Wireless 存取部署程序Wireless Access Deployment Process

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016

您用來部署 wireless 存取程序就會發生在這些階段:The process that you use to deploy wireless access occurs in these stages:

步驟 1 – 部署 APStage 1 – AP Deployment

規劃、 部署、 和設定 wireless client 連接和使用您 Ap 具有 NPS。Plan, deploy, and configure your APs for wireless client connectivity and for use with NPS. 根據您的喜好設定和網路相依性,您可以任一 pre-設定您的 wireless Ap 之前安裝在您的網路,或您在安裝之後從遠端設定。Depending on your preference and network dependencies, you can either pre-configure settings on your wireless APs prior to installing them on your network, or you can configure them remotely after installation.

步驟 2: AD DS 群組設定Stage 2 – AD DS Group Configuration

在 AD DS,您必須建立一或多個 wireless 使用者安全性群組。In AD DS, you must create one or more wireless users security groups.

接下來,找出允許 wireless 網路存取權的使用者。Next, identify the users who are allowed wireless access to the network.

最後,將使用者新增至您所建立的適當 wireless 使用者安全性群組。Finally, add the users to the appropriate wireless users security groups that you created.


根據預設,的網路存取權限在撥號屬性 account 使用者設定的設定控制 NPS 的網路原則透過By default, the Network Access Permission setting in user account dial-in properties is configured with the setting Control access through NPS Network Policy. 除非您有特定的理由,來變更此設定時,建議您持續預設值。Unless you have specific reasons to change this setting, it is recommended that you keep the default. 這可讓您控制透過 NPS 設定您的網路原則的網路存取。This allows you to control network access through the network policies that you configure in NPS.

步驟 3-群組原則設定Stage 3 – Group Policy Configuration

設定無線網路 \ (IEEE 802.11) 原則擴充功能的群組原則來使用群組原則編輯器] 管理 Microsoft Management Console (MMC)。Configure the Wireless Network (IEEE 802.11) Policies extension of Group Policy by using the Group Policy Management Editor Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

若要設定 domain\ 成員電腦使用中的 wireless 的網路原則設定,您必須適用於群組原則。To configure domain-member computers using the settings in the wireless network policies, you must apply Group Policy. 當您第一次加入網域的電腦時,會自動套用群組原則。When a computer is first joined to the domain, Group Policy is automatically applied. 如果的變更群組原則,會自動套用新的設定:If changes are made to Group Policy, the new settings are automatically applied:

  • 群組原則 pre\ 判斷的時間間隔By Group Policy at pre-determined intervals

  • 如果使用者網域登出,然後返回入網路If a domain user logs off and then back on to the network

  • Client 開機並登入的網域By restarting the client computer and logging on to the domain

您也可以強制群組原則來重新整理時登入電腦的執行命令gpupdate在命令提示字元。You can also force Group Policy to refresh while logged on to a computer by running the command gpupdate at the command prompt.

步驟 4 – NPS 伺服器設定Stage 4 – NPS server configuration

使用設定精靈中 NPS RADIUS 戶端,以新增 wireless 存取點,該 NPS 建立的網路原則時使用處理連接要求。Use a configuration wizard in NPS to add wireless access points as RADIUS clients, and to create the network policies that NPS uses when processing connection requests.

使用時,精靈建立的網路原則,指定 PEAP EAP 類型、 以及所建立的第二個階段中的使用者 wireless 安全性群組。When using the wizard to create the network policies, specify PEAP as the EAP type, and the wireless users security group that was created in the second stage.

步驟 5 – 部署 wireless 戶端Stage 5 – Deploy wireless clients

使用 client 電腦連接到網路。Use client computers to connect to the network.

網域成員可以登入有線的區域網路電腦,所需的 wireless 設定會自動套用更新群組原則時。For domain member computers that can log on to the wired LAN, the necessary wireless configuration settings are automatically applied when Group Policy is refreshed.

如果您有支援 Wireless 網路中的設定 \ (IEEE 802.11) 原則,以自動將連接電腦時廣播範圍 wireless 網路,然後您 wireless、 domain\ 加入電腦將會自動嘗試 wireless 區域網路來連接。If you have enabled the setting in Wireless Network (IEEE 802.11) Policies to connect automatically when the computer is within broadcast range of the wireless network, your wireless, domain-joined computers will then automatically attempt to connect to the wireless LAN.

若要連接到 wireless 網路,使用者必須只提供網域使用者名稱和密碼憑證出現提示時,Windows。To connect to the wireless network, users need only supply their domain user name and password credentials when prompted by Windows.

若要計畫 wireless 存取部署,請查看Wireless 存取部署規劃To plan your wireless access deployment, see Wireless Access Deployment Planning.