BranchCache 裝載快取模式部署BranchCache Hosted Cache Mode Deployment

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016、Windows Server 2012 R2、Windows Server 2012Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

您可以使用本主題適用於詳細引導您完成 BranchCache 裝載快取模式部署程序的程序主題的連結。You can use this topic for links to detailed procedural topics that guide you through the BranchCache hosted cache mode deployment process.

請依照下列步驟來部署 BranchCache 裝載快取模式。Follow these steps to deploy BranchCache hosted cache mode.


本文中的程序中不包含案例指示使用者 Account 控制項對話方塊要求您的權限才能繼續。The procedures in this guide do not include instructions for cases in which the User Account Control dialog box opens to request your permission to continue. 如果此對話方塊同時執行程序本指南,如果對話方塊一個因應以您的動作,按一下 [繼續If this dialog box opens while you are performing the procedures in this guide, and if the dialog box was opened in response to your actions, click Continue.

若要繼續使用此快速入門,請查看安裝「BranchCache 功能,並設定服務連接點裝載快取伺服器To continue with this guide, see Install the BranchCache Feature and Configure the Hosted Cache Server by Service Connection Point.