系統管理需求。Each option has its pros and cons, ranging from capabilities and control to simplicity and low administrative requirements. 以下是可用來管理維護更新的維護工具範例︰The following are examples of the servicing tools available to manage servicing updates:

  • Windows Update (獨立):這個選項只適用於連線至網際網路且已啟用 Windows Update 的伺服器。Windows Update (stand-alone): This option is only available for servers that are connected to the Internet and have Windows Update enabled.
  • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 提供比 Windows 10 和 Windows Server 更新更加廣泛的控制,而且內建在 Windows Server 作業系統中。Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) provides extensive control over Windows 10 and Windows Server updates and is natively available in the Windows Server operating system. 除了延遲更新的能力,組織可以新增更新的核准層,並選擇在電腦就緒時將更新部署至特定的電腦或一組電腦。In addition to the ability to defer updates, organizations can add an approval layer for updates and choose to deploy them to specific computers or groups of computers whenever ready.
  • System Center Configuration Manager 提供最大限度掌控維護的能力。System Center Configuration Manager provides the greatest control over servicing. IT 專業人員可以延遲更新、核准更新,而且有多個選項可以設定部署,以及管理頻寬的使用方式和部署時間。IT pros can defer updates, approve them, and have multiple options for targeting deployments and managing bandwidth usage and deployment times.

您可能已經根據您的資源、人員及專業知識,選擇使用至少其中一個選項。You’ve likely already chosen to use at least one of these options based on your resources, staff, and expertise. 您仍然可以繼續對半年通道發行版本使用同樣的程序:例如,已經使用 System Center Configuration Manager 來管理更新,還是可以繼續使用。You can continue using the same process for Semi-Annual Channel Releases: for example, if you already use System Center Configuration Manager to manage updates, you can continue to use it. 同樣地,如果您正在使用 WSUS,也可以繼續這麼使用。Similarly, if you are using WSUS, you can continue to use that.

透過 Windows 測試人員計畫取得預覽版Obtain preview releases through the Windows Insider Program

對許多 IT 專業人員和應用程式開發人員來說,及早取得新功能 (在其發行之前) 不僅有趣,而且還很有價值。For many IT pros and application developers, gaining access to new functionality early--before they’re released--can be both intriguing and valuable. 測試 Windows Server 的早期組建對 Microsoft 及其客戶都有幫助,因為這樣就有機會在發行前發現可能的問題。Testing the early builds of Windows Server helps both Microsoft and its customers because of the opportunity to discover possible issues before release. 同時也能讓客戶把握絕佳機會直接影響產品中的功能。It also gives customers a unique opportunity to directly influence the functionality in the product. Microsoft 對接收整個開發流程的意見反應有所依賴,藉此可以盡快進行調整。Microsoft depends on receiving feedback throughout the development process so that adjustments may be made as quickly as possible. 早期測試和意見反應對快速發行模型極其重要,缺一不可。Early testing and feedback is essential to the rapid release model.

Windows Server 發行前組建會透過 Windows 測試人員計畫和商務用 Windows 測試人員計畫提供下載。Pre-release builds of Windows Server will be available for download via the Windows Insider Program and the Windows Insider Program for Business. Windows 測試人員計畫上提供的伺服器版本可能會依據開發週期目前的階段而有所不同。The server editions available on the Windows Insider Program may vary depending on the current stage of the development cycle. 若要加入 Windows 測試人員計畫,請依照下列步驟進行:To join the Windows Insider Program, follow these steps:

  1. 註冊商務用 Windows 測試人員計畫Register at Windows Insider Program for Business.
  2. 選擇一個或多個伺服器以進行預覽測試。Choose one or more servers for preview testing.
  3. Windows Server Insider Preview 頁面下載組建。Download builds from the Windows Server Insider Preview page. 請參閱 Windows Server 部落格,以便在有預覽可用時看到公告。See the Windows Server blog for an announcement when the preview is available.
  4. 將 Docker Hub 或其他外部網站加入書籤,有些程式碼和文件會在其中發佈。Bookmark the Docker Hub or other external sites where some code and docs will be published. 請參閱 Windows 容器文件See Windows Containers Documentation.
  5. 請透過 Windows 10 意見反應中樞應用程式傳送意見反應給我們。Send us your feedback via the Windows 10 Feedback Hub application.
  6. 加入 Windows Server 技術社群 來共同作業、分享,並向專家學習。Join the Windows Server Tech Community to collaborate, share and learn from experts.

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