Windows Server 版本 2004 中的新功能What's new in Windows Server, version 2004

適用於:Windows Server (半年通道)Applies to: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel)

若要深入了解 Windows 的最新功能,請參閱 Windows Server 的新功能To learn about the latest features in Windows, see What's New in Windows Server. 本主題說明 Windows Server 版本 2004 中的一些新功能。This topic describes some of the new features in Windows Server, version 2004.

Server Core 容器改進功能Server Core container improvements

我們減少了 Server Core 容器映像的整體大小,以提升下載速度和效能。We've reduced the overall size of Server Core container images for improved download speeds and performance. 其中包含下列增強功能:We've included the following improvements:

  • 已從 Server Core 容器映像移除大部分的 NGEN 影像,以使映像大小變小。Removed most NGEN images from Server Core container image to make the image size smaller.
  • 建立在 Server Core 容器映像上的 .NET Framework 執行階段映像,現在已針對 ASP.NET 應用程式和 Windows PowerShell 指令碼效能進行最佳化。.NET Framework runtime images built on Server Core container images are now optimized for ASP.NET apps and Windows PowerShell script performance.
  • .NET 小組也確保每一個 NGEN 影像只有一個副本,讓 .NET Framework 影像產生更小的影像。The .NET team has also ensured there's only one copy of each NGEN image, resulting a smaller size for .NET Framework images.

為了讓您詳細了解這些容器的大小,下表為從 2020 年 5 月的安全性更新 (也稱為「5B」更新) 為止,目前版本與舊版的容器比較表。To give you a better idea of the size of these containers, the following table compares the current version of the container as of the May 2020 monthly security update (also known as the "5B" update) with previous versions.

容器版本Container version 下載大小Download size 磁碟上的大小Size on disk
Windows Server 版本 1903Windows Server, version 1903 2.311 GB2.311 GB 5.1 GB5.1 GB
Windows Server 版本 1909Windows Server, version 1909 2.257 GB2.257 GB 4.97 GB4.97 GB
Windows Server 版本 2004Windows Server, version 2004 1.830 GB1.830 GB 3.98 GB3.98 GB

如需 Windows Server 版本 2004 更新的詳細資訊,請參閱我們的部落格文章For more information about the Windows Server, version 2004 update, see our blog post. 如需深入了解 Windows 容器更新的一般資訊,請參閱更新 Windows Server 容器To learn more about Windows container updates in general, see Update Windows Server containers.