Microsoft Azure 和軟體所定義網路Microsoft Azure and Software Defined Networking

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016

Microsoft Azure 是 Microsoft 的雲端平台︰ 執行更多,越來越的整合服務-運算、 儲存空間、 資料、 網路,以及應用程式的速度更快,您將可以幫助的收藏,並儲存金額。Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's cloud platform: a growing collection of integrated services - compute, storage, data, networking, and app - that help you move faster, do more, and save money.

Microsoft 的方式軟體定義網路包含設計、 建立及操作全球縮放 datacenter 網路的服務,例如 Microsoft Azure。Microsoft's approach to software defined networking includes designing, building, and operating global-scale datacenter networks for services like Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure 全球資料中心執行數以萬計的網路變更每天,這可能因為軟體定義網路只會。Microsoft Azure global datacenters perform tens of thousands of network changes every day, which is possible only because of software defined networking.

Microsoft Azure 會執行相同的 Windows Server HYPER-V 平台隨附於 Windows 伺服器上。Microsoft Azure runs on the same Windows Server and Hyper-V platform that are included in Windows Server. Windows Server 和 System Center 包含的改進與最佳做法來自 Microsoft 的體驗,讓您可以將相同的技術彈性、 自動化,以及控制部署時使用的軟體所設計網路技術營運全球縮放 datacenter 網路,像是 Microsoft Azure 給您。Windows Server and System Center include improvements and best practices from Microsoft's experience in operating global scale datacenter networks like Microsoft Azure to you so that you can deploy the same technologies for flexibility, automation, and control when using software designed networking technologies.

如需詳細資訊,請查看Microsoft Azure 為何?.For more information, see What is Microsoft Azure?.