規劃通用伺服器位置Planning Global Catalog Server Placement

適用於:Windows Server 2016、Windows Server 2012 R2、Windows Server 2012Applies To: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

通用位置需要規劃以外,如果您有單一網域樹系。Global catalog placement requires planning except if you have a single-domain forest. 在單一網域樹系設定所有網域控制站伺服器通用為。In a single-domain forest, configure all domain controllers as global catalog servers. 每個網域控制站森林中儲存的唯一的網域 directory 磁碟分割,因為設定為通用伺服器的每個網域控制站不需要任何額外的磁碟空間,CPU 使用率或複寫傳輸。Because every domain controller stores the only domain directory partition in the forest, configuring each domain controller as a global catalog server does not require any additional disk space usage, CPU usage, or replication traffic. 在單一網域樹系所有網域控制站都做為 virtual 通用伺服器。是的他們可以所有回應任何驗證或服務要求。In a single-domain forest, all domain controllers act as virtual global catalog servers; that is, they can all respond to any authentication or service request. 這個條件特殊單一網域森林是設計。This special condition for single-domain forests is by design. 驗證要求不需要洽詢往來通用伺服器像時有多個網域,使用者可以的不同網域中的通用群組成員。Authentication requests do not require contacting a global catalog server as they do when there are multiple domains, and a user can be a member of a universal group that exists in a different domain. 不過,指定的伺服器通用為網域控制站可以回應通用查詢 3268 通用連接埠。However, only domain controllers that are designated as global catalog servers can respond to global catalog queries on the global catalog port 3268. 若要簡化管理在本案例中的,以確保一致回應指定所有網域控制站伺服器通用不相關的網域控制站可以回應通用查詢問題。To simplify administration in this scenario and to ensure consistent responses, designating all domain controllers as global catalog servers eliminates the concern about which domain controllers can respond to global catalog queries. 具體而言,使用者可以使用 Start\Search\For 連絡人或尋找印表機或展開通用群組,請要求這些前往只通用。Specifically, any time a user uses Start\Search\For People or Find Printers or expands Universal Groups, these requests go only to the global catalog.

在 [多重網域樹系通用伺服器幫助使用者登入要求樹系搜尋。In multiple-domain forests, global catalog servers facilitate user logon requests and forest-wide searches. 下圖顯示如何判斷哪一個位置需要通用伺服器。The following illustration shows how to determine which locations require global catalog servers.

規劃 gc 位置

在大部分案例中,建議您安裝新的網域控制站時包含通用。In most cases, it is recommended that you include the global catalog when you install new domain controllers. 適用於下列例外:The following exceptions apply:

  • 有限的頻寬:在網站遠端寬區域 (wan) 和之間的連結遠端網站中樞網站限制,如果您可以使用通用群組成員資格快取中遠端網站登入需要,網站中的使用者。Limited bandwidth: In remote sites, if the wide area network (WAN) link between the remote site and the hub site is limited, you can use universal group membership caching in the remote site to accommodate the logon needs of users in the site.

  • 基礎結構操作主要相容的角色:不要將通用放網域控制站裝載基礎結構作業主角網域中的,否則所有的網域控制站網域中的通用伺服器,或樹系只有一個網域。Infrastructure operations master role incompatibility: Do not place the global catalog on a domain controller that hosts the infrastructure operations master role in the domain unless all domain controllers in the domain are global catalog servers or the forest has only one domain.

新增通用伺服器根據應用程式需求Adding global catalog servers based on application requirements

某些應用程式,例如 Microsoft Exchange、訊息 (也稱為 MSMQ),以及應用程式使用 DCOM 請勿提供適當回應透過潛在 WAN 連結,因此必須可用性通用基礎結構提供查詢低延遲。Certain applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Message Queuing (also known as MSMQ), and applications using DCOM do not deliver adequate response over latent WAN links and therefore need a highly available global catalog infrastructure to provide low query latency. 判斷位置或的位置是否需要 Microsoft Exchange Server 所執行的任何應用程式,不佳慢速 WAN 連結。Determine whether any applications that perform poorly over a slow WAN link are running in locations or whether the locations require Microsoft Exchange Server. 如果您的位置包含 WAN 的連結,不提供回應適當的應用程式,您必須通用伺服器置於的位置,以減少查詢延遲。If your locations include applications that do not deliver adequate response over a WAN link, you must place a global catalog server at the location to reduce query latency.


Read-only 網域控制站 (Rodc) 可以順利升級至通用伺服器狀態。Read-only domain controllers (RODCs) can be promoted successfully to global catalog server status. 不過,某些 directory 功能的應用程式不支援 RODC 為通用伺服器。However, certain directory-enabled applications cannot support an RODC as a global catalog server. 例如,Microsoft Exchange Server 的任何版本不使用 Rodc。For example, no version of Microsoft Exchange Server uses RODCs. 不過,Microsoft Exchange Server 的運作方式包含 Rodc 的環境中,只要有寫入網域控制站可供使用。However, Microsoft Exchange Server works in environments that include RODCs, as long as there are writable domain controllers available. Exchange Server 2007 有效地忽略 Rodc。Exchange Server 2007 effectively ignores RODCs. Exchange Server 2003 也會 Rodc 預設條件 Exchange 元件自動偵測可用的網域控制站在略過。Exchange Server 2003 also ignores RODCs in default conditions where Exchange components automatically detect available domain controllers. 讓您知道唯讀 directory 伺服器不做 Exchange Server 2003 任何變更。No changes were made to Exchange Server 2003 to make it aware of read-only directory servers. 因此,試著強迫 Exchange Server 2003 服務與管理工具,可使用 Rodc 可能會造成無法預期的行為。Therefore, trying to force Exchange Server 2003 services and management tools to use RODCs may result in unpredictable behavior.

新增使用者大量通用的伺服器Adding global catalog servers for a large number of users

通用伺服器置於包含超過 100 使用者降低塞車的網路 WAN 連結,並避免生產力遺失 WAN 連結失敗在所有位置。Place global catalog servers at all locations that contain more than 100 users to reduce congestion of network WAN links and to prevent productivity loss in case of WAN link failure.

使用高頻寬Using highly available bandwidth

您不需要通用將位置需要伺服器通用應用程式,不包含,包括少於 100 的使用者,並連接到另一個位置,包括通用伺服器 WAN 連結,為 100%適用於 Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)。You do not need to place a global catalog at a location that does not include applications that require a global catalog server, includes less than 100 users, and is also connected to another location that includes a global catalog server by a WAN link that is 100 percent available for Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). 若是如此,使用者可以存取通用伺服器 WAN 連結。In this case, the users can access the global catalog server over the WAN link.

使用者漫遊需要每次登入時第一次的任何位置時,請連絡的通用伺服器。Roaming users need to contact the global catalog servers whenever they log on for the first time at any location. 如果無法接受 WAN 連結登入時,將通用大量漫遊使用者所造訪的位置。If the logon time over the WAN link is unacceptable, place a global catalog at a location that is visited by a large number of roaming users.

讓通用群組成員資格快取Enabling universal group membership caching

位置,包括小於 100 使用者和不包含大量漫遊使用者或需要伺服器通用應用程式,您可以部署網域控制站的正在執行 Windows Server 2008 以及通用群組成員資格快取。For locations that include less than 100 users and that do not include a large number of roaming users or applications that require a global catalog server, you can deploy domain controllers that are running Windows Server 2008 and enable universal group membership caching. 確保通用伺服器的快取通用群組成員資格支援,可重新整理萬用群組資訊快取中的網域控制站的多個複寫躍點。Ensure that the global catalog servers are not more than one replication hop from the domain controller on which universal group membership caching is enabled so that universal group information in the cache can be refreshed. 如何通用群組快取的運作方式的相關資訊,會看到全球 Catalog 運作 (https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=107063)。For information about how universal group caching works, see How the Global Catalog Works (https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=107063).

為協助您在擬想要放置通用伺服器及網域控制站的群組通用將支援試算表,查看工作協助工具的 Windows Server 2003 部署套件 (https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=102558),下載 < DICT__Job_Aids_Designing_and_Deploying_Directory_and_Security_Services.zip>Job_Aids_Designing_and_Deploying_Directory_and_Security_Services.zip</DICT__Job_Aids_Designing_and_Deploying_Directory_and_Security_Services.zip>, and open Domain 控制器位置 (DSSTOPO_4.doc)。For a worksheet to assist you in documenting where you plan to place global catalog servers and domain controllers with universal group caching enabled, see Job Aids for Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit (https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=102558), download Job_Aids_Designing_and_Deploying_Directory_and_Security_Services.zip, and open Domain Controller Placement (DSSTOPO_4.doc). 查看您要部署的樹系根網域和區域網域時,將通用伺服器位置的相關資訊。See the information about locations in which you need to place global catalog servers when you deploy the forest root domain and regional domains.