Prehashing 和預先載入 Content 裝載快取伺服器(選擇性)Prehashing and Preloading Content on Hosted Cache Servers (Optional)

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016

您可以使用此程序強迫建立內容資訊-稱為 hashes-BranchCache 式網頁和檔案伺服器上。You can use this procedure to force the creation of content information - also called hashes - on BranchCache-enabled Web and file servers. 您也可以插入套件,可以將它們傳輸到遠端裝載快取的伺服器,檔案與 web 伺服器收集資料。You can also gather the data on file and web servers into packages that can be transferred to remote hosted cache servers. 這提供您預先載入 content 遠端裝載快取的伺服器上,有可用的第一次 client 存取資料的能力。This provides you with the ability to preload content on remote hosted cache servers so that data is available for the first client access.

您必須成員的系統管理員,或相當於執行此程序。You must be a member of Administrators, or equivalent to perform this procedure.

Prehash content 和預先載入裝載快取的伺服器上 contentTo prehash content and preload the content on hosted cache servers

  1. 登入的檔案或網頁伺服器可包含您想要預先載入,資料,並找出您想要載入一或多個遠端裝載快取的伺服器的檔案和資料夾。Log on to the file or Web server that contains the data that you wish to preload, and identify the folders and files that you wish to load on one or more remote hosted cache servers.

  2. 系統管理員身分執行 Windows PowerShell。Run Windows PowerShell as an Administrator. 每個資料夾和檔案,請執行Publish-BCFileContent命令或Publish-BCWebContent命令,而定內容伺服器 hash 代觸發程序,並新增至資料套件資料類型。For each folder and file, run either the Publish-BCFileContent command or the Publish-BCWebContent command, depending on the type of content server, to trigger hash generation and to add data to a data package.

  3. 所有的資料已新增至資料套件之後,匯出使用Export-BCCachePackage命令製作資料套件檔案。After all the data has been added to the data package, export it by using the Export-BCCachePackage command to produce a data package file.

  4. 使用您選擇檔案的傳輸技術的資料套件檔案移至遠端裝載快取的伺服器。Move the data package file to the remote hosted cache servers by using your choice of file transfer technology. FTP、SMB、HTTP、DVD 及可移植硬碟的所有可用傳輸。FTP, SMB, HTTP, DVD and portable hard disks are all viable transports.

  5. 使用匯入遠端裝載快取的伺服器上的資料套件檔案Import-BCCachePackage命令。Import the data package file on the remote hosted cache servers by using the Import-BCCachePackage command.