Windows Server core 網路指南Core Network Guide for Windows Server

適用於:Windows Server、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server, Windows Server 2016

本主題提供核心網路指南適用於 Windows Server 的概觀®2016 年,包含下列各節。This topic provides an overview of the Core Network Guide for Windows Server® 2016, and contains the following sections.

Windows Server Core 網路簡介Introduction to the Windows Server Core Network

核心網路網路硬體、裝置的收藏,軟體提供的基本服務,您組織的資訊技術 (IT),必須。A core network is a collection of network hardware, devices, and software that provides the fundamental services for your organization's information technology (IT) needs.

Windows Server core 網路為您提供許多好處,其中包括下列。A Windows Server core network provides you with many benefits, including the following.

  • 適用於電腦和其他傳輸控制項通訊協定日網際網路通訊協定 (TCP/IP) 的相容裝置之間網路連接核心通訊協定。Core protocols for network connectivity between computers and other Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) compatible devices. TCP/IP 是一套連接電腦以及建立網路標準通訊協定。TCP/IP is a suite of standard protocols for connecting computers and building networks. TCP/IP 是網路通訊協定軟體與 Microsoft 提供®Windows®,實作支援 TCP/IP 作業系統通訊協定的套件。TCP/IP is network protocol software provided with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems that implements and supports the TCP/IP protocol suite.

  • 動態主機設定通訊協定」(DHCP) 伺服器自動 IP 位址。Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server automatic IP addressing. 手動所有網路上的電腦上的 IP 位址設定,而且費時彈性不如動態提供 DHCP 伺服器的 IP 位址租用電腦與其他裝置。Manual configuration of IP addresses on all computers on your network is time-consuming and less flexible than dynamically providing computers and other devices with IP address leases from a DHCP server.

  • 網域名稱系統」(DNS) 的名稱解析服務。Domain Name System (DNS) name resolution service. DNS 可讓使用者、電腦、應用程式與服務使用網域全名的電腦或裝置的網路上尋找電腦和裝置的 IP 位址。DNS allows users, computers, applications, and services to find the IP addresses of computers and devices on the network by using the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the computer or device.

  • 森林,這是一或多個 Active Directory 網域分享相同課程和屬性定義(結構描述)、網站及複寫資訊(設定)和樹系的搜尋功能(通用)。A forest, which is one or more Active Directory domains that share the same class and attribute definitions (schema), site and replication information (configuration), and forest-wide search capabilities (global catalog).

  • 建立新的樹系森林根網域,也就是第一個的網域。A forest root domain, which is the first domain created in a new forest. 企業系統管理員和架構管理員群組的樹系管理群組,這位於森林根網域中。The Enterprise Admins and Schema Admins groups, which are forest-wide administrative groups, are located in the forest root domain. 此外,森林根網域,與其他網域,是電腦、使用者和群組物件 Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) 中的系統管理員所定義的收藏。In addition, a forest root domain, as with other domains, is a collection of computer, user, and group objects that are defined by the administrator in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). 這些物件共用常見 directory 資料庫和安全性原則。These objects share a common directory database and security policies. 它們也可以共用與其他網域安全關係,如果您為您的組織成長加入網域。They can also share security relationships with other domains if you add domains as your organization grows. Directory 服務也會儲存 directory 資料,並允許授權的電腦、應用程式和使用者資料的存取。The directory service also stores directory data and allows authorized computers, applications, and users to access the data.

  • 使用者和電腦 account 資料庫。A user and computer account database. Directory 服務提供可讓您的連絡人和電腦連接到您的網路及存取網路資源,例如應用程式、資料庫,共用的檔案和資料夾和印表機授權建立使用者和電腦帳號中央的使用者帳號資料庫。The directory service provides a centralized user accounts database that allows you to create user and computer accounts for people and computers that are authorized to connect to your network and access network resources, such as applications, databases, shared files and folders, and printers.

核心網路也可讓您以調整您的網路,您組織的成長,以及變更 IT 需求。A core network also allows you to scale your network as your organization grows and IT requirements change. 例如,核心網路的問題,您可以新增網域、的 IP 子網路、遠端存取服務、wireless 服務,及其他功能及提供 Windows Server 2016 伺服器角色。For example, with a core network you can add domains, IP subnets, remote access services, wireless services, and other features and server roles provided by Windows Server 2016.

Windows Server core 網路指南Core Network Guide for Windows Server

Windows Server 2016 核心網路指南提供計劃和部署所需的正常運作的網路,以及新的 Active Directory 核心元件的方式指示®在新的樹系的網域。The Windows Server 2016 Core Network Guide provides instructions on how to plan and deploy the core components required for a fully functioning network and a new Active Directory® domain in a new forest. 您可以使用此快速入門,部署電腦與 Windows server 元件下列設定:Using this guide, you can deploy computers configured with the following Windows server components:

  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) 伺服器角色The Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) server role

  • 網域名稱系統」(DNS) 伺服器角色The Domain Name System (DNS) server role

  • 「動態主機設定通訊協定」(DHCP) 伺服器角色The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server role

  • 伺服器角色網路原則與服務存取權的網路原則 Server (NPS) 角色服務The Network Policy Server (NPS) role service of the Network Policy and Access Services server role

  • 網頁伺服器 (IIS) 伺服器角色The Web Server (IIS) server role

  • 傳輸控制項通訊協定日網際網路通訊協定第 4 (TCP/IP) 個人伺服器連接情形Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IP) connections on individual servers

本指南可在下列位置。This guide is available at the following location.