DNS 原則案例指南DNS Policy Scenario Guide

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016

本指南被針對 DNS、網路和系統管理員使用。This guide is intended for use by DNS, network, and systems administrators.

DNS 原則是 DNS 伺服器 Windows 中的新功能®2016 年。DNS Policy is a new feature for DNS in Windows Server® 2016. 您可以使用此快速入門,以了解如何使用 DNS 原則來控制您的 DNS 伺服器的名稱解析查詢根據您所定義原則的不同參數的處理方式。You can use this guide to learn how to use DNS policy to control how a DNS server processes name resolution queries based on different parameters that you define in policies.

本指南包含 DNS 原則概觀資訊,以及提供您如何設定 DNS 伺服器行為的指示來完成您的目標,包括主要和次要 DNS 伺服器、應用程式的可用性、split-brain DNS 及更多的地理位置資料傳輸管理特定 DNS 原則案例。This guide contains DNS policy overview information, as well as specific DNS policy scenarios that provide you with instructions on how to configure DNS server behavior to accomplish your goals, including geo-location based traffic management for primary and secondary DNS servers, application high availability, split-brain DNS, and more.

本指南包含下列各節。This guide contains the following sections.