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適用於:Windows Admin Center、Windows Admin Center 預覽版Applies to: Windows Admin Center, Windows Admin Center Preview

Windows Admin Center (之前代號為 Project Honolulu) 是 Windows Server 隨附管理工具的演進。這是將本機與遠端伺服器所有管理層面結合在一起的單一窗口。Windows Admin Center (formerly codenamed Project Honolulu) is an evolution of Windows Server in-box management tools; it's a single pane of glass that consolidates all aspects of local and remote server management. 因為是在本機部署、以瀏覽器為基礎的管理體驗,所以並不需要網際網路連線和 Azure。As a locally deployed, browser-based management experience, an Internet connection and Azure aren't required. Windows Admin Center 讓您完全控制部署的各個層面,包括未連線至網際網路的私人網路。Windows Admin Center gives you full control of all aspects of your deployment, including private networks that aren't Internet-connected.


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發行大事記Release history

了解我們最新發行的功能:Learn about our latest released features:

  • 版本 1910 是最新的 GA 版本 - 引進數個新的 Azure 混合式服務,並將先前預覽版中的功能帶入 GA 通道。Version 1910 is the most recent GA release - it introduces several new Azure hybrid services and brings features that were previously in preview to the GA channel.
  • 版本 1909 引進了 Azure VM 特定的連線類型,並將傳統容錯移轉叢集和 HCI 叢集的連線類型統一。Version 1909 introduces the Azure VM specific connection type and unifies the connection types for traditional failover clusters and HCI clusters.
  • 版本 1908 新增了視覺更新、Packetmon、FlowLog Audit、叢集的 Azure 監視器上架,以及透過 HTTPS 支援 WinRM (連接埠 5986)。Version 1908 added visual updates, Packetmon, FlowLog Audit, Azure Monitor onboarding for clusters, and support for WinRM over HTTPS (port 5986.)
  • 版本 1907 新增了 Azure 成本預估連結,並改善了匯入/匯出和標記虛擬機器的功能。Version 1907 added Azure cost estimate links and made improvements to import/export and tagging of virtual machines.
  • 版本 1906 新增匯入/匯出 VM、切換 Azure 帳戶、從 Azure 新增連線、連線能力設定實驗、效能改進和效能分析工具。Version 1906 added import/export VMs, switch Azure accounts, add connections from Azure, connectivity settings experiment, performance improvements, and performance profiling tool.
  • 版本 1904.1 是一項維護更新,旨在改善閘道外掛程式的穩定性。Version 1904.1 was a maintenance update to improve stability of gateway plugins.
  • 版本 1904 是引進 Azure 混合式服務工具的 GA 版本,其中已將先前預覽版中的功能帶入 GA 通道。Version 1904 was a GA release that introduced the Azure Hybrid Services tool, and brought features that were previously in preview to the GA channel.
  • 版本 1903 新增來自 Azure 監視器的電子郵件通知、從 Active Directory 新增伺服器或電腦連線的能力,以及用來管理 Active Directory、DHCP 和 DNS 的新工具。Version 1903 added email notifications from Azure Monitor, the ability to add Server or PC connections from Active Directory, and new tools to manage Active Directory, DHCP, and DNS.
  • 版本 1902 已對軟體定義網路 (SDN) 管理新增共用連線清單並進行改善,包括新增用來管理 ACL、閘道連線和邏輯網路的 SDN 工具。Version 1902 added a shared connection list & improvements to software defined network (SDN) management, including new SDN tools to manage ACLs, gateway connections, and logical networks.
  • 版本 1812 新增深色佈景主題 (預覽版)、電源組態設定、BMC 資訊和 PowerShell 支援,以管理擴充功能連線Version 1812 added dark theme (in preview), power configuration settings, BMC info, and PowerShell support to manage extensions and connections.
  • 版本 1809.5 是正式運作的累積更新,包含整個平台的各種品質與功能改進和錯誤修正,以及超融合式基礎結構管理解決方案中的幾個新功能。Version 1809.5 was a GA cumulative update that included various quality and functional improvements, bug fixes throughout the platform, and a few new features in the hyper-converged infrastructure management solution.
  • 版本 1809 是正式運作的版本,將先前預覽版中的功能引入正式運作的通道。Version 1809 was a GA release that brought features that were previously in preview to the GA channel.
  • 版本 1808 新增 [已安裝的應用程式] 工具、許多隱藏版改進功能,以及預覽版 SDK 的重大更新。Version 1808 added Installed Apps tool, lots of under the hood improvements, and major updates to the preview SDK.
  • 版本 1807 新增簡化的 Azure 連線體驗、VM 詳細目錄頁面改進、檔案共用、Azure 更新管理整合等功能。Version 1807 added a streamlined Azure connect experience, improvements to VM inventory page, file sharing functionality, Azure update management integration, and more.
  • 版本 1806 新增顯示 PowerShell 指令碼、SDN 管理、2008 R2 連線、SDN、排程工作,以及許多其他改進功能。Version 1806 added show PowerShell script, SDN management, 2008 R2 connections, SDN, scheduled tasks, and many other improvements.
  • 版本 1804.25 - 維護更新以支援使用者將 Windows Admin Center 安裝於完全離線環境。Version 1804.25 - a maintenance update to support users installing Windows Admin Center in completely offline environments.
  • 版本 1804 - Project Honolulu 變成 Windows Admin Center,並新增安全性功能和角色型存取控制。Version 1804 - Project Honolulu becomes Windows Admin Center and adds security features and role-based access control. 我們第一個 GA 版本。Our first GA release.
  • 版本 1803 新增對 Azure AD 存取控制、詳細記錄、可調整大小內容的支援,以及許多工具改進功能。Version 1803 added support for Azure AD access control, detailed logging, resizable content, and a bunch of tool improvements.
  • 版本 1802 新增對協助工具、當地語系化、高可用性部署、標記、Hyper-V 主機設定及閘道驗證的支援。Version 1802 added support for accessibility, localization, high-availability deployments, tagging, Hyper-V host settings, and gateway authentication.
  • 版本 1712 新增更多在工具各方面的虛擬機器功能和效能增強功能。Version 1712 added more virtual machine features and performance improvements throughout the tools.
  • 版本 1711 新增備受期待的工具 (遠端桌面和 PowerShell) 以及其他改進功能。Version 1711 added highly anticipated tools (Remote Desktop and PowerShell) along with other improvements.
  • 版本 1709 開始以我們第一個公開預覽版本的形式推出。Version 1709 launched as our first public preview release.

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