AD FS 使用者登入自訂項目AD FS user sign-in customization

適用於:Windows Server 2016、Windows Server 2012 R2Applies To: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2

AD FS 提供許多選項適用於系統管理員自訂及量身訂做的使用者體驗符合他們企業需要。AD FS provides a number of options for administrators to customize and tailor the end-user experience to meet their corporate needs. 下一頁做為自訂項目中央位置。The following page will serve as a central location for customization. 您可以使用下表快速尋找您自訂選項。You can use the table below to quickly find your customization option.

AD FS 自訂項目

主題Topic 描述Description
AD FS 在 Windows Server 2016 中的自訂項目AD FS Customization in Windows Server 2016 新自訂選項可針對 Windows Server 2016 中的 AD FSNew customization options available for AD FS in Windows Server 2016
變更公司名稱Change the company name 步驟登入頁面上顯示您的公司名稱Steps for displaying your companies name on the sign-in page
變更公司商標Change the company logo 變更顯示在頁面登入商標步驟Steps for changing the logo that appears on the sign-in-page
變更圖示Change the illustration 步驟變更登入頁面上顯示的圖示Steps for changing the illustration that appears on the sign-in page
新增登入描述Add sign-in description 步驟登入頁面加入描述Steps for adding a description to the sign-in page
加入協助支援連結Add help desk link 步驟來新增協助支援連結Steps for adding a help desk link
加入家庭的連結Add home link 步驟加入家庭的連結Steps for adding a home link
新增連結隱私權Add privacy link 步驟來新增隱私權的連結Steps for adding a privacy link
自訂 web 主題Custom web themes 使用 [自訂 web 主題的資訊Information on using custom web themes
自訂的錯誤訊息Custom error messages 步驟自訂的錯誤訊息Steps for customizing error messages
家用領域探索Home Realm Discovery 步驟自訂 Home 領域探索Steps for customizing Home Realm Discovery
更新密碼的自訂項目Update Password Customization 步驟就及自訂更新密碼頁面Steps for enabling and customizing the update password page
多因素驗證和外部驗證提供者的自訂項目Multi-factor authentication and external auth providers customization 使用 MFA 和外部驗證提供者的詳細資訊Information on using MFA and external auth providers
自訂當地語系化Customization for Localization 當地語系化考量的詳細資訊Information on localization considerations
移除的 Microsoft 的著作權權益Removing the Microsoft copyright 在移除 Microsoft 著作權步驟Steps on removing the Microsoft copyright
自訂的顯示名稱與描述的驗證方法Customizing the display names and descriptions for authentication methods 步驟自訂顯示名稱與描述的驗證方法Steps on customizing display names and descriptions for authentication methods
進階的自訂項目Advanced Customization 使用 onload.js 檔案進階的自訂選項。Advanced customization options using the onload.js file.