Windows Admin Center 與您見面!Hello, Windows Admin Center!

適用於:Windows Admin Center、Windows Admin Center 預覽版Applies to: Windows Admin Center, Windows Admin Center Preview

Windows Admin Center 是以瀏覽器為基礎在本機部署的應用程式,用於管理伺服器、叢集、超融合式基礎結構以及 Windows 10 電腦。Windows Admin Center is a locally deployed, browser-based app for managing servers, clusters, hyper-converged infrastructure, and Windows 10 PCs. 除了 Windows 本身以外,不需另付費用,而且可以立即使用於生產環境中。It comes at no additional cost beyond Windows and is ready to use in production.

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哪個版本適合我用?Which version is right for me?

Windows Admin Center 預覽版 1909 - 包含最新的功能更新。Windows Admin Center Preview 1909 - Includes the latest feature updates.

Windows Admin Center (版本 1904.1) - 經過廣泛驗證並且已正式運作。Windows Admin Center (version 1904.1) - Broadly validated & generally available.

新功能What's new?

您可以使用 Microsoft Update 或以手動安裝的方式更新非預覽版的 Windows Admin Center。You can update non-preview versions of Windows Admin Center by using Microsoft Update or by manually installing. 每個非預覽版的 Windows Admin Center 在下一個非預覽版發行後,仍可支援 30 天。Each non-preview version of Windows Admin Center is supported until 30 days after the next non-preview version is released. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱我們的支援原則See our support policy for more info.

簡單且輕量Simple & lightweight
熟悉的工具已簡化來讓管理工作變得輕而易舉。Familiar tools are streamlined to make management tasks a breeze. 安裝不到 5 分鐘,便可立即管理您環境中的伺服器,不需要任目標設定。Install in under 5 minutes and manage servers in your environment immediately, no target configuration required.
因應未來而打造Built for the future
與 Azure 服務整合,協助您利用混合式領域的強大威力。Integration with Azure services helps you leverage the power of the hybrid world. 使用既強大又簡單的工具管理超融合式叢集。Manage Hyper-Converged clusters with powerful yet simple tools.
安全管理Secure management
控制誰能管理伺服器,並深入了解系統管理員在您環境中執行的動作。Control who can manage servers and get insight into the actions administrators perform in your environment.

了解 Windows Admin Center 如何改善伺服器環境的管理。Learn how Windows Admin Center can improve management of your server environment.

了解客戶如何從 Windows Admin Center 中受益See how customers are benefitting from Windows Admin Center

「[Windows Admin Center] 在管理我們的管理系統上,已減少我們 75% 以上的時間/精力。」"[Windows Admin Center] has decreased our time/effort in managing the management system by over 75%."
- Convergent Computing 總裁 Rand Morimoto- Rand Morimoto, President, Convergent Computing
「多虧 [Windows Admin Center] 的幫助,我們才可以透過 HTML5 入口網站從遠端管理客戶而不發生問題,並且歸功於多重要素驗證,我們能夠運用與 Azure Active Directory 的完全整合來提高安全性。」"Thanks to [Windows Admin Center], we can manage our customers remotely from HTML5 portal without problem and with the full integration with Azure Active Directory, we are able to increase the security thanks to the Multi-Factor Authentication."
- Inside Technologies 創立者暨資深顧問 Silvio Di Benedetto- Silvio Di Benedetto, Founder and Senior Consultant, Inside Technologies
「我們已經可以用更有效率的方式部署 [Server Core] SKU,改善資源效率、安全性及自動化,同時仍能達到相當高的生產力,並減少僅依賴指令碼時可能發生的錯誤。」“We have been able to deploy [Server Core] SKUs in a more effective way, improving resource efficiency, security and automation while still achieving a good degree of productivity and reducing errors that can happen when relying on scripting only.”
- VaiSulWeb 創立者暨執行長 Guglielmo Mengora- Guglielmo Mengora, Founder and CEO, VaiSulWeb
「[Windows Admin Center] 推出後,特別是在 SMB 市場的客戶,現在已有簡單好用的工具可以來管理其內部基礎結構。“With [Windows Admin Center] customers especially in the SMB market now have an easy to use tool to manage their internal infrastructure. 這不僅讓系統管理工作負荷減少至最低限度,同時也節省了大量時間。This minimizes administrative efforts and saves a lot of time. 更好的是,還不需任何其他授權費用,就能享有 [Windows Admin Center]!」And the best of it: there are no additional license fees for [Windows Admin Center]!”
- SecureGUARD 管理總監 Helmut Otto- Helmut Otto, Managing Director, SecureGUARD

閱讀更多有關各家公司在其生產環境中使用 Windows Admin Center 的資訊。Read more about companies using Windows Admin Center in their production environments.

Windows Admin Center 主要用於管理單一伺服器或叢集。Windows Admin Center is designed for managing a single server or cluster. 它補充但不取代現有的 Microsoft 監視與管理解決方案,例如遠端伺服器管理工具 (RSAT)、System Center、Intune 或 Azure Stack。It complements but does not replace existing Microsoft monitoring and management solutions, such as Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT), System Center, Intune, or Azure Stack.

了解 Windows Admin Center 如何與其他 Microsoft 管理解決方案相輔相成。Learn how Windows Admin Center complements other Microsoft management solutions.

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